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  1. I'm looking at the RTX 2070 as a potential GPU upgrade, it seems to be nicely pitched between the GTX 1080 and 1080ti in terms of performance which for 1920x1080 resolution is more than sufficient. For the CPU I'm leaning towards the 8086k which can easily be OC'ed to 5GHz without issues. I think this combination of CPU/GPU upgrade coupled with DDR4 RAM would bring P3D to a level not possible with my current system - smoothness is key! Regards
  2. It's mainly suttering with the FSLabs Airbus which leads me to suspect the CPU is the bottleneck with such a complex addon. I understand your logic, however I'm thinking I could maybe hold off with a GPU upgrade for another few months when hopefully more 1080 and 1080ti cards will be up for sale, at least that's what I hope! That sounds quite reassuring Doug, and graphics cards can always be easily upgraded or sold at any time really, so that's good to know! I know upgrading my CPU is only a matter of when to pull the trigger, and I think the 8th Gen intel processors are finally convincing me to do so. I agree! In most situations the system still performs surprisingly well with even the most complex addons! Thanks all for your input, much appreciated! Just another quick question, at 1080p would there be much difference in performance between say a 1080 and a 1080ti? as the price difference is substantial of course! Even at 1440p I assume this difference wouldn't be extremely convincing for P3D? Cheers
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm aware there are various threads discussing whether or not it would be worthwhile upgrading a 2nd Gen i7 2600k to the latest tech, in order to take full advantage of what P3D has to offer. I'm currently sitting with an i7 2600k @ 4.5, GTX 970 and 8Gb of 1600MHz DDR3. I use P3D V4 but ONLY at 1080p resolution and have no intention of moving to 1440p or 4K. It handles most situations well but the FSLabs Airbus for example has it on it's knees - on fairly medium settings. I look only for a smooth experience and thus not so concerned with 'figures' and 'frames'. I do, however, use all off the typical frame hogs, such as ORBX, AS16/SkyForce 3D, PMDG aircraft and addon scenery etc. Therefore, that is why I find it difficult to decide if a full CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade is worth the performance increase or if a GPU upgrade would bring the greatest increase in smoothness to the P3D experience. Has anyone upgraded from a similar setup (OC'ed i7 2600k) and would recommend the move to an 8th Gen Intel i7 for P3D on 1080p? Or would I be better off waiting to see what the next generation of GTX cards brings to the platform (if anything)? I appreciate this has been discussed repeatedly on the forum but I genuinely find it very difficult to make a decision as I see such varied opinions. Cheers
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