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  1. Hello everyone, First let me introduce myslef. I have in the past been a very avid simmer. These past 5 years I have been employed in Montreal as a pilot, flying Pilatus pc-12, King air B100 and now captain on the Jetstream 32. My father is in the aircraft parts business and has taken apart an Embraer 120 in flying condition for parts sales. Now, here are components that I wanted to post here as I know some of you could benefit the most from having these components, aviation and simming being close to my heart. First, the full center console with all engine management controls. These move and work as installed on the aircraft! Smooth and crisp and strong. The console is AS REMOVED. All pushrods, electrical cables, lighting and switches are there! Nothing was removed from inside the console. All trims move freely and so do their indicators. (right side trim wheel not shown but comes with it). These components are far more rugged, smooth and easy to hadle than the ones in my Jetstream 32's that I fly!!! Next are both captain and FO's control columns, complete from floor plate up! All pushrods and chains are still present and lubricated for installation! Every button and switch works perfectly and is wired up. Also, the stick shaker motor is installed and servicable!! If you are interrested or want to see more pictures or have inquireies, please email me at: max@skymaxaviation.com I could also video the operation of all the systems if you wish. Max
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