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  1. Javiz

    Train Simming

    What you want/need is 'Transport Fever'. It's on Steam and it'll cost you 32 Euro and that's it. All DLC (and there's a LOT! )is freely available via Steam TpF forum/workshop. Perfect for slowly loose your flightsim addiction because, next to, railway-, tram-, bus-, truck- and boat lines you can run airlines as well. (yes, you can ride along with any vehicle too). Starts in 1850 ( if you want) so you get a wonderful overview of what's been going on in the transport business thru the ages. The programming is amazing, you can even follow each and every individual that inhabits the villages, towns and cities as he/she travels around to their homes, work, shops, etc. Never crashed on me once. There's an abundance of 'maps' from countries all over the world (including Ireland) or fictious as well. From completely flat like The Netherlands to nothing but mountains and valley's to wiggle your way thru. You can choose either European or American setting. First en foremost: it looks absolutely gorgeous and you won't get bored easily because there's quite a bit of learning to do too. https://store.steampowered.com/app/446800/Transport_Fever/
  2. I have had a problem with selecting the sim version because of a flickering selection window. I could only install the P3Dv3 version while i really need the P3Dv4 version. One would think that installing the P3Dv3 version into P3Dv4 would work by doing so and then change the normal MDL file and aircraft.cfg into the enclosed x64 versions. So i tried that but the SF340 remained dead as a dodo. Called Carenado and they said exactly the same be it 'quote' : To run the P3Dv3 version of the aircraft on P3Dv4 you should locate all the x64 files and delete the x64 part in the filename. 'unquote'. I could not find any other files than the MDL file an aircraft.cfg that have an x64 copy.... In the end i had to fall back to 'trickery' to get my SF340 working correctly in P3Dv4.2 ( if anyone is interested in what exactly this trickery consisted of i'm happy to explain... 😉 Personally i think it's a true beauty, very happy with it despite a couple bugs. @ Bert Pieke : i was still on P3Dv4.0 when i bought the new Aerosoft DC-8. Got a big white flickering wall in the VC.... Forum said because of the truckload of clickspots in the VC it deffinately needs P3Dv4.2 to run correctly. So i upgraded my P3Dv4 client to 4.2, flickering white wall is gone indeed but now the Ctrl/Shift/Enter/Back key combo's don't work anymore to move about my special custom 'aircraft spotter' view mode. Not happy with that at all because it's my fav view mode ( walk/run around any airport and stand along runways to watch my take-off's and landings). Haven't got a clue if it is überhaupt possible to go back from v4.2 to v4.0 but if it could i sure would! (Aerosoft says a patch for the flickering wall problem is in the works). Cheers, jan
  3. Javiz

    S340 versus F50?

    Wouldn't that be because the real F50 cockpit is a bit of a gray mass as well ?..... 😊 The Carenado S340 VC looks a bit more sophisticated compared to the F50 VC but that's exactly true for the real cockpits as well, isn't it. ( a typical case of typical dutch "doe maar gewoon dan doe je al gek genoeg.. ; -) Personally i love both these new Carenado products, IMHO more than worth the money. I wouldn't mind if they'd continue on this heading : i.e. Embraer 120, Dornier 328, ATR42, Short 360, usw.
  4. The VirtualCol Saab SF-340 compares to the Carenado SF-340 as the Champagne Arestel Cava Semi Seco à 3.99 at the Lidl supermarket compares to the Dom Perignon 2009 Magnum à 499,00. IMHO VirtualCol is only in it for the money, Carenado for the money too but certainly just as much for the love of it as well. The latter is completely missing in VirtualCol products and that shows. Ashame really because they choose interesting commuter aircraft which other, serious devs, seem to be overlooking. Can't thank Carenado enough for publishing their superbly modeled SF-340, inside and out !
  5. Javiz

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    Virtually i happen to be a flying dutchman so you bet i bought it the minute it was released. Download got stuck however. Apparently not a good time, try my luck during the day tomorrow. But here's the thing: i don't have room anymore for 77+ Gig on my special P3Dv4 SSD. I have a truckload terrabite HD as well. Do any of you know what'll happen if i install this scenery on this HD instead of my P3D dedicated SSD ?... Will i see significant loss of performance ?... Thanks much for any insight! cheers, jan
  6. Sure does ! That's an equally impressive set of cloud screenies, thanks ! While i have always had REX clouds in FSX, sofar i went with just the default clouds in P3Dv4. Bought it the minute it was released only to find that it is 'The Mother Of All Flightsims' as far as i'm concerned. Even without the fancy weather. So i guess i'm in for a treat. ;-) Thanks again, T ! You certainly have convinced me to go ahead with Skyforce. Maybe later see about ASP4. Cheers, Jan
  7. Thanks Toki, that's a great collection of fabulous looking clouds ! So, when you say " ASP4 as well as REX SkyForce " does that mean i'm not going to see anything like you're screenies when i buy Skyforce only ? Would it be too much to ask for a brief collection of screenshots with just Skyforce at work ? Thanks again ! Cheers, Jan
  8. Javiz

    What's up with SOH ?...

