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  1. I found out that my proposition made yesterday doesn't work 100 %. I don't know the reason. So the best you can do: follow Wing's post! Wing, thanks for your help. Hans
  2. You can solve the problem by changing the aircraft.cfg. Under [gear_warning_system] change the pct_throttle_limit 0.35 to 0.0. By doing so, you can idle the throttle without the sound warning. The acoustic warning activates only when the gear is up and you extend flaps 20 (and above). It seems that there is a conflict when "pct_throttle_limit" and "flap_limit_power" are both activated in the aircraft.cfg. I hope this helps. Hans
  3. Thank you for the information! hansmathys
  4. The RANGE knob on the EFIS control panel differs from the number on the display. When I select 20 miles, the display shows 10 miles etc. What could be the reason for that? hansmathys
  5. hansmathys

    Where to tune an NDB ?

    I had the same question. There is no ADF Device on this aircraft. I don't understand the reason. Hans