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  1. I'm looking at the RTX 2070 as a potential GPU upgrade, it seems to be nicely pitched between the GTX 1080 and 1080ti in terms of performance which for 1920x1080 resolution is more than sufficient. For the CPU I'm leaning towards the 8086k which can easily be OC'ed to 5GHz without issues. I think this combination of CPU/GPU upgrade coupled with DDR4 RAM would bring P3D to a level not possible with my current system - smoothness is key! Regards
  2. It's mainly suttering with the FSLabs Airbus which leads me to suspect the CPU is the bottleneck with such a complex addon. I understand your logic, however I'm thinking I could maybe hold off with a GPU upgrade for another few months when hopefully more 1080 and 1080ti cards will be up for sale, at least that's what I hope! That sounds quite reassuring Doug, and graphics cards can always be easily upgraded or sold at any time really, so that's good to know! I know upgrading my CPU is only a matter of when to pull the trigger, and I think the 8th Gen intel processors are finally convincing me to do so. I agree! In most situations the system still performs surprisingly well with even the most complex addons! Thanks all for your input, much appreciated! Just another quick question, at 1080p would there be much difference in performance between say a 1080 and a 1080ti? as the price difference is substantial of course! Even at 1440p I assume this difference wouldn't be extremely convincing for P3D? Cheers
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm aware there are various threads discussing whether or not it would be worthwhile upgrading a 2nd Gen i7 2600k to the latest tech, in order to take full advantage of what P3D has to offer. I'm currently sitting with an i7 2600k @ 4.5, GTX 970 and 8Gb of 1600MHz DDR3. I use P3D V4 but ONLY at 1080p resolution and have no intention of moving to 1440p or 4K. It handles most situations well but the FSLabs Airbus for example has it on it's knees - on fairly medium settings. I look only for a smooth experience and thus not so concerned with 'figures' and 'frames'. I do, however, use all off the typical frame hogs, such as ORBX, AS16/SkyForce 3D, PMDG aircraft and addon scenery etc. Therefore, that is why I find it difficult to decide if a full CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade is worth the performance increase or if a GPU upgrade would bring the greatest increase in smoothness to the P3D experience. Has anyone upgraded from a similar setup (OC'ed i7 2600k) and would recommend the move to an 8th Gen Intel i7 for P3D on 1080p? Or would I be better off waiting to see what the next generation of GTX cards brings to the platform (if anything)? I appreciate this has been discussed repeatedly on the forum but I genuinely find it very difficult to make a decision as I see such varied opinions. Cheers
  4. I fully understand what you are saying, it's the answer I expected to hear. The upgraded GPU should bring smoothness at fair settings in P3D due the greater emphasis put on the graphics card, that would likely not be seen within FSX. I can't see myself being dissatisfied with that..smoothness is paramount. Thanks Vic.
  5. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm looking for a significant performance increase, but rather fluidity within the simulator. As you said, I'm looking for perceived smoothness rather than simply FPS, as that should dictate the overall experience. My current GTX 570 does not offer this; FPS are not bad at all, yet stutters are unbearable (on default P3D settings and FPS locked to 30). Increasing the OC of my i7 is something I may also consider, perhaps the GPU too if necessary. Rather, my question should be: would upgrading the GPU to a GTX 970 allow my PC to have the capability to offer smoothness within P3D? Thanks for the tips.
