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  1. I just don't understand why It is so restricted. Surely It's good business practice to make it available for P3D? I would willingly pay for it again.
  2. Quote from Kyle; Our EULA for the MD-11 specifies FSX as the simulator for the MD-11. It shall not be used in other simulators. Strange I was running it for FS9 as well Kyle?
  3. From an announcement that V.3 was imminent months ago and users saying that they won't buy it if it doesn't contain 64 bit, I suggest that this demand is being taken seriously now? Let's all hope so?
  4. Delete your current 'UIAUTOMATION.DLL' file. You'll find it in the FSX root folder. Next time you boot FSX it will build another one that will stop you getting CTD's.
  5. Cool it guys, If you already have EZCA your getting v.2 for nothing.
  6. Dear Bill, Thanks for giving us the 'heads-up'. I wish you a healthy retirement. One thing I don't think I'll ever understand though, was why you pursued a new aircraft while there was an unbelieveable demand for a pukka FSX version of your best selling DC-3? Your FS9 version was and still is the best 'Dak' ever produced.
  7. Level-D for FSX. I get constant .dll warnings and CTD's trying to fly this bird. Problems I can well do without and now others are complaining about the same thing................
  8. Well I used it (A big thank you Johann) and to my mind it is realistic now with the NGX. Take-off roll included. Well done to Johann and Peter.
  9. Try telling the IFLY devs that? They listened to their customers and did it.
  10. Yes we are all referring to the 'sim1.dll' file. There was an addon altered file that was available on FS9. The problem with this for FSX is that some devs (IFLY737ng) recognised this and altered their models to make them more realistic. If and when someone makes a realistic file for FSX, then owners of the IFL737 will have problems, methinks. I do agree though with the OP that friction is WRONG in FSX.
  11. Steve, was you the guy in the Easyjet flight programs 'Luton Airport'? It featured your first flight as FO.
  12. I think it's a fantastic program and have already purchased. It has a lot of features that FSnav didn't have. B)
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