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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I recently bought the Thrustmaster TRFP rudder pedals and the work great! However, when I takeoff in the fenix it always veers to the right without any steering inputs. That also happens on landing. Any idea how to fix this?
  2. so I jumped water and followed one of easyjetsimpilot's youtube videos to make my MiniFCU work with the Fenix. All fine, just enroute EHAM to EFHK, works like a charm. the setup procedure was pretty straight forward execpt that mobiflight v10 does not require the beta version anymore to run/recognize the miniFCU and I needed to manually assign an "orphaned module" to get all the lights working. Anyway, knowing that this is not the HW section and this is prone to be moved in another section (mods, feel free!) let me start here as this is where I spend 99.9% of my avsim airtime: is there an option to "easily" swap between the Fenix320 and FBW320? Easyjetsimpilot still mentioned that I need to (hardware) reset the miniFCU each time to be able to use it with its DataLinkSoftware for the FBW. However, I am sure I read somewhere - and of course forgot where, hence my request here - that I can nowadays easily swap it the configs within Mobiflight? Again, apologies, not fond of Discord (mobiflight support), lazy duck here hoping that some knowledgeable fellow pilot just jumps in to help me
  3. Hello, Flight Simmers, I recently found an issue with my FENIX A320. I installed the Toolbar Pushback addon and when FenixA320.exe app opened on the loading screen it said: Toolbar Pushback is known for causing issues on approach. I immediately removed it from the Community folder. Now when the fenix.exe launches, it doesnโ€™t say that message but my A320 keeps struggling on approach. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance. Paulius, Lithuania.
  4. Dear Pilots, Christmas Sale - 30% OFF on any product until December 29th, 2023! Why FSiPanel? ๐Ÿ›ซ Instant Approach Setup: Fly approaches within seconds in MSFS 2020 and P3D with your favorite aircraft. ๐ŸŽฎ Realistic ATC Experience: Enjoy full ATC flights from clearance to parking, adding depth and realism to your simulation. (Advanced edition) ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Customizable Scenarios: Train with or without failures, mastering every situation a pilot could face. ๐Ÿ“š Rich Learning Tool: Ideal for both aspiring pilots and seasoned veterans looking to hone their skills. Grab the Deal Before It Flies Away! ๐Ÿ•’ Limited Time: 24-hour flash sale only. ๐Ÿ’ธ Exclusive Discounts: 30% off on all our products for a limited time. ๐Ÿ”— Easy Access: FSiPanel Store ๐ŸŽฅ Learn More: Visit our YouTube Channel Take control of the skies with FSiPanel โ€“ your cockpit awaits!
  5. Hi, now that I started flying on Vatsim, I wanted to know what to do in case of a go around. So I watched tutorials. Everywhere, the go around procedure is already inserted in to the FMC when the flight plan is configured, but for me, itโ€™s just a small part of it.(like just the beginning of the procedure) any idea what Iโ€™m doing wrong? btw Iโ€™m flying the fenix a320
  6. Hi, yesterday I just got a thrustmaster tca quadrant, but I have some problems with the calibration. 1. As you can see in one of the videos, even if I calibrate the throttle, it just wonโ€™t go the max reverse, only to idle reverse. When I calibrate it, I switch the throttle quadrant to max reverse, but in the sim it wonโ€™t work whatever I do. 2. When I slowly move the throttles, in the simulator one of them is always higher than the other( this only happens when Iโ€™m between the detents) 3. when I try to takeoff, the plane veers to the left, even if I use the rudder, itโ€™s impossible to steer. If you have any solution/suggestion for any problem, it would be very helpful. thanks
  7. Hi, I recently found out that the FBW a320 has noswheel steering and so far itโ€™s really good and helpful.Now that I started flying the fenix a320 more, I was wondering if it has nosewheel steering as well? And if it does, do I have to assign anything in the controls options?
  8. Just finished a very pleasant flight in the Fenix A320. At Dublin runway 16 was the only one in use, so there was quite the long line of aircraft holding short before departure. I was using the FSLTL injector for AI aircraft and the excellent freeware addons AIGround and AIFlow. These two addons really improve the AI logic, preventing the AI spinning around on taxiways and reducing the number of go-arounds. I'm on SU10 by the way. I also thought the weather was very convincing - I'm using real-time weather. The high-altitude clouds look very low-resolution though. And courtesy of FSLTL there were lots of airliners in the sky with their contrails.
