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  1. Thanks for the input Inigo. I figured it would do that as I had tried using a spare throttle axis and was getting the same results. I now use one of the toggle switches on the yolk.
  2. Yep, just discovered the game crashes when you try it. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for that Roland. A couple of questions you might be able to help with. I see it works with ASN, how about FS global real weather? Also will it work alongside FS2Crew, which also uses the weather gauge? Cheers
  4. If you haven't already, do a quick search for radar on this forum and you'll find a couple of ideas. Try reallityXP WXR500. This will be my next purchase. If it works, I'll let you know. You're right, there is no harm asking the question. You never know, if asked enough times the js41 might get some attention. Fingers crossed.
  5. Has anyone tried the js41 on windows 10? It would be nice to know that this long forgotten bird can hold it's own on the latest platforms. I'm too afraid of upgrading myself and risking the loss of this amazing aircraft.
  6. I've been flying the J41 on steam for over a year. It was installed after a fresh install of windows 8.1 with no trace of my original fsx. I think this helped. I would like to know if anyone has tried it on windows 10? As it works ok at the moment, I'm not brave enough to try an upgrade.
  7. Hi Lucas. I've just tried a few test flights and couldn't replicate the problem. The V/S always disconnected. I'll keep an eye on it when I fly over the weekend and let you know what I find. Sorry I couldn't help more. Roy
  8. You would think so. But I find that when APR takes over before the set altitude is reached the set 3000 is ignored like you would expect but V/S stays in command. I'm not sure if it's a FSXSE only thing, which is what I use. I will check it out tonight and let you know how I get on.
  9. Hi Lucas. I find that if V/S is selected as well as APR the V/S will have priority. In your example I would aim for 3000 before ILS becomes active, so I would be at level flight before reaching the glideslope. Hope that helps Roy
  10. Hi Alan. It also happens to me. Though I wouldn't of noticed it unless it was pointed out. Not sure what the cure is. At least you know that it's not just you. Roy
  11. There is no mixture control on the jetstream which is why I left it out, but for other aircraft I understand what you're saying. I may well go for the full fsuipc, depends if I'm brave enough to step into all of that Programing. Thanks for your ideas Angelo.
  12. Hi fellow jetstreamers. I would like to share with you my double throttle quadrant setup and would be interested in reading how everyone else uses theirs. Before I begin I must state that I only fly the jetstream and I don't have a registered version of fsuipc, so this setup won't be for everyone. If anyone has an improved setup using the registered fsuipc I would be interested, as I understand you can program it for multi aircraft and this would be a great upgrade for me. First my equipment. Saitek yolk and quad, 2nd quad and pedals. For some reason the yolk quad axis are labelled left to right Z, X and Y. Where as the 2nd stand alone quad is X, Y and Z. I'm not sure why the 2 quads are different but it all works fine. The first quad is used for the parking brake and throttles. The Z axis is no longer used, it was pitch trim but the autopilot was forever being disengaged. The reverse button (21) is set to parking brake on release, programmed in fsx. X and Y axis are programmed as throttles 1 and 2 set in fsx. The SST saitek software is used for reverse thrust. Programing XR and YR as F2. Buttons T3 and T5 are programmed to E1 and E2 respectively. Buttons T4 and T6 are both programmed to E. This allows me to shut individual engines down by selecting engine 1 or 2 before engaging reverse. Then pressing all engines to reset. The 2nd quad is for propeller and flaps. X and Y are prop 1 and 2 set in fsx. Z is flaps set in fsx with reverse axis box ticked. The reverse buttons on the axis are not used. The remaining 6 buttons are set in fsx as panels 1-5 and 6 as atc window. So that's my double quad setup, please share your ideas as it would be interesting to see how everyone else does it. Happy simming. Long live the jetstream Roy.
  13. Hi Paul. Have a look in the turboprop section of this forum, you'll find many posts discussing this. Officially it is not compatible with steam, but there are workarounds. Roy
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