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  1. BobKinSTL

    TERPS Charts Not Displaying

    Working great. Thanks Dave.
  2. Tried the trial version and everything worked great. Bought the license yesterday and everything works fine except TERPS. I enter and ICAO code while connected to my sim but no charts are found. I have confirmed Adobe is the default reader per the instruction manual. All of my settings and configs were saved from when I set up the trial version but charts is the only thing not working. Looking for help. Thanks. Bob Koehler
  3. BobKinSTL

    Error creating child window

    My FSX;SE PMDG 737 is working flawlessly since the 12-12-17 update.
  4. BobKinSTL

    Error creating child window

    Did an update get pushed out or is it just coincidence that I took two short haul flights today and no error creating child window?
  5. BobKinSTL

    Error creating child window

    I spoke to soon. After a couple successful flights the problem is back today. Very frustrating.
  6. BobKinSTL

    Error creating child window

    Installed the KB4051963 update today then completed a flight in the PMDG 737NGX from Nice to Barcelona without any problems. Fingers crossed the error creating child window issue is resolved. Bob Koehler
  7. BobKinSTL

    Cursor in VC View

    Thanks Jim and Tony for the replies. I am aware of the hand/arrow symbols and what they represent and how they function, and not being "in the seat". My issue is even when zoomed back in the cursor still will not operate anything in the VC cockpit.
  8. Seems like a long running problem. Running FSX SE with PMDG 737. Sometimes, with no apparent pattern, cursor no longer changes to a hand to control knobs, switches, etc.. Can sometimes get it to come back via view changes, zoom changes, etc., other times not. Any fixes or known "don't do's" to keep it from happening?