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  1. Hi Imran. When you say you have no livery download option , are you first selecting a product out of the dropdown for your chosen aircraft in the correct sim option. Once this is done you should see two liverery options livery downloader is first option then livery manager to select the one you want to download and install. regards alan cottrill.
  2. Hi. I had the capt sim C130 B52 B707 B727 F104 , weather radar, but have NEVER SEEN a DC-6 on the captain sim web site , are you mistaking them for somebody else. regards alan cottrill.
  3. Hi. Which aircraft was you trying to update. I used the ops center the other day to update the DC-6 , for FSX/P3D users , with no problems , DC-6 for xplane had no update. My B737/777 are too much out of date and need fresh download installs to bring upto date. regards alan.
  4. Hi. I change some settings in FSX display options , to try and see if anything there change the amount of creep . nothing in the scenery section seemed to change it , today i change some settings in the weather section , but doubt anything there would make a difference , Changes made where cloud draw 70mi simulation settings the two boxies ticked and change over time to low. Fired up the sim and set aircraft nose wheel on parking tee bar. Did prestart checks and engine run up tests . Aircraft creep reduced to less than one third of distance between nose and main wheels . I think the creep reduction was mainly due to me being more familier with the engine runup checks , as i seemed to get through them more quickly , rather than any sim setting changes i made. This is still a mystery as to why some like me suffer this and others dont seem to suffer to badly , unless it is purly down to getting familier with the checks so they dont have the engines running at high power for two long. regards alan cottrill.
  5. Hi. Just to throw everybody off track maybe its a space shuttle from launch / orbit / landing with a space staion visit. Only kidding , i hope its a vintage multi engined prop , as i have gone away from modern reliable jets , maybe something that has a sextent included for old school navigation. regards alan cottrill.
  6. Hi. A couple of days ago , me and another member of the 91st , where flying the maamsim b25 on joinfs version 1.2.10 , we tookoff from KNUQ and had just passed the first vor GTD on our route and turned towards our second vor when within a split second of each other our flightsims had a fatal crash , as anyone else flown the b25 in formation on joinFS and had any fatal crashes. My friend had a spinning ring of death , no message , i had a message saying visualfx.dll failed , i have a very good games machine , and have not had any other aircraft cause this , i know this is an old aircraft now that as been updated to work on FSX. We have also done the same route a few times on our individual machines without joinFS in the B25 with no issues , i am just trying to figure out what might be the issue causing these fatal CTD`s while flying on joinFS . Regards Alan Cottrill.
  7. Hi. I have spoken with an ex military navy mech who worked on connies and DC-4 aircraft , his explanation is 0 setting the cowl flaps are flush with enginine cowl , but you still have an air gap for airflow through the engine cowl for cooling. A -2 or -4 setting was used at high altitudes in extream cold conditions which closes the cowlflaps fully , to keep engine cylinder temps at optimum working temps for engine operations , but the down side is a slight turbulance around the cowls because they are effectivly below the engine cowl on the trailing edge. regards alan cottrill.
  8. Hi Chock. Sorry i did not get back sooner , i have been trying to solve a ground handling problem on a freeware grumman_duck that rufused to slowdown ounce you landed on water , theres a few more errors in the aircraft.cfg file. but they need more time to solve , but i now have better control on water with it. Anyhow , back to the DC-6 brake creep problem . What config file add ons are you refering too, the only add ons in the DC-6 is my VC view mods and a checklist , these where added after the problem was reported , other than that i have only added some different liveries , these wont effect it , other than that aircraft is as it came in the download. regards alan cottrill.
  9. Hi Chock. If mine crept fwd by that small amount i would be happy , here is how my aircraft was loaded:- Fuel 50% PMDG DC-6A cargo full Then set cold and dark. Then i do the preflight checks that is in the POH Then started engines as per the POH Warmed engines at 1000rpm 5 min Then did the engine runup checks as per the POH. when i get to the pre taxi checks in the POH My aircraft creep from engine start up to end of engine runup checks was half the distance from nose to mains. regards alan cottrill.
