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  1. SO666

    Starting engines

    Hi corkscrew196. Why delete these files , when all these files do is keep track of ware and tare on the aircraft , and panel state remembers what you set up in ramp manager. As for difficulty starting the engines , this could be because of several things , that you may failed to do or noticed, like was it cold on shut down and failed to dilute the oil , did you do exactly the right start sequnce , fail to do it exactly and the engines will not start, you should not be deleting files or telling others to do so , if you have any issues , then put a ticket in for PMDG to look into any issues you may have . You state you only got this aircraft this week , so you are still learning this aircraft , so there is every chance you failed to do something , this aircraft is not one you can just jump into without studying the manual and lots of practice. Also PMDG require people who make a post in the forums to put their names at the bottom of their posts , or PMDG could just delete the post , so please be aware of this on future posts. regards alan cottrill.
  2. SO666

    Missing wing texture fix?

    Hi. I typed in the following aircraft reg N90726 , and found a picture that confirms PMDG texture is spot on for this aircraft reg , yet a different reg for the same airline had the painted white on the outboards outboard and inboards painted inboard , and some had the painted areas extending onto the flaps top surface and some did not . regards alan cottrill.
  3. SO666

    Missing wing texture fix?

    Hi. I think this is normal for the AA texture, if you look on the AA fin you will see orange/white , and on the wings the ailerons are orange , so cowls being white looks like it is done to match the fin, not all the aircraft have black paint on outside of eng cowls , there is i problem that as yet to be fixed on the DC6B , that PMDG are aware of , and that is see through u/c bays with gear down looking from below , this is a model issue , not calling a texture for this area on the DC6B only. Also PMDG require you to sign all posts with your full name , just in case you had forgotten. regards alan cottrill.
  4. SO666

    pmdG DC-6 Revese thrust

    Hi. I asked a member of the 91st bombardment group , who also has this aircraft , to do a test , as he does not use the controls through FSUIPC on the DC-6 , he could not get it to go into reverse while in cruise , so it does appear to be an FSUIPC issue , i have since removed the switch control for the water rudder , and managed through FSUIPC to assign it to a lever instead , so i cannot repeat this accidentle activation in flight. Under FSUIPC Axis Assignment , i have reverser (send direct to FSUIPC Calibration) Delta in/out set to -16384 on the RH side to/from set to -16384 and up/down ticked box ticked and Control sent when range entered set to = Toggle Water Rudder in both top and bottom sections. the lever has to move from full back to full forward to toggle the reverser so it should eliminate accidentle switching. regards alan cottrill.
  5. Hi. Today i was inflight between UKBA 91st bombardment group homebase and EGPB , in the cargo version , all controls through FSUIPC in FSXA on win7 system , i was on auto pilot about 5500ft , needed to get away form sim , to get a hankerchief , came back to see BMEMP `s on zero , fuel seleccted to ALT tanks , had plenty of fuel but aircraft speed dropping and entering a stall , at first i did not know what the issue was, but i figured out what happened , as i hung my headset on my second CH throttle quad , the headset must have caught the switch assigned to water rudder , this in turn operated the reverse thrust , while in flight , thrust revese should be isolated via weight on undercarraige switches , so it should not have operated in flight. Before submitting a ticket , can some of you do a test while in flight to see if thrust reverse can be activated on your aircraft , some of you with FSUIPC controls and some who dont have FSUIPC controls but have the controls set in FSX only , to try and find where the problem lies. regards alan cottrill
  6. SO666

    [FSX] Cockpit flood lights

    Hi. If your switch is doing nothing , then i have to ask , IS your ground power connected and batt on . There are two white flood light switches , the cockpit flood switch is on the left roof panel 4 and rear flood for the circuit breakers is on the roof panel 2 . regards Alan Cottrill.
  7. SO666

    Still no Sound for Touchdown?

    Hi. They will no doubt put an update out to fix several bugs/minor errors all at once , its a case of being patient . regards Alan Cottrill.
  8. SO666

    strange control issue

    Hi Kyle. Yes i do suffer brake creep in the DC-6 , and no its not FSUIPC causeing that issue , as i did reluctantly temporary remove FSUIPC from the sim , and the creep was the same , what did reduce the creep distance , was familiararity with the run up checks , so i get through them more quickly , which in turn ruduced the amount of creep , but its still there , i dont do lua scripts for my controls , only thing i do to get different aircraft behaviour is the slope value on ail/ele/rud controls , and its a case of trial and error to get the feel of the aircraft to what i think it should be like , and also try to find info on how the real aircraft should behave , sometimes by watching videos of the real aircraft , and my control set ups are simple and basic , not complex at all , its just that you can set more basic controls in FSUIPC than you can in FSX . As a note my slope value on the DC-6 was set to +3 , but have since changed this to +1 after seeing a video of a DC-6 at an airshow. All i was asking on this problem was if anyone else had suffered similar issues , i am not blameing any aircraft addon as i dont think they are to blame for this issue . It may boil down to some ASN setting that some of us have set and others dont , as i know about the turbulance settings in ASN can cause issues , i have these turned down , but they may not be low enough for the DC-6 aircraft , i know i turned them down a lot after getting similar problems on the A2A connie , and the settings i have now fixed the connies behaviour , but your DC-6 might require these settings to be even lower , to prevent issues like this , but at this time that is pure speculation. If you have any recommended settings for FSX/P3D regarding ail/ele/rud settings regarding null zone/sensitivity , and any recommend ASN settings , for the DC-6 that i could try , as i noticed nothing like this info in the docs . Regards Alan Cottrill.
  9. SO666

