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  1. Great idea and may do something like this myself one day. Note that you'll need some extra stops. For example: (x) NZWM - Wellington (Flightbeam) ( ) SCEL - Santiago (LATINVFR) There is no direct flight from NZWN to SCEL. Haven't checked but there may be one from NZAA so you'd need to go NZWN-NZAA-SCEL. You'll also need to change planes. You can get a 777 into NZWN (have flown out of here on the Singapore flight to YMML) but only with a light fuel load. You certainly wont get to SCEL. Have a great journey :-) Rob
  2. Totally self inflicted this one ! I was playing around trying to get SODE GSXV2 working with my ORBX KSAN scenery and I've stuffed it. What's the best way to "reinstall" KSAN ? Is there a config setting that I can adjust so that FTX Central knows it is purchase but not there and it will reinstall it ? Cheers, R
  3. Rob, Thanks for all the effort here. I’m about to move from a 4770K @ 3.5 to a 9900K @ 5 (both with the single 1080Ti) so not identical but as you say, it will provide me with a wealth of data for comparison - hopefully it will allow me to spot any oddities for further investigation. And I’m doing it all on a clean install though for others out there, don’t make the mistake I did and just wipe the drives and start afresh. I completed the setup and installed 4.4 on Friday evening only to have the activation bounce as I had failed to deactivate P3D first. And then the weekend began ..... have just had the email from LM resetting my activation so can, on Monday evening, give it a go at last 😳 Talk about self inflicted pain ..... (BZ to LM by the way - it must still have been Sunday evening where they are when they reset me - nice one chaps 😉) Cheers, R
  4. Love SimStarter NG and have been using it for ages. Have it set up on two networked computers and run the client setup to get all my stuff launched in the right order etc. Whilst the main programme has a "kill" option to shut down associated programmes when you exit P3D, the client doesn't. Understand there could be difficulties in either needing a second version of a trigger file - alternatively, perhaps an option to "kill" applications on loss of connection ? (Running normally, I have never had this happen so that might be a proxy, particularly if it is an option that can be disabled for anyone that does run into trouble). Cheers, R
  5. OK - stupid me. It was the AntiVirus programme blocking it. All solved now. Doh !
  6. Hi, I have version 1.6.4 (revision 12) installed and when I start the programme it notes that the latest version is 1.6.7 (revision 12). I'm running as Administrator. When I select "run update", a small window opens and says "up2date" - "Update not found on server!". I can ignore the update and the programme works fine (but clearly I'm going to get left behind over time) Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong here ? Cheers, R
  7. Folks, I'm running ASCA and AS16 for P3DV4 in a networked environment. They were working just fine until I upgraded the drive on my P3D computer and hence had to re-share the access to the Prepar3D folder. For some strange reason, I can see the required location when I look in file explorer under "network". I can however access it fine if I type "\\FLIGHT1\FLT1-P3D-Drv" where \\Flight1 is the name of my main flight sim computer and \FLT1-P3D-Drv is the name of the shared folder. I have also mapped a drive from my second computer to this folder and that works fine too - expect mapped drives don't seem to show in the options when you start up AS16 and it requires the appropriate path. I thought one of the easiest things to do would be just to edit the required config file and try either of the above, e.g. \\FLIGHT1\FLT1-P3D-Drv or (where Y: is the mapped drive) Y:\Prepar3D v4. So the question is, where does AS16 store this little piece of info ? Thanks, Rob
  8. Thanks guys - very helpful. @cathay808 Awesome - looks like we're both trying to do the same thing. I'm guessing the few frames you lose with the extra monitor you probably make up for in not having the VC on display ? This is certainly the sort of setup I'm heading towards. I have two 780Tis in SLI with three screens in surround. I might look at whether I have a spare monitor outlet that would work with this setup and an old monitor just to see if it would work. thanks for the link - at $150 it is worth a gamble if I can't get a spare monitor working or if any monitor I have spare isn't the right size. cheers, Rob
