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  1. Thanks for your help! I will try to get in touch with Matt via twitter, to get my flight data. Greetings Erik
  2. Hi I used projectfly for tracking my flights around the world, around 120 flights. Now I can't reach the server... Is this project offline or is it my fault? Is there any chance to get the data of my stored flights? Thanks for help! Erik
  3. "speed up the sim rate" is this possible in MSFS 2020, I only know it from P3D.. Greetings Erik
  4. Hello My question is about the power consumption of the hardware for flight simulation. I have a computer that I use only for flight simulation, with a processor: Intel Core i9-9900KS 8x4GHz and a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. Together with the 37 inch 4 K monitor I measured a power consumption of 400 W per hour.This makes the flight simulation computer the „hungriest power consumer" in my home.That would makes 4 kWh for a 10 hour flight in real time from Europe to the USA.Just yesterday I got an electricity price increase from January on - from 28 ct/kWh to 67 ct/kwh. By changing to another provider I could reduce it to 50 ct/kWh.I have now the idea to reduce the virtual flying a 2 hour flight per week. But maybe I exaggerate with the saving....My questions: Can I reduce the electricity consumption of the computer? Are rising electricity prices already an issue for you to virtually fly less or shorter distances? Translated with DeepL
  5. Hi Moose, thanks for your advice! There is a VHHH Basic-Airport from Samscene in the community folder, called "samscene3D-sightseeing-hkvhhh" I deleted that folder, problem solved! Thanks!!! Erik
  6. Hi, I brought the Hong Kong VHHH from WF Scenery for MSFS 2020 at simmarket. I have the problem, that the roofs off the default airport are still visible above the modeled roofs from WF Scenery I use your scenery together with "SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times" ( if it matters) To solve the Problem, I deleted the WF Scenery VHHH Airport and SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times and then saw the default airport. Then I installed both again and deleted the rolling cache, but the problem is the same. Do you have a soloution for me? Thanks Erik
  7. Hi I brought the H145 from HPG for MSFS one week ago and I am really happy about it! Now I am trying to understand all the systems… My Question is about the CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE In the manual they are writing: "Cyclic Trim Release is a button that should be held down whenever the pilot wishes to manually direct the aircraft or to update the stored AFCS references. When cyclic inputs are issued without holding down trim release, the AFCS will attempt to fly back to the previous references after the cyclic is released to the neutral position" I found 2 videos on YouTube wich describe it bit differently: Real life pilot and a simmer for a H135 Version for X Plane They describe it in a way, that if I have to push the Joystick in one direction constantly, to fly manually (white out autopilot) in one direction, I can push the CYCLIC TRIM RELEASE button to recenter the joystick, than release the button an fly more "comfortable for the wrist". The manual describes that (even when the Upper Mode or Hoover Modus is off) there is always some kind of stabilisation that avoids the course changes that need to be overwritten. Just like a lens with image stabilisation, which doesn't know if you are still shaking or already doing a deliberate pan when you are panning, where there is sometimes jerkiness. How do you understand this? Thanks for help! Erik
  8. HiBecause I saw 3 Youtube videos were, the LatinVFR SUMU airport worked in P3DV4.5, I tried a lot of things "forward and backward" and finally it worked out! I deactivated the default Airport (0405/scenery/Apx33440.bgl) and the the 3 ORBX Vector SUMU Airport Files (.bgl to .off). So only LatinVFR SUMU Airport bgl. file is active. Then I run the AEC tool in the ORBX Vector Settings.At last I copied the LatinVFR SUMU Texture files in the P3D/Scenery/Texture folder, but I have no idea if that has any effect at all. Than it worked, I did a quick test flight on a PMDG 737 Ngxu, Start at RWY 06 and landing ILS RWY 19 - no crashes Thanks Erik
  9. Hi I am on a roundtrip in South America... I brought the missing Airports SUMU Montevideo (LatinVFR) and SGAS Asuncion (Taxi2Gate). I know they are only for FSX but often the old FSX Airports are working with minor issues in P3DV4 and they are much better then the default airports. SGAS Asuncion (Taxi2Gate) works fine, but SUMU Montevideo (LatinVFR) has serious problems with the runways and Taxiways. I use P3D4.5 ORBX LC SA, Base, Vector, Simstarter NG, Pilots Mesh 2020. I assume they are multiple factors working together or may be against each other. I see in SimstarterNG the .bgl files of an Airport and often it helps to deactivate the default Airport, or the ORBX Vector Airport (.bgl to .off) I did some research at youtube and some simmers seem to mange to run Latin VFR SUMU in P3DV4. Here ist the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgt8lWbjzqY (around 30 min you see the LatinVFR Airport Building) Do you have a workaround for me? Thanks Erik
  10. Hi Frank! Thanks! Your advice was a good help! It works! Greetings Erik
  11. Hi I use P3DV4.5 and brought Taxi2Gate TKPK St. Kitts & Nevis (Karibik). Officially its only for P3DV3, but I manage to install it, and the Airport looks fine, much better then default ... (I use ORBX Base & Vector & LC NA & SA) As other users wrote, they had problems with black autogene buildings around the airport. There are 2 Layers in the Scenery Library , the TKPK Airport Layer and below the TKPK Terrain layer. If I deactivate the TKPK Terrain layer, the ORBX Buildings "take over" around the airport , but I have some trees at the apron, where the planes are parking. Can I remove these Trees wits ADE (Airport Design Editor) with some kind of Exclusions? Is there a tutorial out there how it works P3DV4? Thanks Erik
  12. I have the same problem. You are not alone! After a lot of efforts CP works at some airports in US, but not in Europe, very strange. I decided to reinstall WIn10, P3DV4.5, all ORBX Adons, I hope it will help.
  13. Hi I still use P3DV4 because I have a some of airports, that still only available for FSX or P3DV2-3. I use ORBX Vector and LC North&South America, Africa and Europe. In Asia an Africa there are some add-on Airports - there are better then the default Aitrports but still have issues. In some cases there is a photo.bgl inside the scenery folder of the airport that covers the airport and surrounding with a satellite image. The problem seams to be, that in some cases at some airports the photo.bgl "blocks" the surrounding area of the airport for ORBX Buildings. If I "turn of" the photo.bgl ( to photo.off) then the ORBX Buildings "come" close to the Airport, but I have the satellite image pattern of streets and houses (ORBX) below the runway - not good. May Question is: Can I edit and crop the photo.bgl (possibly with ADE) so that the satellite image of the airport is only used up to the fence of the airport site and can take over behind ORBX? Thanks for help! Erik
  14. Hi, after a disappointing weekend with MSFS I am happy back tor P3DV4, with my PMDG & FSLab Aircrafts, my 100 Airports and ORBX Senerys and 0 data traffic. Everything works fine in P3D, nothing works for me in MSFS! I don't wont to pay again for alle the aircrafts and airports again in MSFS. So I hope that the developer will continue their support for P3D, because MSFS is a nice looking toy but P3D is a serious tool.
  15. Hi thanks for your post, wall said. I struggled today with MSFS 2020 and was more disappointed then convinced. Yes, the scenery looks very good, like Google Earth/Bing 3D Buildings with a good looking weather engine, but I had so many small frustrations: with import of the 320 liveries, the bad flight dynamics and bad working autopilot of the DA62, no helicopter etc, no cold and dark modus (or not easy to find) .... I had the feeling that I am not free to manipulate everything like I used to in P3DV4 with the EFB, PFPX, Navigraph, GSX2, Active Sky etc... So I am back to P3DV4 and will wait for MSFS updates and improvements, 120 euro spent on curiosity
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