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  1. Thanks for the wonderful story, and the challenge you took on, I mean NEW to XP and flying the DC6. I was mind numbed just reading the stuff you wrote down, I am sure you missed a lot more details, can't imagine what flying this single handed after we learn it include (safely betting on lots of RTFM). If we didn't already have respect for those aviators of the past, sim acft with such attention to detail will quickly put our magenta-following heads back in their right places. Cheers!!
  2. We had once landed (R/W) on 28R at SFO and were holding short of 28L when a CPA 744 took off on 28L. I was lucky enuf to be on the left side and the rotation happened right outside my window. I have been a fan of the Queen long since I was a kid, and she was the one who captured my imagination as a kid, and my interest in aviation, but that day was the first time I noticed how the 4 engines peeled the reluctant heavy weight off the pavement into the air. You could feel the quad thrust, the power, the weight...what a sight to behold. The rotation picture of the PMDG 744F brought back those memories, the majestic Queen beginning her long journey. Many great acft have come and gone, and she will too some day, but nobody is going to steal the Queen's title from her. Great Pictures...definitely looking forward to this one.
  3. Very interesting read on the NGS on wiki, I believe under inerting systems. That would certainly be a reason why they would reduce the Queen. At SFO, you still see the queen coming in from Asia in the evening, but in LAX, you just see the A380s, and a few 74s. Would indeed be sad when the day comes when we have to go to a museum to see her.
  4. Man, that sound...even on a you tube video, that was exhilirating...I will look forward to the day I can turn up the volume on the sim and watch and hear it cruise, though I don't believe I can exactly be twiddling my thumbs. Kyle, you may have to go GoPro on this bird soon man, you won't have time to capture or set anything up
  5. Indeed, very informative and interesting. Not only can these guys fit a million parts together so that we can fly on it and complain about discomfort without any realization into the work that goes in, they can also remove/replace pieces of it, and put it back together without so much as a scratch on it for the common man's eye!! thx for sharing!!
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