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  1. If you own the Orbx PNW airports beware. The blend between them and TE Washington is absolutely terrible in my opinion, TE is so much darker. Coming from the same company I am amazed how bad it is and that they did not fix that. I am considering to request a refund. I am bettr off with the old PNW package.
  2. Faster I cant say but easier I doubt it. Ortho4xp is nothing more than a few clicks including selecting source and done 🙂
  3. KORS, Orcas Island would be interesting as well as 3w5 Concrete, that must be a beautiful area with TE as well as Darrington
  4. Karl, what is you overall opinion about TE Washington so far, any good at all, you recommend? I have all the Orbx Pacific Nortwest airports, do they look good with TE?
  5. The DD airports YES, the DD Seattle landscape photoscenery No. In fact you dont even need the latter since a detailed Seattle is already part of the Orbx TE Washington offering.
  6. I use Otho4XP the p3d edition and never looked back when making my photoscenery in P3D or FSX. It even automatically fix all watermasking.
  7. I feel the same. I enjoy P3d v4 very much right now and with the addons I have purchsed over the years its pretty darn realistic so no real reason to upgrade until MSFS2020 given the new rather pale features in v5.
  8. I noticed impoved AI now supporting sloped runways but any improvments to ATC at all? SID/STARS?
  9. Mike just a quick question. Any recommendation for flying in Austria? Looking at purchasing either Austria Pro HD or the Realworldscenery Austria, any idea, have you tried any of them? Seems the latter has winter textures as well but reviews seem infrequent,
  10. Had the exact same feeling as you when that e-mail popped in to my mailbox yesterday 🙂
  11. Hi I use the RXP GTN 750 with the Realsimgear hardware bezel which is a fantastic combo! My only problem is how to lock the GTN display on to the bezel. Every time I use it I have to be very careful with my touch so the display does not move around within the bezel. I cant seem to find a menu option to lock the display like you normally can from a menu if I recall by clicking the right mouse button. Any ideas?
  12. For starters you need a program to update flightplans. In fact In my opinion two programs are absolutely essential to get VoxATC to work ultimately. A flightplan editor and a program to update Airport. I use AIFP for flightplans and Scruffy Duck Airport design editor to update all my Airports with correct taxiways, parkings etc. From many years of using VoxATC one thing I notice is that Vox it is much more sensitive to small errors like incorrect taxiways, runway and taxiway links that are not connected properly, parkig positions, width etc etc etc than the default AI and ATC system. With incorrect airpot files you may get Aircraft that dissapear, Aircraft that wont show up etc, just an example to illustrate.: I have a small airline flying B200 and if I set its parking radius to anything other than 10m it simply wont show up. I Always update each addon airport very carefully. It does not matter if its a quality addon from Orbx or a lower quality addon from someone else. Developers in my opinion generally seem to spend much more time with Visuals than things "behind the scenes" that gets the Airport to "function". Fortunately though one can do this oneself 🙂 Likn to flightplan editor below: http://stuff4fs.com/newpage.asp?Folder=AIFP
  13. MadMac, just update the GA from VFR flights to IFR flight and you wont see a single T&G again 🙂
  14. Thats interesting, i always assumed my flightplan had nothing to do with how AI behaved. In all sessions I have tried I have not filed flightplans at all. Will try later when I have access to my computer. Thanks!
  15. So everything works great at airports with a tower but at my non towered airports AI aircraft are generated and visible but they just remain on the tarmac all day, no movements (UK 2000 Cumbernauld and Sim720 Oban in this case). Any idea what to do? Since I use Fsaerodata I have little control of the com frequencies unfortunately which I suspect have something to do with this! I did try to create fake Tower frequencies and move these two airports above the "FSAERODATA Communication" in the scenery library just to try, but VoxATC seem to use the Fsaerodata info anyway. (and yes I did run the VoxATC indexer) 🙂 Any idea?
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