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  1. I have sent the log files to you via email.
  2. I am confused about installing Linda with the P3D add-on methodology. I am using the version 6.0.9 FSUIPC and the version Linda programs. I installed Linda into the ..\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 directory. When I start FSUIPC, the log shows the following: I am confused as to why FSUIPC is looking for Linda in the modules directory and not in the FSUIPC directory. Is there some configuration step that I missed?
  3. Just to add some data points to this discussion I have gleaned from the AIG AIM forum (which I highly recommend for answering questions like this.) A link to the forums is here. On May 06, 2020, Kaiii3 states: So this seems to say that setting 1-99% is probably what most people want. I assume that 'we will add a feature for this later' refers to the ability to have AIM recompile all the BGLs. He also recommended these values earlier in the discussion: On March 04, 2020, he said: This seems to answer the 'how do I rebuild the BGLs' question.
  4. As I understand it, the FPDatabase records which flightplans have been compiled into BGL files. Nuking the contents of this file should reset your environment to as it was before any flightplans were processed. So, you would use the multi-select to select the flightplans you want and then have AIM rebuild them. AIM does cache the airplane models in %programdata%\AIGTech\AIGAIM\temp_model but I don't know if it uses these before going out to the library sites. Textures are downloaded from the library sites each time.
  5. Dirk: I will attempt to take you through the de-installation process as I understand it. AIG Manager comes with two main directories: the application directory and the add-on directory. The application directory has the 'AIGTech - AI Manager' application. This will be where you unzipped the distribution file. The add-on directory is where the various SimObjects, Texture and Traffic files are located. This is the area that the flight simulator will load for the AI traffic. You know you are looking at the right directory if there is a directory inside named 'OCI-Configuration'. Finally, there is an entry in the add-ons.cfg file (located in %programdata%/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D Vn') that tells Prepar3D how to find the add-on directory. It will be something like the following: [Package.12] PATH=D:\AIGAIM - OCI\OCI-Configuration ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false So... to back all this out, you need to delete the application directory and the add-on directory. You also need to remove the entry in the add-ons.cfg file. Don't worry about renumbering, prepar3D will do it for you on the next run. Before nuking everything, you might want to make a backup copy of the aircraft files that are the 'special' fetches. That is, those that are not available from the standard libraries. My copy of these has the following files: 19242-IrAero-Traffic-Win-09.zip 34465-AI-Yak-40v1.zip 39954-Yak40-Severstal-Su11.zip 52679-BEKAIR-FOKKER-100.zip 61286-LEOLET.zip 61611-738UTA.zip 62340-777-ER-SDM.zip 62341-319-SDM-SPORT.zip 67369-Aviastar-TU-Wi19-Wi20.zip AI-An-24CIS_Pak1.rar.zip AIM_CRJ2_PFZ.zip Air Koryo.zip AITRSP_v1.8.zip AI_An24.zip FAIB A321-200 IAE SriLankan.zip FAIB_A21N_DJT_FSXP3D.zip FAIB_A320_AZA_Jeep.zip IrAero.zip JCAI_EagleAir_Summer_2019v2.zip mjcq4_1910.zip Raven+FS+Labs+CRJ-1000+Build+1901.zip Raven+FS+Labs+CRJ-200+Build+2001.zip Raven+FS+Labs+CRJ-700+Build+1901.zip Raven+FS+Labs+CRJ-900+Build+1901.zip SKJ_TU154_v3.zip Also, if you just want to recompile the BGLs with the new range values, I *think* you just have to remove the BGL files in the Traffic Files/Scenery directory in the add-on folder and then I *think* you also have to reset the FPDatabase file to be empty. The empty FPDatabase file should just contain the following: //Do not edit this file! Naturally, Kaiii3 is the authority on this so I would respect his word over mine. Good luck!
