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  1. Worked perfectly thank you don't know why I couldn't sort this myself lol so thank you for that. Daz
  2. Hi All, Just a quick one I mainly fly the Fenix and the FBW A32NX the button I mapped in the settings to my Joystick to disconnect the autopilot i.e. for landing disconnects the autopilot but then the master caution continues to sound Can someone kindly tell me which which setting\key do I need to map to my joystick to disconnect the autopilot and get the correct sound without having to click the master caution button each time I disconnect the autopilot. Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance. Thanks Daz
  3. Hi, Yes I am having the same issue took three attempts to open it and get it working when I open it it loads and then you click on the icon to bring it up and nothing not sure what the issue is. Thanks Daz EDIT : I fixed the issue by doing the following hope this may help someone. Hold down the Shift key, then right-click on the appropriate application icon in the Windows taskbar. On the resulting pop-up, select the Move option. Begin pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the invisible window from off-screen to on-screen.
  4. Just to update this was fixed by turning flight model from Legacy to modern i had no idea about this so glad its sorted thought I would post for anyone who may have the same issue. Thanks to the guys FBW discord channel too for their help. Daz
  5. Hi Yes already tried that, yeah I know about the spoilers but this was just a test flight thats why it shows, I have done full FMC config still the same with it in full config. Thanks Daz
  6. Update: Tried everything remove all addons from community folder bar the Flybywire updated to the latest version, Calibrated the throttle using the EFB, get to around FL320 climbing at 2-300 Fpm Sometimes it just levels off and wont climb any higher even at Mach 0.78, don't understand the issue I am far from novice been doing this since 1988 lol I just want it to work 😰 Attached some images https://ibb.co/YbcCJZ0 https://ibb.co/SJybvQy https://ibb.co/6npYMZF https://ibb.co/KL3shBj https://ibb.co/7N8zKK9 https://ibb.co/8jx8nFB https://ibb.co/mzJZNYH Thanks daz
  7. Update Dev Version works perfectly no problem climbing to cruise performance is spot on. Anyone else using Experimental version have issues with the climb? Daz
  8. Well I ended the flight but here is the weights I tested a second time with. Way below Max Take Off Weight took off from egnx flew 180 over London couldn't climb above FL300 Just About to retest with Dev Build https://ibb.co/r3KnFm8
  9. Hi All, Been using the experimental version of the Mod and when climbing up to Cruise Level, Climbing between FL250 and Cruise Level is climbing at a rate of about 300 fpm. If you try increase this to 700 fpm the plane looses speed and cannot recover the speed even in level flight. Surely it shouldn't take an Hour to reach Cruise Altitude of say FL360 Thanks allot. Daz
  10. Found the culprit one of these addons issue now resolved to help anyone having the same issue. Thanks for all your help. Community
  11. OK will do, is it best to move everything out apart from FBW and then test? Daz
  12. Yes I put everything back in my community folder after yesterday's update. Could it be a liverie conflict then? Thanks Daz
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