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  1. I think I found the issue but can't explain it. With control pane - speech recognition - advanced speech options - microphone - advanced tab - I changed the audio input from "use preferred...." to "use this...." and selected my headset microphone. Is it possible a windows update would change this setting? At least it's working and maybe this will help someone else out. Happy landings. Bob Koehler
  2. Windows updated yesterday and suddenly ground can't hear me but I hear them. HS button is pressed. Voice is set up for interface. Headset is selected in the on the audio panel. Windows speech recognition set normally. Any help appreciated. Microphone is working because I'm not having any problems with FS2Crew. Thanks. Bob Koehler
  3. Sorry, but what is MCE? I recently got the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant and have some rotaries and switches assigned, mainly the MCP, which eliminates some need for the mouse. But it's like relearning the cockpit set up, I've been flying for so long with chaseplane views assigned to a number keypad and using the mouse for switches and dials that it has become second nature. I feel for me it either needs to get easier for TIR and the mouse to get along, or it's just not the setup for me. But I do want to give it a good effort! Thanks.
  4. All good tips, thank you. I have precision mode enabled, I'll check on camera movement settings in chaseplane, I can see where that would add a lot of bouncing around. When you say bring down the curves, if I do that when fine tuning yaw won't that increase the amount of head movement I need to make to look to the sides? When setting it up, I looked comfortably at each side of my monitor and brought the curves up above the vertical redline to achieve the desired degree of turning within the sim.
  5. I received the Trackir 5 with the pro clip and have spent a lot of time learning the interface, how to configure, etc. I feel I have all the profiles for yaw, pitch, roll set up properly and my head movements are comfortable for the most part, although you have to get used to looking with your head as much as with your eyes. I think this is a fine product and this post should not be considered a criticism. Having said all that, I don't think it is great for commercial aircraft and I'm looking for any tips others have used before I box it up and return it. My biggest issue is turning knobs and flipping switches, I can't smooth it out enough to make that easy, slight head movements move the knob away from the cursor. So my solution for that was to continue using chaseplane camera presets with trackir turned off for MCP, overhead, pedestal views, etc. and only use trackir for my "captain" setting...basically when I'm flying the plane. But that's fine. I also find final approaches a bit wonky when I'm making a lot of inputs to stay on the vertical/horizontal glidepath and my head is also moving a little. It gets to be a lot of motion. My feeling is this is probably great for fighters during combat. So.....before I box it up and send it back, anybody else have the same experience and any advice? Thanks. Bob Koehler
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate your comments. I'm inclined to leave well enough alone. If and when PMDG comes out with a 737 for MSFS I'll reevaluate.
  7. Starting with what I run: P3D v4.5; PMDG 737 NGXu; Active Sky P3D; Rex Environment Force; FS2Crew; ORBX Global Base Pack; Maybe a half dozen payware airport sceneries from Drzewiezki designs. My system from Jetline: Windows 10 64 bit; MOBO Z390 Aorus Pro wifi LGA 1151; Intel 9th Gen Core i7 9700K (4.9 GHz Turbo) 8 core; Corsair hydro H60 120mm liquid cooling; 16GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super GDDR6; 480GB Corsair Force MP510 NVMe M.2. 3 monitors; main one a Dell 1440p. I feel my sim settings are fairly conservative and I run smoothly, normally in the 30's fps, often much higher depending on the conditions. None of my setting sliders are maxed out. Terrain/tessellation factor high; scenery very dense, water detail medium; special effects low; shadows low. I'm a better pilot than computer guy so looking for some advice. What is my bottleneck? Or is this about as good as you can expect with P3D and some addons? Bob Koehler
  8. Anytime I switch to an external view I get a constant white flash/flickering. Does not happen with internal cockpit views. Any ideas? Bob Koehler Intel 9th Gen Core i7 9700k 4.9 GHz Turbo. 8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super.
