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  1. I've always had that same issue as well. Best i can say is adjust the light levels until its not so noticeable.
  2. Double Altitude Callouts

    have you tried disabling the call outs through the NGX setting?
  3. I hate this

    Hop on You Tube and check out Matt Davis. He shows you how to do it and saves you the trouble of having to reinstall all your addons!
  4. Aviasoft EFB

    True but also the way it moves from ground, departure, enroute, to approach. Plus how you can work the comms. If Navigraph added those features I would choose Navigraph.
  5. Aviasoft EFB

    Yes. Waypoint to waypoint. It wont show you airways like charts do. You have to add in the Sids and Stars as well.
  6. Aviasoft EFB

    I have EFB and Navigraph charts. I like the "moving maps" of EFB over Navi and also the way it handles the coms. If Navi would work the same as EFB then the answer would be simple for me. Id go with Navigraph hands down. I also like seeing the traffic from either Vatsim of UTL in EFB
  7. I have the Carenado Hawker 850xp. Ya its no where near the pmdg level but is a very accurate model of the plane. My dad worked on the the 700 and 800's for 20 years and he even says it a very accurate simulation of the plane
  8. Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    Me either! Its nice to see this many fixes! Reinstall doesnt bother me , it really helps to insure a good install. PMDG has had a few on the 737 and 777 that are complete uninstall/reinstall. It pays off in the long run IMO
  9. Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    I noticed this to! It starts to bank then almost levels off then starts to bank again.
  10. Lol sweet deal. It had me thinking for days till I finally just said lets try this! Glad it worked for you!
  11. mine was already in there as well. I had to physically delete it then re insert it to get it to work.
  12. Just add that line i have in the 2nd post to .dll file in your appdata/roaming/LM. Restart and it should work. I got the same warning as well.
  13. massive fps drop on switch view

    Try unplugging a usb cable to like a controller and then plug it back in. My fps would 85% of the time come back to normal once i did that, but what I stated earlier fixed everything for good as of now.
  14. massive fps drop on switch view

    All I can say is i ran the update, uninstalled and then reinstalled sound drivers and the fps drop from switching views went away. My drop was more regular from going in and out of the p3d settings.
  15. massive fps drop on switch view

    I had the fps drop with view changes, and if I remember correctly LM put the fix in the latest hot fix. It had to do with sound. Update your sound drivers and install the latest hot fix and the issue went away for me.