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  1. doorstep

    EZDOK version 2.0 when?

    Link please?
  2. doorstep

    Will PMDG update the MD-11?

    I just don't understand why It is so restricted. Surely It's good business practice to make it available for P3D? I would willingly pay for it again.
  3. doorstep


    Quote from Kyle; Our EULA for the MD-11 specifies FSX as the simulator for the MD-11. It shall not be used in other simulators. Strange I was running it for FS9 as well Kyle?
  4. doorstep

    An alternative to EZDOK....SimpleCam

    Anyone got a link please?
  5. doorstep

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    From an announcement that V.3 was imminent months ago and users saying that they won't buy it if it doesn't contain 64 bit, I suggest that this demand is being taken seriously now? Let's all hope so?
  6. doorstep

    click spots ngx for P3D

    I'd just say that enabling 'tooltips' is the way to go.
  7. doorstep

    click spots ngx for P3D

    In the picture, It's pretty obvious what display he's using Kyle. Shame on you. lolol
  8. Well I RTFM and read something about using ATI cards and already had the settings advised and the graphic driver too but it was of no help at all.
  9. I hope that is constructive advice Jim and not just a spontaneous answer?
  10. Gives me 'artifacts' before the first hours flight is up! Changing back to DX9 gives me no artifacts using the same 'fsx.cfg'. So, please tell me what is wrong please?
  11. doorstep

    EZDOK not working

    'Opus' has a very good 'camera' function. Try that, you can get it for a months free trial?
  12. doorstep

    FSX Why?

    Delete your current 'UIAUTOMATION.DLL' file. You'll find it in the FSX root folder. Next time you boot FSX it will build another one that will stop you getting CTD's.
  13. doorstep

    Black Box Simulations

    Personally, I don't think I'll ever understand why some people part with their hard earned money on an unfinished product? Do they buy everything of this status?
  14. doorstep

    EZDOK version 2.0 when?

    Cool it guys, If you already have EZCA your getting v.2 for nothing.