  9. Flew this morning from KMCI to KDEN. At FL380 it was quite turbulent with winds around 330/130 and even though my frame rates were holding around 40 fps the sim was stuttering literally every 1 - 2 seconds. It was a constant start/stop and I kept waiting for the CTD but it didn't happen and during descent when the winds got down to around 50 kts. the stuttering stopped. I even turned off chaseplane to see if motion effects from the camera were affecting the smoothness (or lack thereof) but it didn't make any difference. I have seen thunderstorms affect performance but aside from the winds and turbulence the sky was clear. Anybody else experience this or have an idea if this is normal? I am running P3D with Active Sky, Environment Force, Chaseplane in the PMDG 737 NGXu. Thanks. Bob Koehler
  10. I have been learning to use the configuration tool for my new Honeycomb yoke and throttle to use with the PMDG 737 NGXu, mainly with the help of the YouTube video posted by MrJaraNet. His video directed me to an Aerosoft link to download a profile which is good but not perfect and I am learning to edit the variables. In the video he states that press events normally do not require a value. But in the downloaded profile they all contain the value 536870912. Does anyone know what this number represents? Bob Koehler
  11. Thanks Frank. I did find this video earlier this morning and it was starting to make some sense but then I realized I was basically building an entire new profile, and that's when I found the profile downloads on Aerosoft. When I got tripped up is when I tried to edit certain buttons and in fact, I edited VS correctly so that it now selects VS in the aircraft, but when I tried to do the same for programming the NAV button to activate LNAV, I got an error message when starting up P3D and it would immediately close. So I deleted the variable that I set for NAV because I couldn't remember exactly what the name was, and that "fixed" the problem. I think I've ended up with a combination of some bindings being in P3D and others in the configurator. I'll take a fresh look tomorrow. BTW, I do not use FSUICP. Thanks very much for your assistance.
  12. I hooked up my new alpha yoke and bravo throttle quadrant today. Wow, not exactly plug and play for P3D and the PMDG 737 nor is there nearly as much setup help online as there is for MSFS but after much time I made good progress, downloading an NGXu profile from Aerosoft got me moving in the right direction. What I'm focusing on right now is trying to edit button functions. On the auto pilot panel I was able to map the HDG and APP buttons within P3D to correspond correctly to my 737, but the other buttons are not correct. VS engages LVL CHG; REV engages LNAV;, ALT engages VNAV and IAS engages VS. Since there are no LNAV/VNAV buttons on the TQ I would at least like to have VS engage VS in my aircraft but I can't figure out the profile editor. Also, on my yoke the red button disengages the auto pilot. I prefer the small white button for that, which I mapped through P3D, but I want to disconnect the red button. I actually use that button to cycle camera views in chaseplane, which I have working, but it keeps turning off my auto pilot. Fortunately all of my Axis' work fine being mapped through P3D. I find the user manual, or lack thereof, to be ridiculous. Am I making something too difficult here? Any help on the editing profiles would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bob Koehler
  13. New client installed, everything is working properly. Thank you for your help! Bob
  14. Thanks simfan1983. It's probably basic knowledge for most on here, but when it comes to "clients" I don't know what I'm talking about, but I will do as you suggest, seems very straightforward and without knowing better I would likely have done a complete download, and it seems that is unnecessary. How about the separate download for the SDK setup that also has the new version number?
  15. Today I bought the new Active Sky P3D to replace ASN4 and got a P3D connector notification that I have an incompatible P3D version and ASP3D is designed to be used with P3D versions and this got me to thinking....what is my version of P3D? Turns out it's Anytime that I am flagged by add-ons (FS2Crew, charts, etc) that there is an update available, I do so immediately but for whatever reason never gave any thought to P3D updates, nor does there seem to be a method for prepar3d to notify you of an update. So I went to my purchased products page and I do see a complete download link for As an aside, ASP3D seems to be working fine even though I get this connection error message. So...is it that simple....if there is a more recent version shown on my P3D downloads page then just download it? Thanks. Bob Koehler
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