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  1. BobKinSTL

    Best descent rates

    Timely discussion, I've been struggling a little with TOD today on two flights from KFLL to KMCO. Descent rate set at 1800fpm. First flight there was no recommended STAR so I flew the THNDR4 SID out of KFLL to the TRAMP transition to ILS 36R. I waited to see what would happen and finally called for an en route descent but was already 7,000 ft above profile. Second flight, no SID, flew the BAIRN4 arrival with vectors to HAMMY for the ILS 18R. ATC advised me to expect the BAIRN4 but I didn't get a descend via the STAR instruction until BAIRN, which according to the chart you should expect to cross at 11,000. I was still at cruise FL230. I'll try adjusting descent rate to 1500 - 1700.
  2. BobKinSTL

    Changing Pilot2ATC from FSX:SE to P3Dv4

    Thank you, Jim. Mission accomplished on the full conversion to P3Dv4 and so far I would say there is no looking back or me. Many features get rated "just as good" as FSX:SE and all the rest get rated "exceeds". Best part is no CTD's. Knock on wood.
  3. Just to close the loop on this in case it might help someone else. I found the solution to the "Legs/Next Page" crash to desktop issue. It is called P3Dv4. Other add-ons moved or upgraded from FSX:SE are PMDG 737NGX, EZDok (latest version), Active Sky for P3Dv4 and Pilot2ATC for P3Dv4 configured with FSUIPC 5. I won't say it is mind blowing better than FSX:SE but I find FPS to ground textures and many other things to be much improved, and most importantly is just seems to want to run and work! Intel Core i5-7500 Processor 3.40 GHz INVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 16GB DDR4-2133 RAM 1TB HDD + 250GB SSD
  4. After dealing with an unsolvable issue with PMDG 737NGX and FSX:SE that caused a CTD error I have made the change to P3Dv4. Understand this is a challenging endevour for me as I am a better pilot than computer person so I have been holding my breath through the process. P3Dv4 downloaded successfully as did PMDG 737NGX for P3Dv.4 and the upgrade of Active Sky for P3Dv4. So now I'm down to P2A and my question arises out of a lack of complete knowledge of FSUIPC. I currently have version 4 on my computer but I have seen mention of version 5 needed for it to work with P3Dv4. The question is simply what do I do now to make P2A communicate with P3dv4? Thanks in advance. Bob Koehler
  5. I also have mine set to prompt on exit. Not a big deal to wait for EZdok to shut down, just trying to cover all bases with the issue I'm having. I will go to addons within FSX and confirm that I do not have autosaves enabled in FSUIPC. I'm about to take the plunge on P3D because at this point I deem FSX:SE with the PMDG 737NGX absolutely unusable.
  6. Not to wear out the forum but one thing I failed to mention. I run EDdok and after shutting down FSX, with and without the prompt of "do you really want to quit" I get an EDdok message after about 30 seconds that says "invalid handle". I click ok and it goes away.
  7. I looked in the .ini file and don't see an autosave line. Honestly, I'm not sure how to change any kind of settings in FSUIPC. More Google searching...... BTW - PMDG suggests P3D v.4 is basically better at just about everything and very likely I would not experience the problem. At $200 for the Pro license it's an expensive experiment.
  8. Jim, thanks again for your comments. A couple things, we seem to program our FMC's in the exact same order. I'm not sure what I would "not be doing right". I would agree if I was having the same problem all the time, but it is not consistent. I went for months without an issue, then it started. I deleted and reinstalled and it worked fine, for a while. I also run FSX as administrator. I have been in contact with PMDG and thought we had found a fix. They recommended I delete the .sav files from the state panel folder. I did so, restarted FSX and shut down the 737 to a cold and dark state then saved the panel state through the FMS. This worked absolutely flawlessly for approximately 5 flight. Now I'm back where I started, a CTD every time I go to the legs page to check for disco's and click next page to go to page 2. Same problem with different airports/flight plan. I would purchase P3D or X-Plane 11 if I was confident it would solve the issue. Thanks again, I will check out the link you provided above.
  9. I spoke too soon. Problem not resolved. Above scenario happening every time I try to program the FMS.
  10. Thank you, Jim. Very kind of you to take the time to comment on all the points. I uninstalled and then reinstalled PMDG and the problem seems to be resolved. I will check "prompt on exit" and leave everything else alone. Regards, Bob
  11. Issue: FSX:SE crashing when I press Legs/Next Page during FMS setup. Addons: EZDok Camera. ASN2016. P2ATC. Scenario: Load state cold and dark. Start Pilot 2 ATC, ASN2016, then FSX. Create flight plan, start power up procedures in FSX. Load route into FMS and after DEP/ARR information entered I go to legs page to check for disco's. Upon pressing legs then next page the program crashes and closes. Everything has worked for months without a hitch, have not changed anything. Task Manager shows CPU and memory around 40% at time of crash. Under Admin Events I find: Faulting application name: fsx.exe version... Faulting module name: PMDG 737NGX and other information. Warning: Kernel-EventTracing. "The backing file for the realtime sessioni DefenderApiLogger has reached is maximuin size. This error is often caused by starting a trace session in real time mode without having any real time consumers. Also under events: Error - Distributed COM. The application specific permission settings do not grant local activation permission for the COM server application with CLSID. My system is as follows: Intel Core i5-7500 Processor 3.40 GHz INVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 16GB DDR4-2133 RAM 1TB HDD + 250GB SSD I hope all that means something to someone out there. Thanks in advance!! Bob
  12. BobKinSTL

    TERPS Charts Not Displaying

    Working great. Thanks Dave.
  13. Tried the trial version and everything worked great. Bought the license yesterday and everything works fine except TERPS. I enter and ICAO code while connected to my sim but no charts are found. I have confirmed Adobe is the default reader per the instruction manual. All of my settings and configs were saved from when I set up the trial version but charts is the only thing not working. Looking for help. Thanks. Bob Koehler
  14. BobKinSTL

    Error creating child window

    My FSX;SE PMDG 737 is working flawlessly since the 12-12-17 update.
  15. BobKinSTL

    Error creating child window

    Did an update get pushed out or is it just coincidence that I took two short haul flights today and no error creating child window?