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  1. single engine prop?

    That would be great. The segment of simmers specifically dedicated to GA is very strong... Are you familiar with Chris Palmer at Angle of Attack ? I am not sure he is still interested, but he would certainly have the expertise to collaborate with you in this kind of project. Just tell him I put you in touch with him! Cheers
  2. single engine prop?

    Hi There, I was wondering if the devs here were even considering producing a tutorial for GA single engine prop aircrafts. Obviously using study-level models such as those by A2A. Any insight?
  3. TrackIR

    Sounds good, many thanks! We will wait somehow patiently.... Excellent work so far, BTW. Cheers
  4. TrackIR

    Yes, let's make it a petition! I really think that ChasePlane would work ver well together with TrackIR, but without it is unusable. I don't really want to pause trackIR every time I want to look at the airplane from outside. For example, when I take off I like to look at the runway from behind the plane (currently with EzDok) but then quickly switch back to inside the cockpit with TrackIR, or when I am landing I like to have a quick view with a camera looking at the landing gears, but then gain I need to switch back quickly (one button) to cockpit with TrackIR. I cannot even imagine how the Dev could think of using ChasePlane without TrackIR installed... Anyway, vote, vote, vote!
  5. TrackIR

    Hello all, thank you for your reply and interest in the topic I started. It is about using TrackIR with ChasePlane. Could you please use this thread ONLY if you address its topic? If not (like "I just purchased it but it doesn't work"), please open a new thread in this forum. I am subscribed to this thread and I would like to receive only notifications about TrackIr in ChasePlane. many thanks to all!
  6. TrackIR

    OK thanks. So I guess at the moment I will need two buttons: one to pause/unpause ChasePlane (which I don't see in the screenshot, by the way) and a different one to pause/unpause TrackIR. Not the cleanest solution. Do you plan having a board (like Trello) where users could vote for most requested features in future releases? That is often very helpful for developers . Cheers
  7. TrackIR

    Thank you, Keven. Is it something you are considering developing? I am pretty sure what I described is the most common situation simmers would like to have... As a work-around, would it be possible to assign a SINGLE button to switch between the two applications (pausing one and un-pausing the other), so to switch from inside view to outside view with one press? I am following your work and I think it is a breakthrough for outside views, although I believe that for inside the cockpit nothing can be better than trackIR or VR. Thanks
  8. TrackIR

    Hello, I know that ChasePlane can be "paused" and trackIR used with no problems, but I really would like to have trackIR for inside the cockpit and ChasePlane for outside views, without ever have to pause anything.... Is/will that be possible? thanks!
  9. VFR video?

    Yes of course, but my free time is very limited and before even starting downloading, installing, troubleshooting (I will have to install on laptop not running FSX and for sure there will be minor hiccups...), etc, I would like to see what the final thing can offer to VFR environment.
  10. VFR video?

    Hi, does anybody know of a video showing off P2A in a VFR cross-country flight in light GA airplane? I would like to see it handling traffic advisories , flight following and departure/landing assignments (with pattern instructions?) Thanks!
  11. minimal GUI?

    Many thanks! Is it also possible to hide it completely and call it back with a keyboard stroke?
  12. minimal GUI?

    Hello, just one quick question or suggestion for potential future feature: is it possible to work with a minimal version of the GUI on the screen? I mean just the SpeechAssistant/Clear/SayIt/PTT/? section. Personally I prefer to use the GPS, weather radar, radios, transponder on my aircraft virtual cockpit, and keep P2A only for realistic ATC communication. Would then be possible to maintain P2A as a small window on top of Full Windowed FSX? Even better if I could make it appear/disappear with the click of a button (maybe through FSUIPC?). Is that currently possible? Thanks!
  13. v2.0.0.26: "AI Traffic awareness"?

    OK, i didn't know that FSUIPC could "read" the traffic conditions, as I only use it to program my switches and controls. Does anybody here know which AI Traffic add ons can report traffic status to FSUIPC? I think this would be good information for Dave, to put in a future manual or Q&A page in support of his product. Thanks!
  14. v2.0.0.26: "AI Traffic awareness"?

    That sounds fantastic, Dave. Thanks. Will that work with any third-party add on injecting AI traffic in FSX? For example, I am currently using UT2. It would be great to hear back reports from users who actually see all this in action.
  15. Hi there, congrats again for the amazing speed this product is taking shape. I can't wait for final release. Could the developer please elaborate and explain a bit what is the "AI Traffic awareness" built in release v2.0.0.26? Does it mean that now runway assignments and takeoff/landing clearances take into account the movements of existing (not controlled by P2A) AI traffic? That would be a great thing! Thanks