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  1. mikced76

    Introducing simwestFOTOREAL

    When can we get our hands on this and what region will the first title cover? Will it blend well with Orbx/LatinVFR Airports in the Socal area?
  2. mikced76

    Issue Transponder Ident

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I get the same problem with every flight now. I keep identing the Squawk code "I" but the controller keeps bugging me like very minute "Reset transponder 3016". I there a way to track the problem down? Mike
  3. Hi I hope this is the right forum for this question. If not feel free to move it :) I have recently created a photoscenery for The Channel islands (Jersey, Guersey and Alderney). I used Ortho4xp the P3d edition and the result is simply amazing in sharp 0.5 (zone level 18). I use a free autogen covering all of UK from CIX VFR club and UK2000 Guernsey and Jersey. Now to the problem, the shorelines. I think what Ortho4XP haa done is correct in terms of masking but default P3d has a different opinion :) of how the island should look and therefor I see default scenery sticking out in bays etc. This is easy to fix by using Orbx Vector that corrects the islands. But are there other vector soliutions for the UK? While Orbx Vectors fixes the islads layout it comletely messes up Uk2000 Jersey making the scenery around the aporoach to runway 8 full of hills and abnormalities. I have tried everything so I have given up with Orbx Vectors so any other vector solution?
  4. One more from me 🙂 How do you set up an airport without a tower, only AFIS (Unicom). My IFR AI commercial traffic just taxi out to the runway intersection and wait, and wait and more wait and then disappear. I guess there need to be someone to clear them for takeoff for VoxATC to work? I could set up a tower but not as realistic. Mike
  5. Hi Would you recommend this combination. I have an old cycle of FsAerodata that I plan to install but if there will be more headaches than joy I might not. For example when I update my Airports with ADE should I edit the com frequensies or does FSAerodata have its own database that takes priority over anything I edit in the Airport afx files (and if so, does it also handle its own Aproach/departure freq?). In other words does it matter if I update the frequencies if I use FSAerodata Mike
  6. mikced76

    Airports of Norway and FTX Norway

    For Norway I use a combination of 1) ORBX FTX Norway airports, 2) Orbx payware addon airports and 3) the AON Airports. While many of the AON Airports are ok quality some really in my humble opinion are not all that great and even the FTX Norway versions are a bit better, those AON Airport versions I have deactivated. I know its free so you cant really compain but I hope to see some improvements to AON Airports in the future. I would personally not say that any AON airports is bad but to go as far as to say that even one of them hold up to payware quality like someone in this thread said I would not not really agree to, but again its my personal opinion. Mike
  7. mikced76

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    No doubt it is now using schdules and flight numbers. Big difference compared to 7.41 so that is great news! I still question the density slider though at least if you use your own compiled AIG Schedules. I settled with the first step (about 5%) in the traffic density slider. It seem to be most realistic for me. Every step above seem to generate more traffic than what actually should be at the Airports compared to the Schedules and my real world observations. Mike
  8. mikced76

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    I have experimented with as low as 10% and in 7.41 and earler version such values gave me basically no traffic. In 7.42 it still generates a lot of traffic so something is different at least. As you say though without support from Tegwyn this remains very complicated. Its a shame for such a good product with such great potential. But we have been through this discussion a million times before on this forum so I wont go in to that again.
  9. mikced76

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    Ok, I did not know that but why would I want to randomize it though? 😀I just want to use the actual real world schedule dates and times and that works very well with p3d default scenarios but not in Vox as per my post above. My point is if I have every real world schedule for an airport I expect to see the appropriate airline at the scheduled time and date and I do if I use Default p3d traffic and set it to 100%. A normal weekday noon at my home airport see about 4-7 airliners parked at the gate. With VoxATC every gate is packed with 100% on the slider. So I question this new feature a bit 😀
  10. mikced76

    AI traffic now uses traffic schedules?

    Thanks for takng the time to reply. I use AIG schefues and my ”test” airport was Trondheim ENVA and that airport has about 30 gates. I have created realistic schefule bgl for every airline that operates on the airport in resl life. With VoxATC disabled and default GUI traffic slider set to 100% I get 4 commercial airplanes on a wednesday noon. That amount is also correct in real world. Now if I disable default traffic completely and start VoxATC with VoxATC slider to 100% every single gate is occupied looks like a madhouse, overcrowded 😀. Something must be wrong here. Should I not see the same amount of traffic as in real life, about 4 airliners parked?
  11. Hi What traffic density settings should I use in 7.42 to see the traffic operate according to their schedules most realisticly. By the way, why is that density switch even there if VoxATC reads and generates according to my traffic schedules anyway. In my mind 100% would mean that VoxATC follows the schedules and generate just the amount of traffic in the schedules. But when I tried 100% the airport was absolutely crowded. Have I missed something here I though VoxATC 7.42 now read my traffic bgl and generated just that traffic on those days and on those times, so why the density switch? Before 7.42 when traffic was generated randomly I could see the need to control density and back then I used about 30-40% but that was random traffic. Mike
  12. mikced76

    Observations with 7.42.

    But have anyone tried the only addition to 7.42, the AI Schedule improvements? I have not had the time yet but it sounds like a big thing to me if it does what it clames, generate real Schedules rather than just AI based on some logoritm that I never undertood :) Mike Follow my panel building Project: flygsidan.wordpress.com
  13. mikced76

    Observations with 7.42.

    Hi to be fair, as much as I want to see updates to various bugs Tegwyn actually never stated anything else than improved AI schedules in the latest 7.42 release so no wonder Mad_Mac does not see any improvements with FSAerodata support, improved VFR and so on. Mike Website: flygsidan.wordpress.com
  14. Rafal, there were people that protested and complained when the black and white TV was replaced by color and some called Internet a temporary thing that would not last long :) I am happy Orbx has realised that it is something of the past to fly over ”fake repeating landscape” with their fantastic ”True Earth” range of products. I look forward to The UK. mike
  15. This is an old topic but still, who cares about Orbx landclass or any landclass scenery for that matter these days? There is a superb photoreal freeware project covering all islands with seasonal variation and autogen. Even Orbx now understand photoreal is the future with its True Earth range. mike