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  1. This thread is now several months old but very timely for me. I had everything done with plenty of time to spare in the NGX but I recently bought the NGXu and now I'm trying to be as realistic as possible with the EFB while also running FS2Crew and it's stressful. Granted, I am still on the steep side of the learning curve with the EFB and ACARS. The "what" needs to be done "when" to make things flow smoothly is a learning process. Making ACARS talk to ASN16 is another issue. I'm also now using the SimBrief download tool to define file paths so I can use ACARS. I could do it manually in about a minute but still enjoy trying to figure it out. One big pet peeve of mine, though very minor, is having the FO put the cruise altitude in the pressurization panel. If he's back from the walkaround and I'm still fidgeting around and haven't done the Perf Init yet, it doesn't get done and I have to set it myself. On top of all that, The VATSIM controller is probably wondering if I'm ever going to push back and go. The learning continues! Bob Koehler
  2. Upon arrival when taxiing to the gate I request a marshaller but often I do not get a map of the gates in the pop up window to choose from. I can see my aircraft depicted by a moving dot, but nothing else. Is the marshal at the gate only available is some, or more current, airports and not all airports in P3D default scenery?
  3. Thanks bbuckley. This is over my head and I don't want to make matters worse. I consider my issue more of a nuisance than a problem. But I am curious....what makes the full version so great for P3D?
  4. Thanks ark. I do have Saitek software because I am able to use the desktop icon to open the programming interface. From there I can go to Mode 2 and assign a key combination including a modifier to a button on the yoke. In my example I set ALT+E in the UGCX .ini file which is my command in UGCX to switch to and cylcle through exterior views at the gate to button C1 (aileron trim in Mode 1). I then have to save it which I simply called it UGCX Test and it goes to folder Windows (C:)/Users/Public/Public Documents/Logitech/Flight Yoke System. But then after reboot I go to the programming interface and the keystroke assignment I set up under Mode 2 is gone. I located the file you mentioned above. Questions...1. Renaming it as you said will disable the file? 2. What is meant by "back it up at the same time"?. Sorry...reaching the limits of my computer capabilities. And 3....If this creates any issues how to I revert back to the way it is now? Your help is much appreciated, it's more a matter of principal at this point, I can use the keyboard commands for what I want to do.
  5. I have my yoke buttons and axis' programmed through P3D. I believe you are talking about a paid/full version of FSUIPC? I do not have that but if it's needed to fix this I'm happy to do so. I'm not overly knowledgeable about FSUIPC but I believe I have a "light" version that was part of another download......maybe EZDok? Thanks.
  6. I've ready everything I can and still do not find a good explanation. I'd like to program buttons on the yoke under Mode 2 to do things such as switch to external view for UGCX (such as Alt+E) and zoom in/out those views. I program, I quantize the time, I save but it just doesn't work. Something maybe with the mode switch not being recognized? Because if I program a switch that for example is a flap extension in Mode 1, it is still a flap extension in Mode 2.
  7. The slider position for the marshaller does not save, so each time I approach a gate at the destination airport he is standing on the yellow line. So I go into the options menu and the slider is again to the far left and I have to move him back. I am saving the profile. Suggestions? Thanks.
  8. A follow up so that it may help others......as it is being said above, changing ASDE-X to "yes" on the DEP and APP pages does keep the FO from changing to STBY. My error was not completely understanding ASDE-X and thinking it was something that needed to be changed in the CFG Misc settings. I believe VATSIM wants Mode C all the way to the gate and I agree, a default to "yes" would be nice. Great product, great support. Thank you. Bob
  9. On the config misc page 1 I have ASDE-X: Set TARA. On page 3 I have ATC Client XPNDER: NO. Then there are the ASDE-X yes/no options on the approach and departure briefing pages that I have set to NO but I don't think the briefing pages have anything to do with FO actions? With these settings my FO is still changing it to STBY in the after landing procedures. Sorry if I am missing something.
  10. I've had FS2C just a few weeks and am loving it. I use a slightly modified version of SOP1. Is there a way to stop my FO from putting the transponder on STBY during after landing procedures? VATSIM likes Mode C on all taxiways and ramps. I can't seem to find the config setting to change this. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for your reply. I did this step during installation and setup, it was actually just a settings issue on my part. The solution to low FO volume for me was to go into audio settings in vPilot and turn the volume slider down to be at more the level of the FO's volume. Then I turned the volume on my headset up and it brought both the FO and VATSIM volumes up simultaneously. Without lowering the volume in vPilot and just turning up my headset volume resulted in VATSIM being extremely loud and drowning out the FO even more. Problem solved.
  12. Is there a way to adjust the volume of the first officer in my headset from the center console in the PMDG 737? I did my first flight on VATSIM today while using FS2Crew - which I just got about a week ago and am loving it. FO volume was fine when learning to use the program but very low when I conntected to VATSIM and it was drowned out by the controller and other aircraft. Audio is set to 5 in the FS2C panel. Other option I think is to adjust VATSIM volume down in vPilot settings then use the headset volume control as a "master" to raise/lower all volumes, if that makes sense. But I cannot find that a knob in the PMDG will simply raise the FO's volume. Thanks.
  13. My First Officer is working perfectly with flap settings but they move back to Flaps Up when I do a control check. I do have a saitek throttle quadrant and I leave the lever alone now that I'm using FS2Crew. Is it best to just delete the flaps axis assignment to take my saitek flaps lever completely out of the equation and only use the FO to avoid conflicts?
  14. Follow up......Rex sent me a link to reinstall the program and it seems to be working perfectly now. Fast customer service and problem solved!
  15. I did submit a ticket and they gave me a link to do a reinstall to fix a potentially corrupted data file. I will report back and hopefully it will do the trick and possibly help others if they experience the same problem.
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