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  1. word not allowed... missed that - thanks for pointing me to it
  2. Hi and thanks for that great tool! a great addition would be the possibility to specify the type/weight of aircraft taking off or landing on a specific runway so you could assign the really long ones for heavies (A330 / B777 and above) and having the smaller ones use shorter runways for better distribution. the FS makes a break between heavy an "not so heavy" somewhere between A320/B737 and A321/B757 using 2.500meters and above for the heavies which is rather short ,-) regards jp
  3. first let me thank you for that great addition - it's beautiful to see a triple7 taxi over the highway at EDDF. Nevertheless there seems to be a problem with some airports where the ai.dll "smashes" AI planes in approach to the ground (often spoilers suddenly deployed and aircraft going down like a stone) I could find this at EGLC (UK2000) and KDCA (DD) (with ai.dll active 60% crash on app - with ai.dll inactive 0%) - it seems to affect airports with short (< 2000m?) runways and "light" AI aircraft (A320 and below) - aircraft without spoilers seem not to be affected maybe an approach over water contributes. Would be great if the dev could look into that! happy landings jp
  4. leave away the last "scenery" in the path - every Scenery folder is supposed to have a "scenery" and (mostly) a "texture" folder inside, so that "scenery" is implicit
  5. It's not a seperate program but a funktion in the AIMonitor (menu -> Settings -> 2. Force Update of Runway and Taxi Data) sorry to have been unclear :blink:
  6. did you run the scenery updater program to gather all the AFCAD and AI aircraft data? which ai aircraft do you use? (some older FS9 aircraft models use some "not so perfect" flight dynamics
  7. I've some problems with ground movement: 1.) sometime AI traffic moves to the opposite rwy that is displayed in AI Monitor (e.g. EGLL display 9R (right rwy according to wind) - traffic movement 27L) 2.) Traffic stops in some place on the Apron (mostly short after Pushback) - AI Monitor displaying "Taxi Out Stop Queued for Takeoff Clearance" 3.) Traffic stops some distance before Hold Short and wait forever (until deleted) as "Taxi Out Stop at Hold Short Waitng for Takeoff Clearance" 4.) any change in config resets the UT2Compatibility to "0" AIC 2.0A HF1, FSX-SE, UT2, AIC in remote config, STB with all "Flight Control" options disabled, All setting default except UT, Observing as slewed "default trike", "Starting Positions" NOT on rwy but at Hold Shorts
  8. afaik it is used for calculating parking positions, also some of the performance data are used. which paths do you use for your AI-planes ?
  9. ...but you know, that 36 (no R / L present) is not used for takeoff or landing either - only 18 is used and only for takeoff
  10. i think it's about to copy/paste the content of the Sample.cfg (inside the SidStarConverter directory) into the AIController.ini
  11. I don't think so as the traffic files (bgl) rely on scenery data such as afcad bgls as a "target" - those txt files for AIC are just a readout from these BGL's to control the movement in the SID / STAR phase. otherwise AIC would be a complete replacement for the engine controlling AI in FSX
  12. did you run point 2 from the ai-monitor "settings" menu - without it AIC is pretty lost with handling aircraft as it hasn't read the data (radius, parkling code, ...) from AFCADs AND aircraft.cfg
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