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  1. mikced76

    Observations with 7.42.

    But have anyone tried the only addition to 7.42, the AI Schedule improvements? I have not had the time yet but it sounds like a big thing to me if it does what it clames, generate real Schedules rather than just AI based on some logoritm that I never undertood :) Mike Follow my panel building Project: flygsidan.wordpress.com
  2. mikced76

    Observations with 7.42.

    Hi to be fair, as much as I want to see updates to various bugs Tegwyn actually never stated anything else than improved AI schedules in the latest 7.42 release so no wonder Mad_Mac does not see any improvements with FSAerodata support, improved VFR and so on. Mike Website: flygsidan.wordpress.com
  3. Rafal, there were people that protested and complained when the black and white TV was replaced by color and some called Internet a temporary thing that would not last long :) I am happy Orbx has realised that it is something of the past to fly over ”fake repeating landscape” with their fantastic ”True Earth” range of products. I look forward to The UK. mike
  4. This is an old topic but still, who cares about Orbx landclass or any landclass scenery for that matter these days? There is a superb photoreal freeware project covering all islands with seasonal variation and autogen. Even Orbx now understand photoreal is the future with its True Earth range. mike
  5. mikced76

    AI Traffic Interation

    I dont know when you tried it but it sure is not GA oriented anymore if it ever was. Supports SID/STAR and there is no lack of varied traffic either. In fact VoxATC picks up traffic from you BGL files and base its traffic on that, so every airline found in them will be used as traffic in VoxATC. In other words full of KLM in the Netherlands, Lufthansa in Germany and British Airways in the UK :)
  6. mikced76

    AI Traffic Interation

    Bonanza, you are not alone in that. I would buy Pilot2ATC the minute it supported AI Control but until then I use VoxATC even though its not by any means perfect. The funny thing is that while researching Pilot2ATC online I find so many comments on different forums asking for this very feature so I bet the Pilot2ATC dev would make a lot of money the day it's implemented and we can leave VoxATC behind.
  7. mikced76

    Building AI pathways in Airport Design Editor

    A major fix for me would be if Laminar would allow AI traffic to use sloped runway/taxiways. Frustrating with such nice 3rd party airports like Svolvaer in Norway that looks amazing but the only other traffic around the airport has to be static. and while at it I would love them to improve ATC, especially IFR. Back and forth, back and forth vectoring :) I always improve my 3rd party airports. Always something that can be improved. Since Fsaerodata however the com freq is one less thing to have to update with ADE. I use VoxATC as well so the AI traffic is even more sensitive to a correct airport structure. I gave up airports where tawiways dont align to end of runways beacause VoxATC generated traffic cant backtrack and turn 180 degrees for takeoff
  8. mikced76

    FSS name

    could it be you have a conflicting afx file somewhere that VoxATC picks up perhaps?
  9. mikced76

    FSS name

    Are you using the Scruffy Duck AFX editor. I use it and it works great with any FSS name I update in the com section, easy! Plenty support and tutorials at fsdeveloper should it not work for some reason.
  10. mikced76

    VFR approach procedure

    And you can always update your airports com freq and name with an afx editor so no more utopia radio 122.20
  11. mikced76

    ProATC coming up

    J Van E, I did not know you flew IFR. Though like me you were a low and slow VFR buff 🙂 From my understanding ProATC is IFR only? I am still looking for that great VFR and IFR ATC solution. Have had this hobby for over 20 years and tried them all and still my nr 1 VFR preference is default ATC with Edit Voicepack and MCE for voice communication. Mike
  12. How nice with some real world experience from flying Spain and especially the Canary islands. I know the controllers will tell me the freq in real life but I wont be flying there in real life :) (unfortunately) only in P3d and I therefor need to tell the simulators what frequencies to give me (in the airport AFX file etc). For exampIe, cant figure out what area the Canarias TMA/CTA cover compared to the Canarias FIR.
  13. As the title suggests. I have a hard time understading the VFR charts in Spain (I am a real World pilot in Sweden). My main problem is the ATZ airspace that surround each and every towered airport. I have started to fly in the Canary islands in P3d v4, and what a beautiful place of the world it is. I just dont understand the controlled ATZ airspace that reaches up to 3000 feet centering each airport while the CTR airspace just go up from ground to 1000 feet (1650 feet). Normally I am not used to ATZ beening controlled airspace and also not higher than the CTR altitude. Any who do you Contact when reaching the CTR during a VFR flight in the Canarias, is it Tower or Approach? the AIP for Tenerife South say eitehr Tower or Approach and Gran Canaria Airport it says to contact Approach. Say I want to make a flight from La Palma (GCLA) to Tenerife South airport. First I would deal with GCLA ground, then GCLA Tower then either fly below 1650 feet and communiate with no one or climb above 1650 and talk to Canarias Control (119,70 or 124,70). When approaching Tenerife would I contract Tenerife South Approach or Tenreife South Tower? Also what is the 126,10 frequency. I thought the Canarias ACC was split up in two sectors with the main frequencies above. If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it :)
  14. mikced76

    Multi Crew Experience

    The Go-flight setting in my mce.ini was alredy there. I installed the latest version of MCE from the website (fresh install of p3d and MCE). Could it be either that I am not using the Go-Flight radio module but rather the Saitek radio panel or perhaps the fact I am using spad.next to control all my Saitek gear? Other than that my p3d install is clean no other addons. mike
  15. mikced76

    Multi Crew Experience

    Hi recently started to use Multi Crew Experience with p3d v4 only the ATC part of it, everything else deactivated. Hope someone can help with two short question 1) Even though I deactivated everything but the ATC bit I still hear som chatter from ground crew etc. Can these be turned off somewhere I am missing. Not very realistc as my aircraft is the A2A c172 2) The ATC bit works amazing. With my Saitek radio panel I can dial in all freq and talk to various controllers along my route without even touching the keyboard, except for one segment of every flight, when contacting a Tower. Is there a way around having to go through the menu and select ”nearest airport”. I have a vague memory of reading somewhere there is a feature that automatcally detects the tower freq you tune and MCE would bypass that manual menu but I am not sure, cant find any setting for it. thanks mike