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  1. yourmajesty

    P3D 3 Monitor Setup - Zoomlevel issue

    Hi David! You made my day! Thx very much - that was the solution! best regards! Tom
  2. Hi, im using P3D v3 and i recently installed 3 monitors and i do have some troubles setting them up. Im using a GTX960 with 3 seperate monitors in the NVIDIA controlpanel - so no Sourround Spanning is used. The middle Monitor runs at 1920x1200 and the other two (left and right) at 1920x1080. When im running P3D I change the window size of P3D so that the window is one big window spanning over the 3 monitors. Everything´s fine till now, but when im loading a plane im way too close regarding the zoom level. it is at 0.3 which works in single monitor mode perfectly, but on the 3 TFTs im way too close "in the cockpit", so that i can either see whats going on outside or i can see the instruments. i cant zoom out so that i can see both, like in single monitor mode. the more i stretch P3D the more it zooms in optically - the technical zoom factor stays the same - 0.3. is there any solution tweaking a *.cfg file or something like that? thx in advance! sorry for mistakes - english is not my mother tongue. best regards tom