  10. Hi. I have added for testing the brakefix v2 mod , and the aircraft did not creep so much as an inch , but i had to remove it , as when i did a push back useing a small amount of reverse thrust , the aircraft could not be steered left or right using rudder control . Otherwise nothing in the FSX to alter friction from FSX default. Once all my favourite aircraft are available for P3Dv4 , then i will probably have no choice , but to goto that sim plateform , till that time i will stick with FSX+acceleration. For your info my controls are:- CH yoke CH rudder peddles CH throttle quad x 2 Saitek trim wheel saitek radio panel saitek switch panel regards alan cottrill.
  11. Hi. I would think you need Flight 1 GTN 650 in you system then hit the button in realism options in the DC-6 , GTN750 is not in the options list as addon GPS/GTN unless its the same unit and i am miss understand you. as i dont have it . Addon GPS options i see listed are Flight 1 GNS 430 , Flight 1 GTN650 or Reality-XP GNS 430.. Also going by the Panel folder PMDG have a file in the panel , so weather the Reality and Flight one put a cab in there or you have to i dont know , you would need to consult the install instructions for them units., Regards alan cottrill.
  12. Hi Downscc. When i wrote that statement i did not think it was that bad , on reflection it does sound bad , i appologise for that , but thats not what i ment , it was just the wrong words . What i was meaning is , i tried the suggestion of eliminating the FSUIPC as the probable cause , something is causeing this issue , but now wondering what else needs looking into as to the cause . Also i have a friend who uses P3Dv3 with same amount of creep , hes just not reported it ,and when i mentioned my problem he told me he had not gone to the outside view before so had not noticed , he then tested his and reported back to me he had same issue , there could well be more out there with the issue , but never go to outside view to notice just how much its creeping. I am now at a loss as to why some have this issue and others dont and if you never go to outside view or have the aircraft positioned on the parking tee bar prior to engine startup and checks , then they may not notice how bad it is. regards alan cottrill.
  13. Hi. Well i did try removing the FSUIPC.ini file out of my sim , set the DC-6 controls up through FSX, did pre startup checks , started engines , and followed the checklist for the engines runup checks and aircraft still creeps by about 1/3rd distance between the nose and main wheels . i have now restored the FSUIPC.ini and deleted the temp controls i set up in FSX . This amount of creep is excessive , if it was about 1/2 to 1 full dia of nose wheel i would consider that normal , out of over 500 aircraft in my sim , this as the worst brake creep of them all most dont move an inch , a2a connie moves about 1 to 1.5 times dia of nose wheel . Until such time as you can figure out what might be the cause of my DC-6 issue, i will use that brake fix v2 on your DC-6 , that stops it moving until brakes are released. regards alan cottrill.
  14. Hi. Not yet no , and i wont be doing so before sunday , as i require FSUIPC for a mission on saturday with the 91st bombardment group in the A2A B17 . but i will try it , although reluctantly , as i dont think it will fix it fully. regards alan cottrill.
  15. Hi. My profiles are very different from the one you use , to give an example , i have all the captsim C130 aircraft , all the 100 in one group 300 in another , float version on its own and the radome version and ski versions on their own , with different elevator slope values so they all fly differently , as would the real versions , but i know what you are getting at , and yes i normally backup the ini every time an aircraft is added , but its still time consuming , i have over 70 profiles at last count. covering over 500 aircraft. Also i found what was causeing last nights parkbrake switch corruption and fixed it , and have just done an engine start and runup tests on the DC-6 , i still have what i would call excessive creep , but do see a slight improvement on amount of creep over what i was getting. i can stop the creep fully by using a freeware file called parkbrake fix v2 but would prefere not to use it if possible , but during testing , i could see no adverse affects so far , how this works i have no idea , but it works. Also on a side note , when i go from inside view to outside view , i notice a slight vertical jump in the aircraft , but cannot remember the cause and fix , but think its a setting in the scenery that causes it , could you enlighten me as to this issue. regards alan cottrill.