  6. Due to my error, I had to rebuild my AIM OCI from scratch last week. I have every current flight plan loaded and use the freeware option. I also make sure to remove DEFUNCT airlines (i.e. I keep things current). My current statistics are: 864 flight plans 339 aircraft types 6004 airlines 6219 repaints 2570 Boeing 2117 Airbus 311 Bombardier 582 GA aircraft 699 other aircraft This is taking 40.5 GB on my drive.
  7. Stan: I just ran V5 for KFLL and KEWR and cannot reproduce your issue. You mention ORBX. I have Global and North American LC installed and active. Do you have Vector installed? If so, that may be worth looking into. I am not sure whether Vector is even supported for V5 yet. I disabled all my ORBX (gotta love the add-on.xml approach) and saw no differences. I also tried with FreeMesh 2.0 and found no issues there either. All tests were done using the default F-22. If I can be of any help, please let me know.
  8. SODE displays a red 'X' if it cannot find the object being referenced. Check the SODE.txt file in %programdata%\12bPilot\SODE\log for clues as to what is missing.
  9. If it is the one from fs dream team, you can find it here.
  10. Well, I can't recreate your issue. I did the following: Set historical Wx control to November 27, 2019. Checked the 'Force Historical Time to Sim Time', StartedP3D Selected Active Sky for weather Used the default F-22 Set the airport to EGNT on the active runway Set the time to 13:40 UTC I get a foggy day at the airport. I then shut P3D down and restarted as above. I get a similar foggy day. (I took images but they are not too interesting. I can post them if you like.) I would look at the Options -> Visibility Options in ActiveSky as my next action.
  11. I also notice from Gary's image that the weather being reported is for EGNM not EGNT. The TAF for EGNM was: EGNM 271104Z 2712/2812 01009KT 0300 FG BKN001 BECMG 2712/2715 1500 -RA BR BKN002 PROB40 TEMPO 2712/2715 RA BECMG 2715/2718 30012KT 9999 NSW SCT007 BKN018 TEMPO 2715/2812 6000 RA BKN007 PROB40 TEMPO 2718/2809 BKN004 BECMG 2803/2806 36012KT TEMPO 2806/2812 01015G25KT Which is roughly in line with the Active Sky banner notification but not the weather to be expected at EGNT.
  12. According to the screenshot Gary just posted, the date was November 27, 2019 not November 1 as I originally reported on. The TAF for this is: EGNT 271104Z 2712/2812 35003KT 0300 FG BKN001 BECMG 2712/2715 2500 -RA BR BKN003 TEMPO 2712/2718 RA PROB30 TEMPO 2712/2715 SCT003 BKN018 BECMG 2715/2718 35013KT SCT005 BKN010 BECMG 2718/2720 9999 NSW TEMPO 2718/2809 6000 RA BKN008 PROB40 TEMPO 2718/2806 BKN004 PROB30 TEMPO 2800/2812 01016G26KT Basically, 0.7 statute miles and cloud (fog) down to 100 feet.
  13. ActiveSky is reporting the following for EGNT@11:30Z on November 1, 2019: EGNT 011304Z 0113/0212 15007KT 9999 SCT003 BKN006 TEMPO 0113/0203 3000 RADZ OVC003 PROB30 TEMPO 0113/0203 1200 BR OVC001 BECMG 0203/0206 NSW FEW020 BECMG 0203/0206 21010KT BECMG 0209/0212 11003KT
  14. Based on the video by Blackbox711 and my own experiences, I have created a checklist for ATSU only. It can be found here.
  15. I do it this way. I have directories for different types of things: libraries, airports, ortho sceneries, meshes, AI aircraft, etc. and then two master directories: core and add-on that contain the actual files and add-on.xml files. When I fly, I simply copy the required add-on.xml files from the add-on directory to the appropriate type directory. Some files need to remain in the Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder due to not playing nicely with the add-on.xml scheme on updates but I only have five of those: FLAI, FsDreamTeam (2), Orbx object flow and FSlabs spotlights.
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