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  1. enrico10999

    P3D V 4.5 useful tweaks ?

    Hi In the past with the former versions there were useful tips here and on YT for tweaking the "prepar3D.cfg" file. For example: [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 [SCENERY] MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1 [TERRAIN] UseGlobalTerrainView=True TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 etc... Are there any new findings as to whether such tweaks also make sense in version 4.5? Or keep it like it is? Beside everybody seems to wait for the hot fix from LM. 🙂 Greetings Enrico
  2. Hi I am looking for an Airplane where I can fly in the mountains with the G1000 Glass Cockpit. At the moment I am using the Carenado C172SP SKYHAWK G1000, but if I start at a high altitude Airport at 7000 ft and have to climb at 120000 ft it often very "lame". I am looking for a small, but a little bit faster Airplane... How about the DA62 from http://vertxsim.com? Or do you have other recommendations? Greetings Enrico
  3. enrico10999

    Hyper-Threading ON or OFF ???

    Hi, thanks for your answers! With HT OFF I did a flight from EDDT to EDDF (ORBX Germany North & South) and got some blurry textures in the scenery on approach, not the airport. So I went back to HT ON, and deleted some of my custom made entries in the cfg. The only one is custom made entry actually : TERRAIN]UseGlobalTerrainView=TrueTEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 In the moment the system runs stable at 30 fps, HT ON, CPU 60-90%, GPU 30% 1515 MHz. Thanks for help! Erik
  4. enrico10999

    FPS locked at 31 (P3D v4.4)

    Hi I used the Nvidia Inspector to lock the Framerate to 30fps and 1/2 refresh rate und in the OPTIONS I left the frame rate unlimited. The monitor I set to 60 Hz in the Win10 Control Penal. I followed this tutorial: Greetings Erik
  5. enrico10999

    Hyper-Threading ON or OFF ???

    Hi I have a question about Hyper-Threading ON or OFF in P3DV4.4? Here are my specs: I7 6700K on Asus Maximus VIII Motherboard Geforce 2080 LG 43 Zoll 4k Monitor via Displayport P3D V4.4 PMGD 737 / 777 / 747 Here is my Question: When I switched last week to the 4k Monitor I locked the frame rate to 30 fps (1/2 refresh rate) in the Nvidia Inspector and tried some tweaking in the cfg file: [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 [SCENERY] MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=85 [TERRAIN] UseGlobalTerrainView=True TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 The Settings in OPTIONS/GRAPHICS all mainly all 1 Step under Maximum. The AffinityMask=85 is meant to be used with HT on. But then I turned off the Hyper-Threading in the BIOS and changed it to AffinityMask=15. The Prozessor is now running with 70% and the GPU with 30% and average 1515 MHz (sometimes 1800-1900 MHz) in 4K single Monitor 30 fps locked. How are your experiences with HT ON or OFF? Do you have any advices for the tweaks & settings? Greetings Erik
  6. Hi everybody! I managed to went yesterday with my computer and Joystick to a friend, who owns the HTC Vive Pro and we managed to get it work inside of P3D V4.4. With the PMDG NGX 737 I had strange thing, a grey field in front of the Capt. Window, like shareware where you have to pay to get unlocked... It feels in one way fantastic and realistic, like you would sit inside the real cockpit, but otherwise it I was not 100 % convinced with the sharpness of the displays. I had to move forward to see them clearly and sharp. So I decided not to buy a Vive Pro... ......but instead I brought a used 43 Zoll 4k Monitor from LG and I am total happy, it fills my complete field of view and its really sharp ... I run the monitor it with the 2080 graphic card via Display Port in 60 Hz and 30 fps locked. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences! I think I will wait for the next round auf VR technology, because Flightsim, with all the displays is a special case... Greetings Erik
  7. enrico10999