  9. Anyone tried FSIPANEL with the Fenix A320 lately? I don't see a trial version to give it a shot before buying. Fenix and FS Panel Charles, EBBR
  10. Really glad to see the first release of this product. I'm having an issue with the aircraft doors continually opening and closing during pushback with the (obvious) resulting alarms in the cockpit. This only started since I installed FS2Crew for FENIX. There are several limitations with the first update (limited voices, limited airlines listed, computer voices rather than the more human ones that I am used to in the A32nx version) - I assume these will be enhanced later? Thanks, David
  11. So I borrowed a throttle and a Sidestick form someone and it worked all just fine except with the fenix a 320. in other planes the throttle moves correctly, but when I get in to the fenix, the throttle goes either TOGA either max reverse. I tried calibrating my controls but nothing works. Do you have any solutions?
  12. FSiPanel Christmas Sale for 10 days until Dec 31st. 30% OFF on all versions. Products page This offer is also valid for Standard edition customers willing to upgrade to Advanced edition. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 to all simmers! Regards, J-P
  13. I made a flight with the Fenix today around 1400NM. I use the Simbrief profile and even corrected it for 8% less fuel consumption, because th the developer said the consumption is about 6% to low. First thing I noticed was that the fuel planing in the MCDU gave me quite higher fuel load then simbrief was. So I would guess the MCDU is using the real (right) numbers. So for this flight simbrief said for taxi and trip I would need 7.1t. After landing and parking the Fenix used only 6.3t. More then 10% less then Simbrief. Strange
  14. Intro by @Aamir from their Discord: Hello @everyone (I've used "Hello Everyone" like 5 times in a row now, someone please think of something new and send in suggestions on a postcard) - sorry it took us so long to get this patch out to you. We had some very complex changes to make with a large knock-on impact to other areas. TL;DR The big things worth noting: - More performance improvements (up to 25% w/ an average of 16% across our testers - CPU on Quality/Balanced showing the most improvement) - Installer fixes/improvements - Lots of crash fixes (start-up etc) - Better panel state behaviour (spawning at gate will be truly cold & dark now) - Keyboard F/CTL support added, we're continuing to work on hardware bindings etc - Added cockpit texture quality option to reduce VRAM usage (low VRAM cards will see FPS improvements from this) - EFB general stability and load-in improvements, pushback fixes amongst others As we're starting to clear the usability issues we're setting our sights on product improvements; expanding hardware support, save states, autoflight - basically anything that we think could be better. To keep everyone looped in with our current roadmap, the current priority order looks like this: - Deployment, Stability & Performance. Get as many customers running the Fenix A320 without significant errors, crashes, or performance issues. - Clean & Tidy. All the little things that've come up over time that weren't super high priority, but regardless should be addressed. - Improve & Build-upon. Start improving what we have, treating the release as a 'base' to add more features, improve existing ones and generally keep the aircraft cutting-edge. This will include external engine modelling, autoflight enhancements, displays improvements and more. - Expand. Once we have a CFM A320 that lives up to our expectation, we will then be strapping some more bits to it. Some pointy bits on the ends of the wing, and some more powerful bits under the wing. From there who knows... Oh and PayPal is working now. We've also bolstered our support team by a factor of 3 due to the much-higher-than-anticipated number of support tickets. We apologise if you're still waiting on a reply, but the response times should only improve from here. Thanks again to everyone for being so patient with us, the dev team haven't yet had a day away since launch so I'm really hoping this patch gives us a bit of 'clear air' to let them see the sun for a few minutes. Unless it's Dave, in which case he has no interest in seeing the sun and would probably just point and shout at it. Version, released on 2022-06-01 Changelog [SYSTEMS] โ—‹ Several startup crash fixes โ—‹ Kill gateway if already running โ—‹ Add graceful gateway shutdown โ—‹ Reduce Hoppie request rate, stop requests if invalid logon โ—‹ Fixed issue with autolaunch not working โ—‹ Set parking brake initial state in more reliable way โ—‹ Add messages about incompatible 3rd party add-ons โ—‹ Force initial state for Runway spawn to Ready โ—‹ Tiller blending adjusted, ramps off at a shallower rate โ—‹ Sign in error messaging improved โ—‹ EGT to ambient temp during cold and dark โ—‹ Suspended hang when closing the MSFS is fixed (requires working exe.xml) โ—‹ Suspended hang when entering or exiting the flight is fixed (requires working exe.xml) โ—‹ Parking brake is now reliably set when loading plane โ—‹ More reliable external power hook-in in Cold&Dark โ—‹ Platform multithreading option is now automated โ—‹ Optimized displays โ—‹ Fixed misaligned displays in certain GPU configurations โ—‹ Improved default state stability when spawning โ—‹ Fixed certain instances of Fenix Launcher crashing on startup โ—‹ Fixed certain instances of "bad load ins" with semi functional systems โ—‹ Keyboard F/CTL support added โ—‹ Config option added: Thrust Handling: Detents/Incremental โ—‹ Future-proofing setup improvements (should show a message if Fenix is open, but requires open Fenix to be 1.0.2 or higher) โ—‹ Fixed default panel state being reset when applying settings in launcher โ—‹ Dave no longer allowed to use company microwave โ—‹ Default panel state being applied much faster โ—‹ Cold&Dark now doesn't leave some stuff unset โ—‹ Fixed engine glitches on Cold&Dark start โ—‹ Improve MSFS perf when running Displays on CPU or iGPU โ—‹ Process priority tweaks โ—‹ Tweaked DirectX threading settings โ—‹ Implemented cockpit texture quality option โ—‹ Per-livery config โ—‹ Mostly fixed SELCAL/Registration (still not 100% reliable) โ—‹ N2 goes 'XX' correctly on EWS โ—‹ Added simulation rate increase up to 2x (for now, will increase it as we do more testing) [EFB] โ—‹ EFB general stability and load-in improvements โ—‹ Fixed pushback issues, pushbacks should now just work โ—‹ Fixed issue with non-reconnection of EFB with Fenix restart โ—‹ Fixed day/night button on Navigraph app
  15. I have the MSFS2020 Steam edition and when installing the Fenix A320 (C: disk) it doesnt show up under ยซAircraftsยป in the MSFS 2020 Aircraft list. What do I wrong? The Fenix team have looked into my ticket submit and escalating the ticket not giving back a response after 4 weeks after submit . Help!
