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  1. Hi . On the 03/AUG/17 I purchased the MAAM SIM B25J V7 for FSX , downloaded and installed. When I selected the aircraft in freeflight , I found the aircraft twitching and moveing on the tarmac , with no engines running in cold/dark. It has taken me 4 days to find the culprit , but don't know if I have isolated the correct item , below is the two repeated entries in the aircraft.cfg file where only one should reside. As you can see from below entries , the top one of the two has now been isolated , which I think comes from the fs9 version , could someone confirm if correct one has been isolated. //empty_weight=22124.000000 //empty_weight_roll_MOI=0.000000 //empty_weight_pitch_MOI=0.000000 //empty_weight_yaw_MOI=0.000000 //empty_weight_coupled_MOI=0.000000 //max_gross_weight=34716.000000 empty_weight= 21144.0 empty_weight_roll_MOI= 110000.0 empty_weight_pitch_MOI= 130000.0 empty_weight_yaw_MOI= 65000.0 empty_weight_coupled_MOI= 0.0 max_gross_weight= 36000.0 CG_forward_limit= 2.0 CG_aft_limit= 2.0 regards alan.
  2. Hi. Since having installed this aircraft , and setting up the controls in FSUIPC , i could never get the lift dump to work , or the spoiler lever to move all the way back , the only way i could get it working ,was by grabing the spoiler lever using mouse to pull all the way back. Yesterday i found a partial solution , my spoiler lever is connected to a spare thottle lever , and this moves the spoiler lever in the normal selection , but would not do lift dump, i can get the spoilers and flaps to now move in to the dump positon , but only on the external view , but in the vc only the flaps move to dump . The way i did it ,was to goto switches buttons in FSUIPC ,ticked the profile specific box, selected fs control, operated my spoiler lever to bring up the switch number, then selected flaps incr,ticked the repeat box,then selected flaps3 in next box, clicked ok. Externally they go from flap3 to dump smoothly , and spoilers move further up into dump position , but internally on the flap gauge, the flaps move from 3 to dump in a jerky movement , but the spoiler lever never moves to dump in the vc, but i can now land and move my ch spoiler lever to normal position for spoilers, once on ground i can move same lever fully back to activate lift dump , without taking my eyes of the runway , once i move spoilers in flaps come back to position 3. Also if for some reason you do a landing with flaps up or position 1 or 2 , moveing the spoiler lever fully back on my ch quad throttle unit , will still activate lift dump. regards alan. p.s. i contacted carenado to get some help on setting this up , a total waste of time, they said it was not posible.
  3. Hi. Just to clarify the f/deck flood switch does not effect the rh knob of the co pilots dcu off/vor2/adf2/lnav switch, the panel flood switch on the glareshield is the switch that causes the rh knob of the co pilots dcu to go to the off position when flood light switch is in the on position. regards alan cottrill.
  4. Hi. Just been checking , and air link , was or is converting all its js41 aircraft into freighters,but its bulk freight,and can be converted back to pax as and when required. I would also love it if PMDG would also make the earlier versions of the js31/32 to complete the family of jetstreams , as this is one of my fav turbo props , and without doubt , this is by far the best js out there. regards alan cottrill.
  5. Hi PMDG Staff. If and when , you decide on updating this little jem,could you also consider a freighter version,many thanks for the many hours of enjoyment i have had ,from this little turboprop,and the many times of frustration,while i was learning how to fly her. regards alan cottrill.
  6. Hi. I have been trying for ages to find the cause of the co-pilots rh knob selector freezing intermitantly. Some times the switch freezes in the off pos,and unable to rotate it to vor2/adf2/lnav,yet the tool tip suggests it is selecting these positions, today i have traced the fault , to the flood light switch , when in the on position. Anyone else have this problem. Regards alan cottrill.
  7. Hi. I have the js41 set up in payed FSUIPC with the CH throttle quad, and you can get full movement,today i had to re-calibrate due to a new set of CH throttles,here are the figures i use. in Axis Assignment. Tick the box send to FS Axis throttle 1 set delta in= -10662 delta out = -10662 on the rh side in the from to from = -16384 to = - 15083 down box ticked in the box below select (throttle 1 decr) tick repeat box in next box select (throttle 1 incr) repeat all the above but for throttle 2 go to axis prop 1 set delta in = -11442 delta out = -11442 on rh side from to from = -16384 to = -15083 down box ticked in next box select toggle fuel valve eng 1 tick box leave empty in next box select toggle fuel valve eng 1 repeat all above but for axis prop 2 set goto joystick calibration page 3 set up throttle 1 and 2 as below in = -10662 set set set out = 0 -16384 -15083 16383 512 goto page 5 set prop pitch 1 and 2 as below in = -11442 set set set out= 0 -16384 -16384 16383 -9492 depending on the range you get during the axis range setup,your figures may be different ,but the above will help you to gt them set up by useing this as a guide. Regards alan cottrill.
