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  1. Thanks Ray ! Yes, 2560x1440 is like carved in stone here for years already. And i already got the driver from the Dell site when i was overthere for help.. dรตh, but thanks for the link ! Well, must say, all in all i am ultra high definately super happy with my new window to the world. I'd say a belated Wow! is in order here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am sure now too that i do like the curved style, it is absolutely fabulous for flightsimming and all other simmings i keep myself busy and happy with ( just the other day i bought "Planet Zoo" , that's another Wow! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and also Netflix watching. A little 'getting used to' is needed for things like 3ds Max. Thanks much again, my friend ! Cheers, Jan
  2. As we say here in Holland " Now my clog breaks ! " ( i.e. slap me thrice and hand me to me mama ) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks very much, Ray ! I am probabely getting too old for this business (or too dumb). All i saw on my video card was the DVI connector and a bunch of red thingamebobs. The card worked splendidly from the start so i never gave it another look. The thingamebobs proved to be rubber protective knobs hiding the other connectors. Connected with the DP cable it worked right away ! Woooaaaa!! I DO feel stupid ! Must say i am certainly not dissapointed with what i see but it didn't knock my socks off neither. The monitor i have worked with for the passed 6 years actually was a pretty good one too. LG 30 inch and other than the curved screen i can't really see much difference. I do think i like the curved screen. Haven't found the time to do much with it so far but my first impression is very positive. Well, all's well that ends well, รฉh ? Thank you so much again for teaching this hardware illiterate, Ray !! Best Regards, Jan
  3. Oh, yes, forgat to ask, if this isn't really going to work would it be a good idea to buy a new video card ? Or wouldn't my oldish computer warrant that..... Or could a DP to DVI adaptor be a solution ? ( much cheaper.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Thanks, Ray.
  4. Hi Ray, Sitting in front of my shiny new Dell S3220DGF curved monitor looking at a black screen for a while now, it does look great. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The thing is i can't seem to get it connected. 3 cables are supplied: HDMI, DP and USB. The GTX 1070 only has a DVI connector, no HDMI or DP. For all i know my computer ( i7-4960X 3.60GHz, 16GB ram) doesn't have a HDMI or DP connector neither but it has lots of USB connectors. The thing #2 is that when i turn the monitor on a small menu is displayed with which i can select either DP, HDMI or Auto. No sign of USB.... So i put it on Auto and tried all USB connectors i could find on my computer, both at the front and at the back with zero result. The monitor kept displaying this message : No DP connection, going into power save mode within 4 minutes. Dell support asks for a service tag, it's at the back of the monitor. I typed it into the box, then Dell says " Can't find it. Try detect automatic". Ok. Then i get : "Dell SupportAssist is only for PCs from Dell and Alienware". So much for Dell support ๐Ÿ˜ž ๐Ÿ˜ž So all my hope to get this thing working is pinned on you, Ray. It should surely be possible to connect this thing to a 6 year old computer, shouldn't it ??.. What am i doing wrong here, Ray ? Thanks a million for any hints/tips/thoughts. Cheers, Jan
  5. Thanks a lot, Ray, order for a Dell S3220DGF is in session. May take a week, maybe even two. Can't wait because i am anxious to see this curved effect right here in my own home in my own seat. Luckily i have a home cockpit that uses 3 Illyama 24" monitors so i borrowed one to overcome the gap. I might think about a whole new setup once i have MSFS2020 running here (talk about can't wait...;-) and i will keep your comment about UHD in mind. Thanks again for your input, Ray, a great help highly appreciated ! Cheers, Jan
  6. Thank you very much, Ray ! Just what i needed to hear. I see you have a BenQ 32" yourself running 3840x2160, right ? I can get it for a good price here in Holland but i understand you don't recommend that resolution for a vidcard less than the 1080TI ( i have a GTX 1070 rather than the 970 from your comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) . What do you think about the Dell S3220DGF like this : https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/dell-s3220dgf-gaming-monitor-review-high-performance-work-and-play I would be able to run that with a GTX 1070, right ?.. It has a curved screen alright so that would be a bit of an adventure for me but i'll go with he who dares wins this time around (can always return it if i don't like it. I have had Dell computers and monitors before (even Alienware ), always good stuff and good service) I think i will forget about the Samsung, always talking about AMD in reviews, never Nvidia. I have used nothing but Nvidia videocards all my 30 years of flightsimming and never a worry about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks again, Ray, if you give me the go-ahead i'll order the Dell S3220DGF. Cheers, Jan
