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  1. My intension is this: CLR Key (DFLT MAP) – Erases information, cancels an entry, or removes page menus. To display the Navigation Map Page immediately, press and hold CLR (MFD only). First select long click. Now select event in long click field (upper). H:AS1000_MFD_CLR_Long Now in short click field selected short event H:AS1000_MFD_CLR Press Button on minitouch. Press add. Now if pressing button long (500 ms) I see green light up in AAO assigned buttons table. so ok. Pressing short. Green Light does not show. So not sure if it works as designed for both events now. In Sim looks like short works but not long one. So kind of irritating results.
  2. Compare picture 1 and 2. First I selected event and then pressed long click. Now panel changed and put my long event in field with short click!? Why? If I override panel I cannot add. Pressing add does not add anything. The problem starts with clicking on long click. If not selecting long click everthing works fine.
  3. First I select key down event and the select Long Click event. (see picture without Long Click selected). But now the Panel changes and shows me the event as short click and Long click field is empty. see picture with Long click selected Add does not work here. What is wrong here? Using: Axis and Oh MSFS V 2.81 b05
  4. Hi My Elagato Streamdeck is not working anymore with AAO. Pressing any Fenix button on Elgato does not work with MSFS 2020 Fenix function. WebAPI Port 8090 enabled under Tools menu item. (changed to 8090 because Logitech Hub has already 9080 in use) Verified port 8090 also in file settings.js in directory c:\Users\erathost\AppData\Roaming\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\com.lorbysi.aao.sdPlugin\ What else could be the issue here? After updating to V 2.81 AAO I have this problem. Using: Axis and Oh MSFS V 2.81 b05 Plugin for Streamdeck Ellgato V 16.03 Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks a lot for the clarification. I will do so. Cheers
  6. we are talking about iniBuilds A310 the iniBuilds A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. So I guess this is a serious piece of work not just any arbitrary addOn from nobody. You probably know much better what this A310 capabilities are. I simply tried to do the obvious on my beginner level to define actions to a joystick button with your tool. So you are proposing logic (LVar, HVar, BVars). Do u have a step by step on how to set this up?
  7. Just downloaded and intalled AAO startet MSFS 2020 and loaded A310 plane. My intension was to assign a joystick button (TCA A320 Stick) to taxi light toggle. So very basic stuff but I'm already failing misearably in this easy step. But after pressing the assinged button nothing in plane happens. So the switch does not move. How can I mess up all this in the very first try? Thanks for getting me on track here. .
  8. Hi Alex Thanks a lot for the solution. After setting setting Scenery Library to "use Navigraph for Navaids ..." the addon Airports have been marked yellow. Although not all but most of them. One specific not marked was just freeware so no encryption. The specific missing here is has following scenery info: Scenery Generic Airports D:\MSFS2020\Official\OneStore\fs-base-genericairports\scenery\0501\APX45130.bgl Base Navigation D:\MSFS2020\Official\OneStore\fs-base-nav\scenery\0501\NAX45130.bgl Community D:\MSFS2020\Community\navigraph-navdata\scenery\fs-base-jep\scenery\0501\NAX45130.bgl But there is a Community folder with file existing d:\MSFS2020\Community\EICK - Cork\scenery\CORK.BGL. Just wondering why this info is not included here and this probably is the reason why LNM does not recognise this addon. Anyway many thanks for the support and this impressive product LNM. Best regards, Rene
  9. Hi Alex I have found option in addon linker to create symlinks. Now this is my Community directory: Directory of d:\MSFS2020\Community 16/07/2022 17:54 <DIR> . 16/07/2022 17:54 <DIR> .. 26/06/2022 21:07 <DIR> aig-aitraffic-oci-beta 18/12/2021 01:35 <DIR> aig-aitraffic-oci-beta_CVT_ 16/07/2022 15:01 <SYMLINKD> DA62X [J:\msfs2020-addons\aircraft\DA62X] 02/06/2022 09:58 <DIR> fnx-aircraft-320 30/04/2022 19:10 <DIR> fs2crew-cmd-center 15/12/2021 12:27 <DIR> fs2crew-data-proc 13/06/2022 22:10 <DIR> fsuipc-lvar-module 16/07/2022 17:25 <DIR> LFKJ - Ajaccio 16/07/2022 17:47 <SYMLINKD> livery-da62-SAT [J:\msfs2020-addons\liveries\DA62\livery-da62-SAT] 16/07/2022 17:47 <SYMLINKD> MD302X [J:\msfs2020-addons\aircraft\MD302X] 15/06/2022 09:50 <DIR> navigraph-navdata 15/06/2022 09:44 <DIR> navigraph-navdata-base 16/07/2022 17:47 <SYMLINKD> NoToolbarHandle [J:\msfs2020-addons\utilities\NoToolbarHandle] 16/07/2022 17:54 <SYMLINKD> orbx-airport-ldsp-split [J:\msfs2020-orbx\msfs\LDSP Split Airport\Community\orbx-airport-ldsp-split] I did a load scenery library and checked the addon airport LDSP Split in Information airport. Here is what i see. (how to insert picture here? 🤔) https://share-your-photo.com/2ba8c4d674 LNM Still ignores all my community stuff links. Tried also with full copy, no link, same result. While loading scenery library I can see only Navigraph bgl files processing like e.g. d:\MSFS2020\Community\navigraph-navdata\scenery\fs-base-jep\scenery\0903\NAX73310.bgl Regards, Rene
  10. Hi Alex Many thanks for your reply. 1. Verified Highlight add-on airports is checked. https://share-your-photo.com/6249a2c95c I'm not sure if I'm checking the right location, but as you see in attachment there is no airport listed in Information/Airport/Overview. Can't find any chapter scenery as well. https://share-your-photo.com/e4d419eb0c But I can find in MSFS 2020 community folder these bgl files in different airports folder down the road. https://share-your-photo.com/931a5eb39c Just for my understanding, does MSFS 2020 has to be started to see the airports or is it only necessary to have the links activated in community folders without activ sim? I tried both options anyway with no success. Hope you can help me out with my lack of knowledge. 😕 Best regards, Rene
  11. Hi Running MSFS 2020 Sim with addon airports. In LNM there are no airports showing with yellow markings. My Sim base path is D:\MSFS2020 and I did a Load Scenery Library. No exclusions in the "Scenery Library Database". I get 40674 airports loaded but none are with the yellow ring, I pressed the button "Force map to show ..." Using MSFS addon Linker and selected all addon airports and can see the links in community folder. What is wrong here? I have installed Little Navmap Version 2.6.19 (revision 18757514) atools Version 3.6.19 (revision fef0d34b) Regards, Rene
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