  8. Hi. Things to check in your cfg file,are the texture files are in numbered sequence,and also they need a different title line , else they will all show as the same colour scheme,without seeing your texture cfg file section, of the cfg file i cannot be more specific as to the posible cause. regards alan cottrill (so666)
  9. Hi. The way I have my FSX set up is the Poseidon has a separate .cfg file within FSX , and reading the P8 specs on different web sites,it has 6 extra belly tanks , a ,bit like some B737 BBJ`S , this gives extra range over the normal B737, IS IT POSIBLE to modify the CFG file , to give the extra fuel capacity to the cntr tank to replicate these belly tanks , so it has the correct range, or will it mess up the FMS fuel/range calculation within the FMS. Also the crew for the P8 is 9 crew members , and if the rear cargo hold is loaded as if it was the bomb bay , then the aircraft could be loaded as if it was the p8 as opposed to the b737. Regards alan cottrill (SO666)
  10. Hi. I am having problems with my recently purcased logitech g430 headset , i can only get the sounds working in surround sound for about 15 mins in FSX , before it corrupts the sounds, also i can get it setup in vpilot easy enough , and gives excellent sounds , but comms with atc can suddenly stop working without warning , and in TS3 i get an echo that is imposible to stop . If anyone has this headset and got it fully working reliably with FSX/ASN/VPILOT/TS3 , could you please let me know how you have the settings , and the driver you are useing , so i can see where i am going wrong . Also are you using it plugged in directly using the jacks or with the supplied usb adaptor . I have tried everything i can think off to get it working without success sofar , i submitted a ticket with logitech , but they have been usless with their response . regards alan cottrill. SO666.
  11. I have been having problems ,with FSX PMDG B739,but I traced my problems to ASN sp1/1b , it also stopped me using another high end payware aircraft,the cure for me was deleting a file called (wxstationlist.BIN) it is in this location for win7 users . C:users\what ever your admin user account is named\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\FSX click on FSX then look on the right side,i found mine at the bottom of this list, on reboot of FSX it is regenerated,my problem was a corrupt weather data update. I don't know if this will help you with your problem or not,as I don't know if you have ASN installed. regards alan.
  12. Hi Avwriter. Only PMDG aircraft i have in FSX is the JS41,the Boeing777 being a modern aircraft,then i would expect something like that,but not all aircraft have electronic checklist cards,the JS41 does not have one,and i would like to learn everything about this little gem so i can fly her that much more professionally. I had PMDG B737-600/700/800/900,MD11,and Beech 1900D/C aircraft in FS9,none of these had checkcards. regards alan.
  13. Dear PMDG. It would be a nice touch,if you could do a mod to each of your aircraft,that allowed you to open a book,for checks to do,before flights,when in vc. Similar to the js41 book you open for speed bug and flap speeds,for aircraft weight loads. the book would list things like what switchs to check and position of switches ect. I know you have these details in the js41 manual,but to have this in a preflight type book,would help to operate aircraft in a more profesional maner. Aerosoft did this sort of thing with there PBY catalina,by selecting alt in fsx full screen mode,then views/instrument panel/checklist. Thanks alan cottrill.
  14. Hi KriVa. Thankyou for letting me know why i could not get into PMDG support to raise a ticket,and thankyou PMDG for giveing permission to transfer the JS41 to my new pc. It works fine,and scanning the vc,is a lot smoother than old pc,and i can now fly this aircraft the way it should be flown,without any jerkiness, On the old pc i had the recommend weather radar,but that kept giving error messages,and after i changed from zone alarm to avast,zone alarm corrupted the registration of this product,which resulted in fsx ctd,on some occasions,with the JS41 when weather radar was used.I am not sure if they still do the recommended weather radar anymore,so i was thinking of using captain sims weather radar instead,unless anyone knows of a better one. regards alan cottrill
  15. DEAR PMDG. my old pc which has xp op system,which is no longer supported by MS.Has forced me to purchase a new games machine with win 7 op system. I have moved fsx onto new machine,and whish to transfer my JS41 over to this NEW machine. i have no twitter or face book account and dont intend to get either,so i could only contact pmdg via email,twice,but as yet no reply,and product support link does not except my PMDG account email/password,hence this request here. also when i tried to do a repaint of this aircraft,my psp said it did not support some parts of the paint kit,could you please let me know which paint program is required for fsx repaints. thanks in advance. alan cottrill