  16. Enjoy! Hold Short PAX POV Time for some Anti ICE EICK
  17. I have newest Version of Pilot2ATC and FSUIPC and when I start MSFS with the Fenix A320 it connect but have not Aircraft Position and show this Windows
  18. Hi! Fenix Simulations A320 Development Update for Sept 17th https://fenixsim.com/2021/09/17/fenix-a320-dev-update-17sep21/
  19. Hi, I am having some trouble figuring out the Fenix a320 throttle controls. I am currently using a PS4 controller to control my aircraft and my throttle bindings are: R2 - to increase throttle and L2- to decrease throttle. Those bindings work in any other aircraft but whatever I do in the Fenix a320 the throttle isnโ€™t increasing or decreasing unless I move it with my mouse. Also some assistance settings like auto rudder are locked in this plane. Do you have any suggestions?
  20. All, This is probably a "me" problem rather than a "Fenix A320" problem. (I've had same issue with V1 and recent upgrade to V2). I run through the checklists, import flight plan from SimBrief, load aircraft via EFB, set performance as per EFB etc.. On take off, using TOGA, I am unable to keep the nose down despite full forward stick resulting in tailstrike and scenario closure. Initially, I thought it was because I was overloading the aircraft beyond MTOW but this is even happening on short flights. All controls are calibrate and working fine. Any clues what I doing wrong ? Cheers, R
  21. Hi My Elagato Streamdeck is not working anymore with AAO. Pressing any Fenix button on Elgato does not work with MSFS 2020 Fenix function. WebAPI Port 8090 enabled under Tools menu item. (changed to 8090 because Logitech Hub has already 9080 in use) Verified port 8090 also in file settings.js in directory c:\Users\erathost\AppData\Roaming\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\com.lorbysi.aao.sdPlugin\ What else could be the issue here? After updating to V 2.81 AAO I have this problem. Using: Axis and Oh MSFS V 2.81 b05 Plugin for Streamdeck Ellgato V 16.03 Thanks for any advice.
  22. Hi all, Yes another Fenix and thrustmaster compatibility questions / issues I'm hoping you guys have the answer too. Purchased Fenix a few months ago, couldn't get the throttles to move in game using my thrustmaster TCA, with all hardware to software functions working perfectly. The I'd move the TCA to the next intention, hear the engines spool up slightly before going back down, but the throttle levers themselves wont move at all only with mouse interaction. I watched countless videos, messed with the calibrations, sensitivities, drivers the lot. I reached out for help from fenix who again told me to re-calibrate etc etc but still nothing. In the end I uninstall FS along with every bit of third party software and started from scratch, today I've re-installed and I'm getting the exact same fault and I'm at a loss with what to do next. I've done; Checked in plane calibration. Checked for no other bindings. Adjusted the sensitivity to what Fenix suggested. Calibrated the TCA with thrustmaster software. All drivers are up to date. No Fenix liverys or modifications in the community folder. Deleted the game and re installed it. Deleted and re installed fenix many times. Took the TCA apart to check for any loose connections, it's all perfect. Any and all suggestions and help is appreciated, please not TCA quadrant works on FBW and all other sim aircraft faultlessly. Regards Rhys
  23. A beta module has been released for the newly released Fenix A320 to run under MSFS 2020. Users should be aware that due to decisions by Fenix not all FCU data is accessible. The result is that functions are provided for all VRInsight MCP Combo 2 buttons and knobs but it has not been possible to display the Speed, Heading, Altitude or Vertical Speed data on the panel. Also it has not been possible to animate the knob push and pull. Users are requested to report any comments or faults under this thread. Enjoy.
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