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  1. Ok, that's what I was going to do anyway. Thank you.
  2. Hey, I am trying to upgrade to P3D and I was wondering, if I should get the academic version rather than the pro version to save some $$$. I am a Sophomore in High School, so I fit that, but do PMDG and other products for P3D work with it? I am just a complete noob and didn't know if there was a lack of stuff for the academic version. Thank you for the help if you can. -Tommy Thompson
  3. PMDG, I know you have said numerous times that you have ditched the MD-11, but as I can see, with these new platforms coming out, and the community showing more and more interest in it as time goes on, it may be wise to re-do or update her, Some texture updates and integration of systems from other products and you're good. Personally, I own FSX:SE and have the 737 NGX and 777, I again, would love to see this blast from the past return, reborn. but sadly, there is just no love for the MD-11. I wish you could make us eat these words. I know many simmers will back me up on this when I say, We Love the MD-11, and We Want Her Back! -Sincerely, A Proud Supporter of PMDG and its products, BudderBall
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