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    Former NYPD now in the NHL. Flight simming since mid 80’s and founding member of the FSX Blue Angels. Scenery creator.

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  1. Shylock_35

    Will there be a P3D 4.6 or more Hotfixes this year?

    Is p3dv7 going to be released soon? I’m tired of these releases lower then 7...
  2. Shylock_35

    4.5 hot fix is out

    Hotifx worked for me so far. Planning a 5-hour flight later on today. But after going from 4.4 to 4.5 I went from a solid 60fps locked in 4.4 to 12-15 fps with stutters and stops at KSFOHD, gate D52 in the PMDG 737 with active sky and orbx global. After hot fix back to being locked at 60 fps at KSFOHD.
  3. Shylock_35

    P3D version

    About 25 FPS either way
  4. Shylock_35

    No smoke on AI landing aircraft.

    What are your special effects settings in P3D? Make sure they're on.
  5. Shylock_35

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    Clive, Can you try to disable Orbx first? Do your take off run and see if it happens. If it still does then start turning off scenery one at a time. After updating to 4.5 did you verify files in the ftx3 control panel? You should do that for each orbx region I believe. What plane are you experiencing this? Is it all of them?
  6. Shylock_35

    Best Yoke For Prepar3D?

    If you have the cash and fly the PMDG’s then check out agronn yokes. Best thing I ever bought.
  7. Shylock_35

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Any word on the donkey and cart???
  8. Shylock_35

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Donkey and a cart, thank god i’ve Posted every day in their forums for this. God is good installing now.
  9. Shylock_35

    Flightbeam KPHX textures?

    Great airport and as always great scenery addon from Flightbeam. Get it. Only small issues if you have orbx vector installed but there’s easy fixes for that. Only texture I know of was the old US Airways on the hanger but there’s a texture update for it found here also if you have any issues you can just browse their forums under KPHX and you’ll most likely see your issue there with a fix. If not Sammy or even myself can help you out.
  10. Shylock_35

    FSimStudios Cancun Texture Shimmering

    Where is this happening ie what gate? I'll check on my end if it's happening for me. Some times it could be another AFCAD installed popping through. I don't have it on mine in cockpit view. I only have it in first person no model avatar mode. Are you seeing this when in VC of your aircraft? Anything in avatar will cause textures to flash.
  11. Shylock_35

    B737 throttle

    Flightsimpm. Affordable and Andibis awesome to deal with. Keeps you informed as he builds yours. His customer service is amazing. Throttles are all plastic but it’s very strong and the trim wheels work.
  12. Shylock_35

    Boeing 737 Yoke UnBoxing

    Angelo how’s is this yoke holding up three years later? Ordered mine last Wednesday and can’t wait to get it.
  13. What’s off about? Looks good to me. I used to use midway as my hub using the flytampa version.
  14. Shylock_35

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    A stray polygon could be an easy fix. Can you PM me a pic of it?