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  1. Hi, ive started to use the 777 mega merge file. I had the PSS 777 installed beforehand and i believe it uses the PSS panels etc. Ive never really flown the triple much as ive been a long time PMDG MD-11 fan. So my question is this, were do i save flight plans to ?. I use Vroute premium to create a company route and load it straight into my md11 MCDU. Can this been done in the PSS 777 All help is appreciated. Thanks Alan W
  2. Hi folks So i have the PSS payware 777 and im looking to do the merge. The only issue is when i first go to the posky site to download there base package i dont get a .cfg file or anything like that ? Am i missing something ?? Please help Alan
  3. I use my trackir on a 42" TV screen the odd time. Works just as well as my 24" Iiyama monitors. Alan
  4. I have a manual set i would part with ?? Thanks Al
  5. Hi all So i hopped on a flight to Manchester on Tuesday for a days spotting. Lets say it was a tad rough, 26mph winds - gusting 49mph. It was hard to get some good shots while getting battered by wind and rain but heres a few.... Shot using Fujifilm HS20EXR Opinions welcome thanks Al
  6. My MD11 AAutoflight panel. buttons are in the correct places etc. Gives a fantastic depth to the sim !! Thanks ALan Whitley
  7. Hi folks Since making the switch to FSX I just cant keep from returning to FS9........ Thanks Al
  8. No words needed......................................
  9. Well after a few hours of google searching, installing a few payware xtras and tweaking its working perfect !! Al
  10. Hello folks So i recently installed FSX and im running it through FSPS FSX booster which does seem a good job. One issue though, i sometimes get square lights at airports (pic below). What causes this and is there fix ? I have a googled it but couldnt find anything useful. Thanks in advance Al
  11. I use Rex ive enb series installed also. to be honest, ive done that many tweaks over the years i cant remember everything. Alan
  12. You know, fsx may be a novalty for me at the min. Fs9 may still come out number 1!!! Al
  13. Yea, years of tweaking and adding to. Heres a few more FS9 from my collection.............God i could be talking myself out of FSX here lol Thanks Al
  14. The main reason i kept FS9 should explain itself below..............................God it looks good
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