  9. All, Currently going through a full reinstall of all of my set up starting from a clean copy of Windows 10 etc. (nothing wrong with the set up previously per se but had become bloated over years of odd software installs, etc.) Turning my mind to my age old issue of wanting to look out of the window rather than keep panning the view into the cockpit and was thinking about options for seperate PFD and ND displays. Ideally I'm after something that would meet the following criteria: - must work with PMDG (747 QoTS, 777, 737NGX) - at least with one and if not all three currently then working towards that in time (could be three different pieces of software by same supplier maybe) - must work with P3DV4 - can rely on fully paid up FSUIPC - preferably works on iPad but Andriod would be ok too (idea being that I could buy myself a second tablet solely for this) - needs to show real PFD, I.e. Connect with V speeds, flight director etc. ND needs to respond to range changes etc. (similar functionality approach to the FMC I use from Virtual Avionics) Project Magenta sounds a step too far for me. I've seem 'generic' type versions of the above but they don't do the appropriate speeds on the PFD for example. any pointers ? many thanks, rob
  10. @guenseli Thanks and understood - realise there could be multiple sources for this (Just interesting that we both have the same X52 that I'm a little suspicious of). Not much progress from a day of probing, rebotting etc yesterday. I've noticed this moring though that I'm getting the "DriverFrameworks-UserMode" error as soon as I boot up - i.e. it isn't causing the crash at the time of the crash but is causing a critical error early on. I'll try hunting in this direction for a dit before I go back to trying to find out what is happening at the pointof CTD. Needle in a haystack anyone ? Rob
  11. @guenseli: Did you manage to get rid of this issue by doing a full reinstall of OS and P3DV4 ? It is something I have in mind as I'm keeping an eye on hardware at the moment and am looking at an full upgrade soon - currently on i7 4770K and 2 x 780Ti in SLI. That said, I'd like to hold off for a bit (a) to see what happens with the new -X CPUs from intel and how the Threadripper settles (b) to complete some building work we're doing at home (New study/flight sim room ) and just need to make sure I'm not faced with a cost blow out on that. Would be good to know there is an "ultimate" fix if required though. You don't happen to use a Saitek X52 do you ? Anything else "different" plugged in by USB ? Cheers, Rob
  12. Following on from the advice above, I started to get into EventViewer. I'm running Windows 10 Home 64-Bit. Having had a look round EventViewer, i decided that the first thing to do was clear all the logs so that I could then start to see what was new etc. For those that need to do the same, here's my routine: Start task manager Select File from the menu Press CTRL and "Run new task" Paste the following: for /F "tokens=*" %1 in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO wevtutil.exe cl "%1" Let this run and it clears the logs. When you open EventViwer again you can clearly see what is new etc. First finding for me was that my Brother Printer driver seemed to be raised a lot of errors. I have a Brother MFC-6490CW networked scanner/printer but for the purposes of finding the thing that is crashing the PC, I downloded their official uninstall utility and ran that, rebooted and then cleared the logs again as above. At last, some clarity Ran AS16, ASCA and then P3D, grabbed the PMDG 747 QOTSII, jumped to a runway at a random, default airport (NZAA as I'm in NZ), just fired her up and set off south towards NZCH. Got to about FL200 before the computer froze (Couldn't task switch, open task manager, etc.), waited for a bit and he presto, CTD with a "DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE". Rebooted and went into EventViewer. I'm seeing two critical errors - they both occured with the same timestamp: EventID 41 - Kernel-Power - Task Category: 63 EventID 10118 - DriverFrameworks-UserMode - Task category: Startup of the UMDF reflector That's as far as I got. I'll continue the hunt today and tomorrow - if anyone has any hints, gratefully received. Cheers, Rob
  13. @Mrkev: Thanks for your advice. Hoping it rains plenty at the weekend so that I have the required excuse to stay in 😁 I can see that I'll need to be pretty methodical. Fortunately, it is happening so regularly, I should have much trouble recreating it 😳 I'll report back on what I find on this thread in case that helps others. Cheers, R
  14. @joepoway: Awesome response - appreciate the time. I'll go have a look at this and will also get into device manager. Champion 😁 Rob
  15. Thanks. I'll see what I can find from EventViewer. I'm taking it that it is fairly obvious when you get there 😳 Cheers, Rob
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