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  1. interesting to know how you find it. The location is amazing of course and if you like it and frames are good I might pick it up as well 😁
  2. Watermasks is one thing but most of the Caribbean islands are also cursed with lots of clouds and that to me is an even bigger problem as we know every such place with clouds is covered in a terrible landclass to cover it up but looks terrible mixed with satelite.Hope they do something about that.
  3. I guess of course it depends on systems as well. I dont have the best computer so that is limiting things as well 😁
  4. I hear its extremely heavy on fps and for no real reason beeing a fairly small airport after all. For Norway there is most often an as good (or sometimes even better) free options from very talented Norwegian designers including the guy who made the two free Norway arports in the latest Nordic WU update. Airports like Svolvaer, Bergen, Sogndal, Sandane and many others come to mind. The free ENTC is very good and keeps getting better.
  5. useless then in my opinion. AIG is a must! The whole point of ATC is to provide safe separation between air traffic. If there is none whats the need for it.
  6. I dont seem to find info about this, will Sayintentions ATC also control AI traffic from AIG or FSLTL? I see no point in ATC addons that control only your aircraft.
  7. Try a different aerial source. I use Arc instead of default bing and its really rather nice, at least for the area from Ketchikan all the way to Juneau.
  8. Very interested in the whole VoxATC AI taxi backtrack situation in MSFS as well. I know in FSX and p3d as long as there was a full parallel taxiway to both ends of the runway AI had no problem, but as soon as a backtrack was needed and a 180 degree turn at the end of the runway AI started to dissapear, taxi out on to the grass and all kind of strange behaviours. hope VoxATC for MSFS solves this. I remember I experimented a lot with this in FSX because back in the day AFCAD could simply be used to edit taxiways and improve taxiway and runway logic for your favorite freeware and payware airports. Not so easy in MSFS unfortunately 😀
  9. Im a real world pilot with many ideas and opinions and have been using Vox since the FSX days, I guess that does not qualify? 😀
  10. Absolutely yes, would be nice with a dedicated space to talk VoxATC.
  11. So you would say AIG is a better AI choice than FSLTL for MSFS VoxATC?
  12. CTR entry VRPs for UK airfields would be just simply the most amazing feature of all, a VFR dream. Hope it can be implemented.
  13. Some problems with getting VoxATC to understad you, but I heard you explan the reason for it in the video. An other thing is the stutter, is it due to Vox or low spec computer perhaps your end Very nice all together. Mike
  14. It is voiced based right. I did not hear you say much of anything? would be cool to hear some more communication as well, some AI/ATC interaction perhaps. in due time perhaps, nice to have something at least 😀
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