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  1. I dont know. Someone earlier in this thread said flying over Hawaii now is a delight. To me there is absolutely no update to the aerial. Same areas as before are autogenerated and the aerial overall look washed out. So i dont really agree. Sure Kona iairport is new and a few buildings in Honolulu, but quite underwhelming in my opinion.
  2. yes tried to download the MSFS demo version on the web, does not work. Would be cool with a stand alone version that only focuses on voice recognition with the MSFS and FSX default ATC. I dont use and have never used any other features of MCE. All those options are just in the way in my opinion but thats me I guess and if nothing else I could live with it.
  3. Hi Tried to install MCE today and everything works fine until launching it. After asking if I am using the latest MSFS2020 I get a xpwiz.exe System Error box saying "The code execution cannot proceed because obsidium.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem". Of course it does not. Any idea? I have not had this issue previously even with the latest Sim Update 10.
  4. Multi Crew Experience has a festure where you can use voice with the default ATC, much less keyboard input needed.
  5. Most of you I bet are so much better with computers than what I am so it confuses me a bit how you can find the AIG setup so complicated. Its just two downlioadd and a few clicks and only needs to be done once. I have also never seen these crashes some talk about. When it comes to models and liveries these offerings cant even compete in my opinion. The pay offering has only some 40 models, no business jets no models like Cessna 208, BN2 Islander and others that many smaller airlines actually use and for some reason not even the Dash 8 100-300 series.
  6. Looking through the list of models any other Dash-8 model than the Q400 is absent. So not a complete Norwegian then with its Q100, 200 and 300 I assume. Would have been so nice with an easy package for airliners but this just wont do. AIG is a bit of a hassle sometimes I admit but at least the modellist and its list of airlines is impressive
  7. With small airport developres I try to communicate with them directly and in many cases they have listened and helped me remove them like the developer FSX3D for example. Like someone said above we need to make them aware that we dont want static aircraft. I think many developers are more interested in a nice looking airport rather than a functional one.
  8. I am trying to map elevator trim to my hardware using Spad.next but the usual suspect I use for so many other aircraft "Elevator Trim PCT" does not work. I cant even see the Elevator trim up/down, is it on the stick in an RV-14 aircraft? Also trying to map the Autopilot button (the one from the switch panel) to my Honeycomb Alpha, Does not seem to be as easy as mapping the "Autopilot Master". Is it perhaps a Circuit that should be mapped to this button for it to move? Thanks
  9. I also really liked the good old RealAir Legacy back in the day for P3D. Although just a little to speedy for my taste for VFR sightseeing but a lovely aircraft non the less Do you guys like the Simworks studios RV-14, recommend? I really might pick it up. Starting to get a little tired of steam gauge panels. Would be cool if Realsimgear made a G3X hardware unit. I have their GTN750 already. The RV-14 could be a really cool hardware panel project! Have any of you guys flown the Aquila A210 btw, wonderful aircraft! We have one at my flight club and with all the Cessnas and Pipers the one I keep flying most is the Aquila. That is one aircraft I really would like to see in MSFS.
  10. I agree with someone earler who wrote museum static aircraft are fine and personally I dont mind static aircraft you see parked inside hangars. I dont use VATSIM every flight and even in my offline flying I would prefer no static aircraft. These days I dont buy airports with static aircraft. Vote eith my wallet 😃
  11. Yes true but those 9% are probably long time dedicated flight simmers and I bet these 9% spend much more on addons than the 91% 😃 majority of flight simmers and especially more than newcombers. So although not in majority they are a strong consumer group. In addition I bet many non VATSIM and IVAO user dont want static aircraft either.
  12. I dont write here often despite having had this hobby now for for almost 30 years and beeing a AVSIM member for I dont know how long. Anyway, I just felt I needed to ventilate a subject that have grown to annoy me a bit with MSFS and its payware addons. The issue I have is static aircraft! Why do payware developers insist on adding them. At least back in P3D and FSX days many develpers made them optional. It suddenly with the introduction of MSFS seem to be some sort of norm and so magically difficult to accomodate the customer to get rid of. One payware developer replied to me on why they had static aircraft "becasue I like them". Hard to argue of course with this logic,... his airport his option but again why not make it optional then. As simple as a bgl to deactivate. It wouldnt need to be a whole installation application. Not only do they occupy space at terminals but I dare argue that not a single VATSIM user want them (correct me if I am wrong). In addition AI Traffic options are endless and they move which is more than I can say about the clunky often ugly airplane...ish looking objects at the airports. AIG, Simple Traffic and default GA there are so many options free and pay (for the folks flying offline). Please addon developers rethink the static aircraft approach.
  13. Hope at some point you can fix unwanted voice chatter. I only use the ATC bit of the program so I can speak to ATC in MSFS rather than have to use the built in ATC menu. With every other option turned off I still hear ramp coordinators, the occational womans voice in the cockpit (even with all copilot stuff etc turned off) I remember this beeing a problem also in P3D many years ago when using MCE.
  14. You can still update airports also in MSFS, especially default ones (a bit more complicated with 3rd party airports) using ADE.
  15. Yeah I know thats a negative of couse but for me at least better for now than to have old 2018/2019 schedules. And I fly on VATSIM/IVAO most of the time anyway 🙂
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