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  1. I upgraded my NVMe SSD from 500GB to 1TB by using an enclosure to clone the drive then installed the new drive. Everything looks and works exactly the same after installing the new SSD EXCEPT P3D will not run the first time I try to run it. It looks like it's starting then just vanishes. However it does start up on the second attempt and works completely normal after that. I always open Active Sky, REX Sky Force and REX Environment first and they all open without any issues. Any ideas? Thanks Bob Koehler i7-9700K @3.60GHz. 32GB RAM. RTX-2070 Super. Windows 10
  2. This happened again today. Any suggestions please? Thanks. Bob Koehler
  3. Hello. I've had the Honeycomb yoke and bravo throttle quadrant for about a year, great products. I fly the PMDG 737 NGXu in P3Dv4.5. During a recent normal landing I touched down and deployed the thrust reversers and pulled the throttles down below the detent for max reverse thrusters. I use FS2Crew and the FO called out "speed brake up, reversers normal" but the plane accelerated at full power. I have not changed any mappings or key assignments. A/T and A/P were turned off at 1,000 AGL. I took another flight and everything worked normal. Any thoughts? Thanks. Bob Koehler
  4. Thank you Gerard. Sorry to mix topics here but one final question....do you recommend upgrading from v4.5 to v5? Any improvements? My system...i7 9700K 8 core, 16GB Corsair DDR4 2666MHz, RTX 2070 Super, 480GB NVMe M.2 SSD Many thanks. Bob
  5. Sorry, but I am still confused. Great tutorial but I'm still uncertain what to do with Environment Force. I don't know if that was even available in 2018. So should I follow the rules for ENVTEX and apply those to Env Force? Thanks.
  6. I actually had this backwards, I recall reading that if both Rex products are installed, and also running Active Sky, then you only need to run Env Force, not Sky Force 3D in the background. Maybe I'm completely wrong on that.
  7. Do I remember correctly that if I have both Rex Environmental Force and Sky Force 3D that I only need to run Sky Force 3D before launching the sim? (P3D v4.5) I tried to find where I read that and couldn't find it, now I'm questioning myself. Thanks. Bob Koehler
  8. I guess I need to look at an outside view next time to see if they are indeed up or not. I was just going by the F/O callout that they aren't.
  9. I thought possibly the same thing, and it may be true. Not making a joke here but is it possible to land too softly and they don't deploy? I always check my landing FPM on Luvcars before I submit my flight and it happened recently on about a -70 FPM touchdown. Usually I'm around in the -100 to -200 range and sometimes firm -350.
  10. Yes, I use the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant. I visually confirm in the cockpit that the speedbrake is armed during the landing checklist.
  11. Flying the PMDG 737 NGXu with FS2Crew on P3D v4.5 It does not happen every time, maybe 1 out of 10 landings?? But with the speed brake armed I sometimes get the announcement from the F/O speed brake not up upon landing. Anyone know why? Thanks. Bob Koehler
  12. Thanks Bryan, I believe it's a Windows update thing. Just to confirm, the mode does not switch from voice to button on FS2Crew, it only changes on UGCX. So in summary, the changes I randomly see about once a month on both products at the same time is suddenly I cannot hear UGCX when they announce "ground to cockpit" so I have to go in and change that. Then On FS2Crew, preflight (let's get set up) and announcement by the first officer of a walk around always come through my speakers and then checklists comes through my headset, but the change that happens there is FO checklist voice continues coming through the speakers so I have to go into Audio and change it back to headset. Not a big deal, just kind of strange. Thanks! Bob
  13. No, I never reinstall it and none of the other setup options or configuration settings ever change, except when a new version is released. It's just the audio settings that randomly change, maybe once a month. Bob
  14. Every so often my audio setting in the audio setup for FS2Crew NGXu and UGCX will suddenly be different when I start the programs. I can't be sure, but this might be occurring after Windows updates. Headset audio device will be changed to speakers in FS2Crew and UCGX will be changed to text instead of voice. I reset everything but I don't know why this happens randomly and would like to make it stop. Any ideas? Thanks! Bob Koehler
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