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  1. Masterius

    Tutorial for Shifted Modes

    Thank you for providing the link to the release notes, and especially for this reason: Note: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke users may find that the Mode Switch (right-hand front top selector switch) is not visible to LINDA due to problem with Saitek driver software. To solve this issue go to ..Windows\System32 and search for SaiD0BAC.pr0 and rename it I've been struggling for months to fix that problem. I've emailed Logitech support (what a laugh there); I've posted on multiple forums (which, I'm ashamed to admit, did not include here. In my defense, though, by then I was disgusted with the lack of replies, and had given up fixing it). I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help! Al
  2. Masterius

    Tutorial for Shifted Modes

    Unfortunately, I don't have the 3.0.9 download, as I've only started at 3.0.12, so I don't have those release notes. So where can I find them, please?
  3. I'm experiencing something odd with the rotary dial of the Saitek switch panel. According to the joystick setup page, the "off", "R", "L", and "BOTH/ALL" positions are respectively numbers 14 thru 17. When I rotate the dial clockwise, it functions as expected: [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:14" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:15" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:15" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:16" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:16" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:17" However, when I rotate counterclockwise, it does this: [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:16" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:17" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:15" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:16" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:14" Unless I am mistaken, I believe that should be: [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:17" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:16" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:16" [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:15" [EVNT] Execute Command = "RL:06A30D670:15" <-----doesn't execute at all [EVNT] Execute Command = "PR:06A30D670:14" Any ideas what might be going on?
  4. Masterius

    No longer can read/write Lvars

    Sorry, that'd help I'm sure. It's the A2A B-17
  5. Masterius

    No longer can read/write Lvars

    Code loads up fine, no red lines or error messages. Here is the code itself: function All_Magnetos_Off_a () ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos1Switch",0) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos2Switch",0) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos3Switch", 0) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos4Switch",0) ipc.sleep(1500) end function All_Magnetos_R_a () ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos1Switch",1) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos2Switch",1) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos3Switch", 1) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos4Switch",1) ipc.sleep(1500) end function All_Magnetos_L_a () ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos1Switch",2) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos2Switch",2) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos3Switch", 2) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos4Switch",2) ipc.sleep(1500) end function All_Magnetos_Both_a () ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos1Switch",3) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos2Switch",3) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos3Switch", 3) ipc.sleep(1500) ipc.writeLvar("L:Magnetos4Switch",3) ipc.sleep(1500) end
  6. Masterius

    No longer can read/write Lvars

    I'm running LINDA Version, and have been for about two months now.Never really had any problems before, except for a little glitch at setup over my throttle quadrants. I've been writing my own lua scripts, and they've been running just fine up until the middle of last week. Now, however, if a newly-created function attempts to write to, or read from, a Lvars, nothing happens. I can see the function called, I can trace the button as it is activated and deactivated, but the LVar value itself does not change. As well, if I remove a function that has been working, make and save any changes to the user.lib, and then paste that function back inside, it no longer works. I've no idea what's up, but it's intensely frustrating. Al
  7. For some reason I no longer can add functions to LINDA. In fact, if I simply delete a function that has always worked, save the user library, open that and paste the function back inside, exactly where it formerly was, it will no longer work. Not sure what's up: hoping there's a way of repairing the program; if not, I'll have to clean install it.
  8. Masterius

    init.lua has errors

    While trying to trace and debug a script I'm working on, FSUIPC4 detected something going on with init.lua (located in C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\system). The date of the file is 9/23/2018, so it isn't as if I've accidentally modified it. The particular error is: Syntax error! ...steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\system\common.lua:109: attempt to call global 'buttonRepeatClear' (a nil value) stack traceback: ...steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\system\common.lua:109: in function 'Init' ...Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules Line: 287: in main chunk
  9. Masterius

    reading fsx outputs

    -- Fuel Alarm --function Fuel_Alarm()if ipc.readLvar("A:FUEL_TOTAL_QUANTITY, gallons")<=X then"BingoFuel") sound.adjust(alarmf, 100) end ipc.sleep(50)end X being the integer amount for your number of gallons. You may need to tweak the sound to match your system.
  10. Masterius

    Added third throttle quadrant, now out of sequence

    Thank you for the reply! It is very much appreciated! I'll remember this for next time, should adding another controller bollix the works. Fixing FSUIPC was ridiculously easy: since the .ini auto-lettered the controllers, it was simply a matter of swapping letters. I managed to fix my LINDA controllers by carefully removing the one quadrant, restarting LINDA, giving the remaining quadrant a unique name, then plugging the removed quadrant into a different port. However, your technique seems much more painless and efficient! Thanks again! ~Al
  11. Masterius

    Added third throttle quadrant, now out of sequence

    Brian, Thanks for the suggestion. Alas, it did not work. To clarify: I had a setup consisting of a Saitek flight yoke system (which includes a throttle quadrant), Saitek rudder pedals, a second Saitek throttle quadrant, and a Saitek switch panel and radio panel. The yoke, pedals, and both quadrants had been mapped and controlled by FSUIPC4, and worked without any hitches or glitches. Several days ago I downloaded, and installed, LINDA, at which point I completely removed all button assignments from FSUIPC4 and reassigned them to LINDA. I closely followed the instructions, including setting up the default FSX-SE aircraft before setting up my A2A B-17 profile. (I'd like to say that went flawless, but it hadn't. But that seemed more a matter of me working out the peculiarities of the Saitek panels than anything else). Yesterday I added a third Saitek throttle quadrant . . . and that's when things went South. Both FSUIPC4 and LINDA did the same thing: instead of assigning throttle quadrant 3 as a new controller, they mapped it as quadrant 2, and mapped quadrant 2 as the new quadrant. All axis and button assignments of the original quadrant 2 were deleted, and subsequently shifted, to quadrant 3. For FSUIPC$ that was a fairly easy fix, since I used "AutoAssignLetters". I simply edited the .ini file as to swap the GUID for quadrant 2 to quadrant 3, and quadrant 3 to quadrant 2 by editing their JoyName letters. However, no matter what I've tried, I can't do anything similar with LINDA. I've tried giving specific names to the quadrants in question (for example, "Throttle Quadrant 1) but there (seems to be) is no way to identify the mapped buttons to their respective controllers. Yes, I could just physically relocate the quadrants to match what I had, but if I decide to add further controllers in the future, I want to prevent a repeat of this and, should it happen again, know how to edit and correct things. Al
  12. I just started using LINDA this week. So far, other than some oddities (which I'm enjoying figuring out) it's been pretty easy. However . . . Today I added a new Saitek throttle quadrant to the two I'd already had. FSUIPC4 borked it up by reassigning the quadrants new positions. Thankfully I used the option to assign letters, so fixing that was fairly easy. But the same thing happened in LINDA, and I don't see a way of remapping/renaming. The flight yoke system and throttle quadrant didn't change, but now LINDA reads the new quadrant as the original second quadrant, with the original quadrant now assigned as the new one . . . including swapping all the button assignments. Is there a way of editing things to that throttle quadrants 2 and 3 read correctly?