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  1. How do you rise the seat like in FSX? and move it back and forward. thanks
  2. good to hear it fixes some of the CTD problems! It makes me happy hehe Thanks for sharing your results and I'll be looking to download this dll when I got my new PC!


  3. Hay mate thanks for the email i thought you needed help with the drop down menu problems

    But it sounds like you are on top of it. Like most people i started getting issues when i changed to windows 7/64 and change that one file and fixed it for the most part. still get the lock ups sometimes.

  4. Hay i agree with the others.we don't need anymore 757s there are so many other aircraft that can be done. my new solgan say no to 757s
  5. Hi i would like to use two screens on my P/C so that i can run GPS and radios on the spare screen.regards Paul.
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