    All's back to normal thanks to the SOH admin. Thanks again for your help, gents, highly appreciated ! Cheers, Jan
  9. Javiz

    What's up with SOH ?...

    Thanks guys ! @ Tim, great tip about Opera, with VPN activated i'm on the SOH forums again. Thanks much, mate ! ;-) The price is that it's quite a bit slower than my default Chrome browser. In email contact with one of the admins so i hope he can get me back in with my normal browser. In the meantime i'm enjoying the Opera, thanks a lot again, Tim ! @ Alan, yes i know those messages very well too. But this is something clearly different. It happend after i tried to chance something in my profile. Must've done something wrong inadvertedly and now the SOH server doesn't like my IP address anymore. Something like that.... @ Jethro, thanks for the tips ! No, i love my firewall, don't worry. ;-) And you might be very right that clearing my browser's cache will solve the problem but i'd rather wait for the SOH admin to solve it at 'the other side'. I will loose all my auto enter stuff if i clear the cache, won't i..... Besides flightsims i love trainsims, racesims, shipsims, and whatnotsims as well.... I can always do that if really necessary, in the mean time, thanks again for trying to help me out, Jeff ! Cheers, Jan
  10. Try Drzwiecky Design fabulous NYCX with V3.4..... You'll get a wonderful 4 fps slideshow and a large bucket of popcorn to go with it. Now try it with V4 (the v4 compatible version that is..)..... You'll get an even more wonderful 30 ( ! ) fps average which will knock your socks off. No popcorn included. And the gazillion autogen and groundtextures sharp as far as you can see. I.e. P3Dv4 is The Mother Of All Flightsims. My 2 cents anyway ( on a i7-4960X@3.60GHz;GTX1070;16GB RAM;500GB SSD;W7/64Pro;30" mon) Oh, btw, forget the dynamic trees. Huge framerate killer. Cheers,
  11. Javiz

    What's up with SOH ?...

    Thanks AM ! See post above.. Cheers, Jan
  12. Javiz

    What's up with SOH ?...

    Remarkable..... Thanks Jethro ! Still the same. When i click the .com link in your post: "this site is not available". ( err_connection_timed_out ). The same when i click the forum link. Has been like this for 2 days now. I use Chrome but have IE as well. Tried with IE, no change.... Deactivated my firewall security, no change... If i try www.sim-outhouse.net i get on it alright. But that's the 'Flight Center', not the forums. There's a link to the forum on this page. When i click it i get to a backup forum that doesn't show the main forums. From there i can send a message to an administrator though so i just did that. Thanks much again for your help, Jethro ! Cheers, Jan
  13. Javiz

    What's up with SOH ?...

    I can't seem to get on the SOH ( sim-outhouse.com ) forums anymore during the last couple days. Does anyone know what's going on ? Are they possibly hacked again ?.... Thanks for any enlightment !
  14. Well, i sure did hope so, Aaron, so i bought it but couldn't get along with this program very much. Although i have a 30" monitor i don't like menu windows cluttering up the view in the first place. I certainly saw some nice external view options (perfectly happy with default VC views) but i tried to establish the kind of runway views as described above but didn't succeed. I happily went back to my custom 'Runway Facilities' cameras. It's free too and no messing about with menus. Mind you, certainly other peoples' mileage may vary regarding ChasePlane but it's just not my cup of tea ( the only camera program i really loved was 'Active Camera' by Anticyclone. F.i. during replay of your approach/landing, while in the VC, you could simply click a point along the runway and miraculously be transported there! Great pity they gave up on it with FSX..) A while ago i thought i'd check to see how easy/difficult it would be to create a video with FSX and make it available in the net. Proved quite easy indeed once you know how... The first part shows what taxi/take-off views you can get by using the altered cameras.cfg ( using 2 cameras with the external take-off part here) : http://dai.ly/x24ehcc Here's another take-off : http://dai.ly/x22xk3f And a landing (but without sound because this happend to be my very first go at a video ;-) : http://dai.ly/x22q0cb Cheers, Jan