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  1. cnc3

    scenery.cfg limit

    I do it this way. I have directories for different types of things: libraries, airports, ortho sceneries, meshes, AI aircraft, etc. and then two master directories: core and add-on that contain the actual files and add-on.xml files. When I fly, I simply copy the required add-on.xml files from the add-on directory to the appropriate type directory. Some files need to remain in the Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder due to not playing nicely with the add-on.xml scheme on updates but I only have five of those: FLAI, FsDreamTeam (2), Orbx object flow and FSlabs spotlights.
  2. cnc3

    Invisibile taxiways?

    Yes, it is a simple AFCAD fix. ADE 1.75 or better. Back up old BGL. Load airport from BGL, Select Lists -> Taxi Links. Click 'Reset All Draw Flags' button. Close and save. Generate new BGL. Install new BGL. This is because P3D honors the 'Draw Surface' and 'Draw Detail' values whereas FSX did not.
  3. Adding to this... If you are already logged in when the pop-up browser appears just close it down.
  4. You will also need a account - so, aig, avsim and flightsim accounts in total. Did you check the 'Use only freeware' box under Tools -> Settings -> AIGAIM - OCI? BTW the folks at the AIG forum are very good at helping you out with issues.
  5. cnc3

    I love AI(G)

    I think it is important to recognize that AIM's OCI is still in beta test mode and not all flight plans have been converted to support OCI. For my home airport (CYYZ), I have 53% coverage of airlines from OCI and an additional 31% from older AIM flight plans that I compiled myself. This gives me 86% coverage for the airline operators for my airport. OCI will, in my opinion, become a very important part of using AI in FSX and P3D but it is still in its infancy. Please give the development crew some time to get the development to the point that they are happy with a general release before you start to ask for real comparisons between it and commercially available products. As of today, AIM OCI supports 459 traffic BGLs (i.e. flight plans for operators). All these BGLs were generated automatically including all model and texture downloads. There are 200 SimObjects created as part of that process. The BGL/SimObject space consumed is currently 25.6 GB. All this will, of course, keep expanding as AIM adds new airline flight schedules to OCI. That's pretty darned amazing for something that was really only opened up for testing at the start of this year. Disclaimer: I am not associated with the AIM OCI folks other than as a tester of their hard work.
  6. Content error can be useful since it has been my experience that the thread loading the BGLs (e.g. traffic files) can stop when it finds something it doesn't like. I usually ignore the 'duplicate' messages but the two missing Carenado DLLs are interesting.
  7. If you haven't already, enable content error reporting (Options -> Application -> Enable Content Error Reporting) and restart P3d. Then look at the reporting file in documents\Preprar3D v4 Files. Usually when I have an issue with BGL files, this will point me in the right direction.
  8. Thanks for this. I unplugged my CH Pro Rudder pedals and the problem went away. It would not have occurred to me that the other rudder pedals would cause this issue.
  9. I am looking for opinions on how to debug an issue I am having with the FSLabs A320 and tiller steering. My setup: P3D (4.4), FSUIPC (5.15), MFG Crosswind and FSLabs A320 ( Symptoms: I have set the tiller steering to 'sticky' and it is depressed. When I use the rudder pedals, I get the turn to start and then it fades. Looking at FSUIPC's calibration, I see the rudder value go high and then drift back to a much lower value. Things I have checked: The tiller steering is set to 'sticky'. The pedals are calibrated with MFG crosswind's tool. The rudder inputs are being passed to P3D without FSUIPC intervention. I'm running out of ideas at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. I don't see how programmatically adding the entry to the add-ons.cfg file instead of making the entry in the appropriate folder under Prepar3D v4 Add Ons could be construed as using the 'old' method. However, if that is what @JoeFackel meant, I guess it could be seen as 'wrong way' to use the add-on.xml system.
  11. They do use the add-on.xml file method. I'm surprised you didn't know that from trying the tool out. All Effects, SimObjects, Textures and Traffice Files are isolated under the AIGAIM - OCI folder (assuming you are talking about the new OCI installation method).
  12. Released stuff for Winter 2018 is listed here. See my previous reply to Wanthuyr Filho on where to find the complete list of planned airlines for the Winter 2018 release. Air Canada, Air North, Cargojet, Canadian North and Westjet are planned. I have no idea whether Air Canada includes Jazz and Rouge but I suspect it will.
  13. LATAM Airlines is available for Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. LATAM Cargo is available for Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Mexico These are in the Winter 2018 set. Others (GOL, Aerolineas Argentinas) will be part of the Winter 2018 set but are not available yet. The set of airlines planned for the Winter 2018 release is available here.
  14. I feel you but I am lucky enough to have built those myself from AIG flightplans. As the IAM (OCI) versions are created, I am removing my versions so that I will be in sync with the AIM stuff going forward. There is a list of airlines that are scheduled for the Winter 2018 release available here (requires Alpha-India account). As of last night, AIM has provided 313 AI airlines.
  15. Some statistics on FreemeshX v2. 52.6GB on disk, 364 files in 23 folders. I have mine installed using the add-on.xml method.