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  1. Hi, I have tried to keep up with this thread so apologies if I have missed the answer, has anyone found a soloution with having multiple displays using MSFS on one Monitor but when wanting to use other monitors to access apps etc but you loose your mouse cursor on those displays, its kind of frustrating I have enabled multiple displays in LS app but this has not made any diference. Thanks in advance. Daz
  2. Hi, I use RealTurb with Block 2 of the Fenix with Turbulance setting at low and never had a AP Disconnect, works great IMO. Thanks Daz
  3. Thanks for heads up I will stay on the current version for now 🙂 Thanks daz
  4. Performance has improved for me which is great at last. Thanks Daz
  5. Hi, I had this issue recently it was caused by Rex Accuseason some dodgy JSON File I deleted the Rex Folders from my community folder and then re installed them from the Rex Accuseason App and it resolved the issue. Thanks Daz
  6. Yes I thought about doing that, but I herd that entering the GSX Menu can cause a fault to pop up on the ECAM some sort of bug. Thanks Daz
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding GSX integration, I get Fuel Truck then Catering and then the Stairs are connected and then boarding starts with the Baggage, but surely shouldn't the first part be connecting the Stairs or Jetway first, just seams strange that no stairs is connected to begin with I have checked the settings on the EFB and they seam correct maybe I am doing something wrong. Thanks in Advance. Daz
  8. My first proper flight in the Fenix today with this app running and it simply does not get any better thank you again so much. Daz
  9. This app working very well indeed thanks again. Daz
  10. I had this issue before I read on the PMDG Forum that leaving the TCAS on TA instead of TA/RA resolves the issue since doing that I have not had a problem. Thanks Daz
  11. Stuck at 57% this process is so boring 😞
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