    What approaches do you use: ILS / LOC/DME / RNAV

    Hi, Thank you very much for your answers and explanations! With your help I have better understood the differences of the individual approach procedures! Yesterday I was in a 737 full flight simulator here in Berlin and we flew the LOC/DME RWY 26 in LOWI, with a circling to RWY 8. That was pretty exciting, after we captured the LOC, we switched off the autopilot at DME 16 and I flew down to the valley per hand. A challenge was the final 180° turn, because the steering horn behaves differently than my Hotas joystick at home and I got over the 30° bank angel and sank quite a bit, but we didn't crash and still reached runway 8... Greetings Erik
  8. Hi everybody I use the PMDG 737 NG in P3DV4 and trying to get the procedures as realistic as possible. Here is my questions: "What approach procedure (ILS/LOC/RNAV) does the crew use and who decide it?" "How long is the pilot flying the respective approach by autopilot, from what point does he have to turn of the AP and have to fly by hand? Sorry if my english is not so good, I am originally from Germany :-) Here my "dangerous half-knowledge": - ILS - The plane captures after the satellite-based waypoints of the STAR the two "guiding beams° of the runway for lateral and vertical guidance and could perform theoretically an automatic landing. What is to do: - program the STAR and ILS Approach in the FMC, select a Flap/Speed (40/145) setting at the REF Page - get a "logical" flight path in the FMC, reduce the programed speed at the FAF (Final Approach Fix) to Flap 15 Speed (VREF +15) where the ILS will be captured - turn in the ILS Frequencies at NAV 1 and 2 - turn in the ILS Course at both Course knobs - shortly before capturing the Glideslope, push LOC and than APP - Airplane will hopefully descend to the runway along the ILS glide path. - deactivate the Autopilot at 2000 ft (???) above ground and landing by hand or do an Autoland - NDB approach - a non-precision approach where an omnidirectional beacon is displayed on the ADF display, often in conjunction with DME, which indicates the distance to the Runway - VOR/DME - a non-precision approach where the directional beacon VOR provides lateral guidance, but does not provide any information about the glide path. DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) indicates the distance to the Runway - LOC/DME - the localiser provides lateral orientation, but no glideslope for vertical guidance, the DME shows the distance to the runway and corresponding charts with distance / altitude help the pilot to get the vertical alignment of the approach. What is to do: - program the LOC Approach in the FMC - tune in the LOC Frequency at NAV 1 and 2 - tune in the RWY Course at the Course Knobs - before the FAF reduce the ALT to the Minima - before the FAF push the LOC Button - hopefully the Airplane will descend to the RWY - switch of the AP before Minima or at 2000 ft (???) and fly by hand - RNAV - Satellite-supported area navigation with freely selectable waypoints. RNP makes a statement about the accuracy of navigation performance. 0.3 stands for maximum deviation of 0.3 NM, The waypoints lead at the approach to the minima where the pilot has to see the runway und fly the last part by hand What is to do: - program the RNAV Approach in the FMC - reduce the ALT before the FAF to the Minima to allow the Airplane to descend - Fly the Descend with AP and LNAV/VNAV active - before the Minima turn of the AP and fly by hand It would be nice if you could add some information or correct me where I am wrong! Thanks ! Erik
  9. Hi I was looking for a helicopter vor P3DV4 and got the Milviz MD530. I wanted to learn how to start the helicopter from the cold & dark and the tutorial says that you have to push the starter button on the collective for 15 sec, while monitoring the N1 and the TOT temperature. So I thought it would be good to assign a button an my Hoyas Cougar Joystick to the starter button in the helicopter at the collective. I managed to create a "macro" for the starter button with FSUIPC. But the Problem is, once the Button is pressed the Button stays "on", I can't release it after 15 sec and I was not able to create a "macro" just for releaseing the Button ... Any ideas? Enrico
  10. Hi Ted, Thanks for sharing your experiences ! I think I will go the next days to the friend, who has the Vive Pro and take my my computer and the Joysticks with me and try it out, make a flight from A to B... How do you operate the switches und Buttons in VR, with your mouse? Best regards Erik
  11. Hi, I am "addicted" to flight simulation since 10 years beginning with FSX and the PMDG Aircrafts 737,777,747 , more and more Airports Scenerys and Weather engines etc. In the beginning I was playing it on a MacPro 2008 with Windows 7 (Via Bootcamp) but three years ago a got a Sim PC (I7 6700 and GTX 970). Last week I did a update on the graphic card to the RTX 2080, because the 1080ti was not available any more and the 2080ti to expensive. Now my system is running stable on 30 fps in 1920 x 1200 with the frame limiter of the Nvidia Inspector, it drops only in EDDF to 25 fps and EGLL to 20 fps, it would be possible to do a processor update for 340 Euro to an I7 8700 with 6 cores, if I keep my mainboard... Yesterday I was at a friends place and tried his HTC Vive Pro and was surprised by the improvements in general sharpness but I had also the impressions of some "ghosting" (I thing it is caused bei the lenses). The big question is, should I get the HTC Vive Pro??? It cost in Germany 1399 Euro? Is it worth it for me ? Normally I do my flights with a 737 or 777 /747 via a 24 '' Monitor and on a second computer (Laptop) I have PFPX for flight planing, the Avilasoft EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) and the Navigraph Charts for the Arrival Airport, sometimes ProATC changes the Arrival Runway, than I have to check the charts... On the iPad I have the Remote server with possibility to operate the FMC, what is very practical... How it will be when I use the VR Device, like the HTC Vive Pro? How is the operation of the knobs and switches inside the VR World, how works the programming of the FMC, are you using the mouse, leap motion or the Vive /Rift Controllers? Can you read the small signs in the displays? Are you doing all the flight planing and preparation before you enter then the VR World? It there a chance to open the Flightplans, Charts and a EFB inside the VR World? I saw some YT Videos, that there is Flyinside and native P3D VR, with different features to open charts etc. I would like to hear your experiences. Do you switch between VR Headset and Monitor in flight, or do you keep the Headset on for 2 hours? I could imagine that it is fun with the VR Headset, flying around with a helicopter ore a small plane in the mountains, but how it feels in a big Arline on a long flight ...? Greetings Erik
  12. enrico10999