    strange control issue

    Hi Kyle. I personally dont think so , as problem disappeared when ASN was turned off and fair weather selected , and it does not happen consistantly , which is what i would expect from an FSUIPC problem , this is why i suspect a corrupt weather download , which caused this issue , as a lot of high end aircraft add ons and ASN and FSUIPC relie on simconnect. My reasoning , rightly or wrongly , is that the corrupt weather download corrupts the simconnect some how , and while that corrupt weather download is there , in my case i was downloading real weather every 15 min , the temporary corrupt simconnect then corrupts the controls of whichever aircraft i am flying , in this particular instance it was the DC-6A You know more about programming than i do , so i would like to know why you suspect FSUIPC as the likely cause , over a corrupt weather update , if the problem disappears when ASN is turned off , and fair weather selected. Regards Alan Cottrill.
  10. SO666

    strange control issue

    Hi Dan. IFR rules as visability was down to 5nm and oc down to 300ft in heavy snow, the VSI was acting up as if i had iced up pitots which i had put on prior to departure , Att indicator showed slight climb and hard right bank , that could not be levelled as i tried to level off down the fjordur towards the NDB which was indicating the hdg i needed , that i tried to head towards but aircraft failed to respond to controls input , but VSI going from full down to full up in 1 second , is quicker than the aircraft can change attitude , so knew i could not relie on it , yet it was working fine till i went into the oc cloud . i thought my controls had stoped working till i went to outside view , and confirmed they where moving the flight controls correctly , but aircraft was refusing to react to this imput , till the ASN was turned off. I have had a similar problem with the A2A connie in similar weather conditions , but not all the time , thats why i suspect a corrupted weather download that effects these high end aircraft via simconnect some how , as there is no direct connection between aircraft and the weather engine . regards Alan Cottrill.
  11. Hi. The B777 on installation offers an addon for telling you which runway you are about to enter , i never bothered with this addon for my FSX so always have a message come up every time i boot up FSX , that i hit the no button , because this addon program is now out of date , do you have this addon , and if so could that be the cause , i have the B737-900 , which this addon does not apply to , so dont know if this addon is added to the B747 or not. regards Alan Cottrill.
  12. SO666

    strange control issue

    Hi Dan. Yep they where turned way down ages ago as i knew about this issue in ASN , but thanks all the same for pointing this out. regards Alan Cottrill.
  13. Hi. Today i did a flight in the DC-6A full cargo 1000gal fuel in each main flying from BIIS to BIRK with ASN giveing real weather . My controls go through FSUIPC for Aileron/Rudder/Elevator/Throttles/trims/Prop , the weather was 21knts crosswind heavy snow , using wet takeoff. As i lifted of and retracted the gear and flaps to 15 banking hard left to go down the fjordur and miss the mountains , vis was 5nm oc at 300ft , once i got into cloud , my VSI was going from full nose up to full nose down in a second , my only true indication to actual dive or climb was my ASI , if it increased to quickly i knew i was decending , and yes i had my pitot heat on. Also the aircraft started doing a righthand turn and did not seem to respond to control imputs , yet if i went to outside view my controls where responding to my controller inputs , i can only assume i had a corrupted weather download from ASN that somehow corrupted the aircraft so it did not respond to controls, as soon as i turned ASN off and did fair weather , i regained control of aircraft. As anyone else had this happen , i know there is no direct connection between ASN and the aircraft , my susspiction is it happens through sim connect. regards Alan Cottrill.
  14. SO666

    What's NOT Modelled please

    Hi gnomegemini. The circuit breakers and rear entrance flood light switch is on the overhead panel number 2 , switch is top left. regards alan cottrill.
  15. Hi. The other day while trying to find info on DC-6 aircraft , i came across two videos , one was the restoration by red bull , one was of iceland air dc-3 dc-6 and viscount aircraft in 1966 , and showed arrival departures at an airport called isafjordur , icao code BIIS , this airport is in FSX it is a difficult approach into 08 , and you need to depart in the oposite direction due to mountains . I have managed to get the C47 of manfred jahns and the PMDG DC-6A in and out of this airport , it is not easy , give it a go and see for your selves. regards Alan Cottrill.