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  1. Jeff974cd

    Does the FSlabs A320 worth it?

    In a nutshell: YES ! This is a killer app. Can't get enough. I you want a study level Airbus this is it and its working just fine.
  2. Turbulent = Very high Quality I will buy this one like all the other that i already have. Thanks Russ for the heads up.
  3. Jeff974cd

    Rex Texture Direct w/Softclouds

    Hello rstough updates does not seems to work. i don't see the soft cloud in REX texture direct GUI after update
  4. very cool location in an "orbx" region :) have all your scenes will buy this one also :)
  5. very nice thank you . PS: KMBS is a masterpiece
  6. alabeo did not update this bug for their P3D V4 installer. beautiful support as always. hopefully Wing workaround works perfectly. thanks Wing
  7. Same issue here - if chaseplane is on top of the simulator it works fine with all my devices - if chaseplane is in the backgroup it stops working.for my Xbox one controler, no issue with other devices (hotas) Glad you are investigating it
  8. i see now how valuable this product is. It just can't fly without it anymore :) Thanks the dev for such a great product. Hope you will find a offline solution for the future
  9. servers down. Can't use it here too. very anoying :( Offline mode is a feature to add to this beautiful software
  10. Jeff974cd

    747 failing to initalise

    Thank you ! the sounddevice workaround did the job for me. init worked well after following your instruction
  11. Not very original: pmdg 747 V3 for P3D FSL A320x for P3D Upcomming TFDI 717 updates ORBX Innsbruck and all their Dash and 737 compatible airports FlighBeam NZAA KMSP T2G LFPG P3D V4
  12. Jeff974cd

    FSFX "New View" Announcment

    i"m sold already. this is what i need
  13. Jeff974cd

    Prepar3D V 3.4 Released

    Hi folks, i am not able to trigger the cinematographer mode with Shift + F5. i tried with another key assignment, it does not do anything. ANy idea? Thanks.