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  1. Actually, Carl, wasn't it like: Well, it's One for the money Two for the show Three to get ready now go, cat, go But don't you step into my DC-6 Well you can do anything but Lay off of my DC-6 Soon we're all about to Shake, Rattle & Roll ! Yiiiiiiiihaaaaa!!!
  2. Javiz


    Thanks Noel, brings back nice memories. Maam-Sim boss Bill Rambow and me were a bit involved with the realisation of DC-3 Airways. Charlie asked me to design the livery. Done the same for Rainer Labie's Tradewind Caribbean Airlines (TCA). Great fun, those were the days ! 😎 Cheers, Jan
  3. Javiz


    The Blues Brothers a musical ??...Wow!! How did they do the hairraizing pursuit ?.... That's literally the apotheose of the movie, isn't it.
  4. Javiz


    Thanks for the link, Penzoil. Very interesting, particularly about the various times/measures that are used.
  5. Javiz


    Good for you, Noel ! I watch it on Youtube every now and then. Btw, that DC-3 in your avatar, i seem to recognise the 'DC-3 Airways' livery ? If it is, i did that livery... 😉 ( the bird too if it's the MAAM iteration )
  6. Javiz


    Well, there's still Irish stepdance i.e. Riverdance with Michael Flatley and Jean Butler as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Although i believe they have been replaced by other dancers for quite some time already. Personally i never cared much for Astaire, Kelly, Rogers etc (mostly because my parents loved them so much.. 😉 but when i first learned about Riverdance on TV like maybe a decade ago i couldn't stop watching it. I found it mesmerizing and addictive. 🙂
  7. Beautiful ! 🤠 However... as the OP might've referenced to the fantastic Coen Bros. movie "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou" this might've been even more to the point ( featuring spot on lip-sync by G.Clooney) : https://youtu.be/YDDEqgmGIVg Cheers, Jan
  8. Alas not going to happen, Carl. Nigel's masterpiece uses only 2D gauges which do not work in MSFS VC's. If you remember, Nigel's original FS9 Tutor was FSX converted by Ulrich. Hopefully he loves MSFS, then there's hope. 😎
  9. Drat... must've had one or two too much.. Forgat about MP, never use it, thought i had it turned off, apparently not. Still, fun and hilarious to see. Sorry Adamski, Matt's absolutely right off course. At EGLL lots of planes at the gates ( AI and also Live) but not really much going on.
  10. Hi Carl, Yessir, Ant's freeware Tiggy and payware Pro. Both port fairly well. The freeware has some visible clickspot poly's where the Pro has not. Eventhough just a port it looks pretty purty in MSFS ! 😎
  11. Seems like i'm at the exact other end of the rope... Are you talking about after installing update and free London photogrammetry ?... After installing these i have seen the most crazy out of control airtraffic AI behaviour of all time. That is, only at EGCL atm. A320's taxiing thru one another, taking off and landing from both runway sides, Extra's taking off one after the other, performing hairraising aerobatics above London, flying underneath bridges and ending up in the Thames. Other GA flying criss cross over London sometimes crashing into objects. A320's approaching off and on from all sides of direction, etc. Total air pandemonium, quite entertaining to watch. 🤣 Don't know much about it yet. Just the first time i tried MSFS after the updates. Not sure if it has to do with the 1.13.16 update or London photogrammetry installment. Just went over to EGAA to have a look. Quite a few A320 on the tarmac, taxiing and taking off ( airtraffic at only 20% in the mean time), seems normal here.
  12. Javiz

    Snow Geese...

    Wonderful shots, Noel ! I have always envied waterbirds. Flying and sailing. What more to wish for éh ?. 🙂
  13. There was even a plan B : he would take his vintage P-51 and bomb the runway.... : https://ibb.co/dLj3YV3
  14. Yes and he's roaring to do it again : https://ibb.co/PjHtygp
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