  7. My old LG 30" monitor gave up the ghost today. It was connected with such an ancient DVI-D (or something like that) plug to my, also old (well, 6 years..), computer. Can anyone please educate me a little bit about 'modern' monitors ?... F.i. Do i go for such a 'curved' monitor or do i better stick with a normal flat screen ( i have read in some reviews about the Samsung C32HG70 curved monitor that it produces a truly wonderful picture but there is deffinately some 'warping' going because of the curved screen. I can imagine that and i have a feeling i won't like that very much. Anyone here using such a curved monitor for flightsimming ?.... Also, i seem to understand that all monitors today use a 'DisplayPort connector' instead of DVI. Will i be able to use my new monitor with my old system f.i. by buying an adapter cable ? ( i use a GTX 1070 ). Or can i just connect my new monitor to my old system via HDMI ? (sorry for my ignorance..) I am looking for a 32" inch monitor, apart from the 'warping' remark the Samsung C32HG70 gets very good reviews but i'd go for a flat screen 32" just the same. Thanks very much for any hints / tips ! Cheers, Jan
  8. Nah, not needed. Same old pathetic and boring kill everything that comes into view enterprise like Doom was about 30 years ago. Just watched a clip of Red Dead II, as some are mentioning it here in this topic. This cowboy guy kills 10 other cowboy guys during the 10 minute clip. That's 1 kill per minute. I suppose that's quite moderate compared to the seemingly never ending stream of the same old blood, gore and war offerings. It does look quite amazing, sure. At the same year Doom was released the franchise 'Myst' came to my computer. I can only hope Myst and all of its sequels might be re-released someday in glorious 'modern features and standards'. It will certainly be next to MSFS i'll be waiting for passionately. All these other so called games i can really do without ( i love Transport Fever1 and 2, makes use of such a 'game engine' too, so i am not that much out of the loop ;-))
  9. DOF or no DOF ( i haven't the blurriest idea what that means...) this particular screenie was standing out to me like a sore thumb because it's the crappiest picture in between the truckload of all amazing and mouthwatering MSFS screenshots i have seen so far. Just about all of these MSFS screenshots are hard to distinguish between realworld photo's. This particular 'RC Caravan against blurry seascape' screenie certainly cannot be mistaken for a realworld photo. And also 2020 or not 2020, looks very much like these so called 'photo modes' certainly are not MY thing.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Ok, thanks, that clears up the blurries alright. Still, fails me why one would present a screenie with the first evidence of a magnificent looking rough sea in this kind of 'blurry-effect'. ( @ alphatester screenshotters: can we have a sharp piccie of this amazing rough sea, please ? (or rather an animation...)) Personally, i already know i don't like this effect at all. I'd rather photoshop it myself. The Caravan wouldn't stand out like a Realworld RC model like that. Thanks Anthracite ! (i'm not much of a gamer and have no console either)
  11. Agreed! That has always been one of the crappier features in any FS version, hasn't it..
  12. Could that be why the sea looks blurry ? If that's true it would be truly amazing but i still can't believe it... Thanks for the tantalizing comment ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. I know what you mean, absolutely, i believe some race games have such an option too. If that's true for MSFS as well that would be lovely of course but we have not seen a fantastic looking rough sea amongst all MSFS screenshots yet. So if this is the first I'd say make *THAT* the subject in full, sharp glory instead of the Caravan which we all know like the back of our hand. Btw, i'm getting a sore butt from sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for MSFS to arrive but i can almost not believe we're going to get an animated rough sea like that shown in the screenshot, however blurry...
  14. I'm wearing my icehockey helmet with cage just to be sure. Waves certainly are not too big, it's the capacity of the screenshot that strikes me because it's the first ever MSFS screenshot that shows the subject (the Caravan) razor sharp in front of a very blurry background (the sea). No other MSFS screenie shows a capacity like this. The impression i get is of a realworld RC model of a Caravan flying over a rough sea at low altitude, shot with a very fast shutter speed so only the subject remains sharp. ( not that such is the case, if it would the sea would be even more blurrier and would show that well known background movement effect ). It's not like i am the only one here that thinks that the sea looks blurry while the Caravan looks sharp, is it ??.... I mean, there's no way you can take a screenshot like this without messing about with it...... Can i say it's... uhmmmmm.... fake ? Only asking..
  15. Heho Wobbie ! Please don't start that again ! My gawd man, haven't you got anything else to wobby about ? Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Simulator, MFS, MSFS, FS2020, FS20, Microflight SimsoftuLator, Simicro Softflightulator , Who Caresimolator ! Btw, i wiped all my flightsims off of my SSD's. No interest anymore (and i was so over the moon with P3Dv4, once.. )
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