    P3D 4.4 stops sometimes for 2 or 3 sec with sound

    Hi! Thanks for your help & solution! It works fine !!! Best regards! Erik
  13. Hi, I use Windows 10 and have the latest Version P3DV4 installed. I have these issue, that the Simulator stops sometimes for 2-3 sec together with these "Windows" warning sound. I disabled all scenerys and add-ons (ORBX, UTX, UT, AS), just the Sim and a PMDG Aircraft 737 & 777, but the problem stays.... I think it could be a "USB - connection Issue", that a USB Device ist disconnected and connected again... My USB devices are - Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar - Saitek Rudder Paddels - USB Mouse - USB Keybord - Fritz WLAN Stick Is this possible, is there a way to monitor the USB Devices? Greetings Erik
  14. enrico10999

    Hardware Brake Problem

    Sorry, my mistake! Problem solved! You can deleted this post... What happened? I deleted yesterday my prepar3D.cfg to set it back at default, and then reloaded the saved "Control" Settings, but unfortunately these "old" Control settings were from last year and in this "old" Control settings the Rudder Axis were also inside P3D Controls addressed and not just in FSUPIC.. So I deleted the Axis in the Control settings and and now it works fine! Sorry that I bothered you! Thanks für help! Erik
  15. enrico10999

    Hardware Brake Problem

    Hi Ray, thanks for your reply... I used the Options - Controls Dialog "inside P3D" to address it to a joystick button to the parking brake , the other axis like Normal Brakes, Elevator and Throttle I managed with FSUPIC. CTRL + period is no effect, because I deleted all the shortcuts inside the Controls Dialog. Strange is that it happens in all PMDG Aircrafts... Erik