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  1. I don't think his question was about licence policies... so the question has not been answered yet.
  2. >This issue has come up literally>dozens of times and I believe the answer will be NO for quite>some time to come. PMDG feels that the addition of a weather>radar at this moment is useless since there are many FS9>limitations that would not enable the radar to function>properly. http://www.reality-xp.com/products/WX5/index.htm
  3. I would just say to the developers that I would love to see an update for 737 products (I would have no problems to pay for it), to keep them up to date and give them the same level graphic detail and style as the PIC737. It would be really great to jump back and forth between the NewGeneration and NextGeneration panels, and not loose the sensation that they are a part of the same series...http://www.wilcopub.com/wilcopub_images/im..._737PIC/1_g.jpg
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