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  1. Was just about usable after the last patch and the mod now it's terrible was any testing done before the patch was rolled out makes you wonder. Daz
  2. Hi All, Done some circuits in the A320 applying the autopilot after take off it will climb until the stall sound comes on. Also it will randomly turn the brightness down the pfd, plus the ILS is just so bad it now climbs to reach the glad scope and increases speed to do so. Anyone else having these issues I have tried with the A320 mod and without and all mods were removed from the community folder prior to update with only the A320 mod being moved back after. Thanks in advance. Daz
  3. Thanks for all the replies I will check again and see
  4. Yes that's the version I installed but when you look at the list of liveries I can't find some of them in the sim don't know why
  5. Think I got it from media fire was version 8
  6. Hi All Just installed but cannot see all the liveries that was listed anyone have any ideas why. Thanks Daz
  7. Are you having the same issue then ?
  8. Hi All, How is your angle of attack in the cruise in the Airbus 320 for me in the cruise have a nose up of about 4 degrees is it just me or anyone else having this issue . Thanks Daz
  9. Hi All, I have a Joystick with a Throttle when the the Throttle is at idle in the Airbus the reverse thrusts are on continuously on how do I calibrate this so that when they are at idle the reverse thrusts are not on and I can just use the keyboard for the reverse thrusts. I have set it up for engine 1 and 2 so they work together just need to get this sorted as its frustrating thats all. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all as always. Daz
  10. Thanks to everyone that replied I will check these out thank you. Daz
  11. Hi All, I am loving the new SIM it's not perfect I am sure it will be in time. I am using a joystick and throttle just a budget on, worked fine in FSX and FS9 but in MS2020 having spent allot of time adjusting sensitivity and trying to get it working correctly it is still really sensitive. What are your recommendations based in what your using at the moment please for the best user experience. Thank you very much and happy flying. Daz
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