  6. I know it won't be an easy question to answer, but I'm sure someone will have an idea. I will soon be upgrading the GPU of my 4-year old desktop, as well as transitioning from a HDD to two SSDs. I'll list the proposed specification below. I'm not in a position to upgrade the MOBO/CPU as it would not be worth the investment (for me) at this time. Anyway, if possible, all I would like to know is: What kind of performance increase could I expect to see in P3D? Also, will the SSD potentially reduce blurries or decrease texture loading times? -i7 2600k @ 4.5 GHz -GTX 570 1.5 GB > GTX 970 4GB -8 GB RAM -256GB SSD (P3D) & 256GB SSD (OS) Cheers. :smile:
  7. It's interesting that you say. The only potentially cpu/data intensive program that would be running simultaneously with P3D would be my anti-virus. However, It can be easily disabled so that isn't really a problem at all. I think I'll go ahead an upgrade my GPU, determine where to go from there with regard to loading times etc. and perhaps make the purchase. Good, honest advice. Thanks Jim. Kriss
  8. I could not quote everyone, however I have considered everything that has been said. Thanks a lot for the very informative advice guys. I'm surprised to hear that the use of an SSD did not, in fact, improve the loading of or help the blurriness of textures for some people. So, the verdict would be to have two separate 256GB SSDs, with one storing the OS and the other storing P3D. 120GB could potentially be sufficient (for P3D), but it's too big of a worry when you consider how quickly space can be used up. However, I'm still yet to convince myself that it will be worth the investment, meaning that I will see advantages beyond faster loading times or eliminating the need for defragmentation. I was expecting some minor in-flight improvements, such as faster loading of textures/reduction in blurriness which could then potentially reduce stuttering. Maybe that would be too good to be true? Anyway, it's something to think about and continue researching until I'm fully convinced the move will be worth it. As always, the help is much appreciated. Cheers All. :smile: Kriss
  9. Hi All, I'm currently on the market for SSD(s) as an upgrade to my (archaic, as some may call it) HDD. However, I'm not sure whether I should buy one 500GB SSD for both the OS and P3D to be stored on at once (I thought this would be best?), or else buy two 256GB SSDs and have one dedicated purely to the OS and the other to P3D, or reluctantly buy one 256GB SSD and use my HDD for the OS. I say reluctantly for the latter idea as wouldn't I then only be partially utilising the full capabilities of the SSD due to access speeds from the OS and such? Anyway..I have already looked through countless other posts for an answer but I'm still not convinced I know what I'm doing. As a side-note, would anyone be able to confirm that, by putting P3D on an SSD, the loading of textures (in particular, ground textures) would be far quicker on an SSD? The reason I ask is because I have always had blurry textures on both FSX and P3D and nothing I have tried has worked (maybe this is the solution?). Any advice is appreciated. :smile:
  10. That's nice to know as currently the stutters are unbearable, even just with the NGX, default scenery and medium settings.
  11. Ok, thanks a lot guys. Do you have any idea what kind of performance increase a GTX 970 will bring over my current GTX 570, bearing in mind that P3D is still more reliant on the CPU as opposed to the GPU?
  12. Hello All, I am considering upgrading the GPU of my 4 year-old desktop. It does show its age however I don't think it'll be worth the investment for me to buy a new computer. The current specs are: -i7 2600k @ 4.5 GHz -GTX 570 1.5 GB -8 GB RAM -750W PSU The GTX 570 is of course prehistoric by today's standards. The i7 2600k is also a few generations old, but it's still a strong processor that seems to manage pretty fine. So..I need some advice from you guys on what I should be looking at. Would something like a GTX 770 be a sufficient upgrade to minimise stuttering? I'm aware that, whilst P3D places more emphasis on the GPU, it still remains primarily CPU dependent. Or, would it be worth the upgrade to a GTX 970 or similar? Also, I know this won't be giving any massive performance gains, however, coming from a GTX 570 then I think I'd be likely to see more fluidity within P3D, which I lost from FSX because of the greater reliance on the GPU, and it's old age in general. Anyway...I'd appreciate any advice/suggestions. Cheers.
  13. Hi, I recently overclocked my i7 2600k to 4.5GHz. I also have a Nvidia GTX 570 and 8GB RAM. I am surprised at the performance I am getting in FSX (despite trying FSX cfg tweaks and the FSX Guide in this forum) which Is poor. Running the PMDG 737NGX at UK2000 Glasgow only gives me approximately 18FPS. I was hoping to maintain a steady 30FPS. Is there anything I could do to increase performance in FSX? Kriss
  14. Hi, I will soon be overclocking my i7 2600K to 4.5GHz and I was wondering what kind of performance I can expect on FSX with addons such as the PMDG NGX etc. Nvidia GTX 570 2x (4GB) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 RAM. i7 2600k @3.4GHz (Soon to be 4.5). Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo ASUS P8Z68-V Pro. Kriss
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