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  1. Would like to assign the ”Choke” (for example in the DV20) to a button on my Honeycomb Alpha. Anyone know what simconnect, LVAR or such I should use? I tried to assign the value Primer but that did not work. Cant get that choke lever to move.
  2. I wonder if this somehow also would work for the GTN 650? Same unit really, only different size. Replacing that default GNS430 display with a GTN 650 would be cool.
  3. these are mostly default buildings right, not custom made?
  4. I have always been able to save, the problem and what puts me off is it saves all or nothing. I dont want to start at the same exact time I left and with the exact same weather loaded. The other things saved like aircraft state, fuel level etc is fine but I want to start a saved flight with the live weather and time of day that I load the flight. This was possible in both FSX and P3d.
  5. I have a home built cockpit so my only view from the monitor is the outside front view (and some of the cowling). So personally I dont care all that much about the MSFS instrument panels, a 2D default GNS 430 would therefor be awesome in the C152, any ideas? 🙂
  6. So it would be possible to get the GNS 430 in to the C152 somehow for example? I dont really care about having it retrofitted to the panel that much but a 2D window would be awesome. I have a hardware GNS430 unit from Realsimgear and with my favorite aicraft the C152 I cant really use it at all since the C152 is NAV/COM radios only.
  7. Are you doing the Warrior II as well like you did for P3D? Since I fly the Warrior IRL its more interesting to me personally without the retractable landign gear etc.
  8. Hi Not yet a MSFS user but keen to know if I can use the default GNS 430 in the C152, I know its not included in the cockpit layout but perhaps the features could be used anyway. Why I want to know is because I am building a hardware cockpit with a Realsimgear Garmin430 unit and want to use it as com1 in the 152, preferably also with the GPS features. So I only need the features from it and not the actual visual unit. Hope you guys understand what I mean 😁
  9. Thanks flyblueskies, All I needed to know :) I know default MSFS ATC leaves a lot to be desired right now but it will improve for sure with time.
  10. Hi just keen to know if this feature work fully in MSFS 2020. I dont care much about other features like communicating with copilot etc (I fly the C152 and other small GA) but really beeing able to speak to ATC rather than using keyboard meny options has always been why I have used MCE in the past for P3D.
  11. If you own the Orbx PNW airports beware. The blend between them and TE Washington is absolutely terrible in my opinion, TE is so much darker. Coming from the same company I am amazed how bad it is and that they did not fix that. I am considering to request a refund. I am bettr off with the old PNW package.
  12. Faster I cant say but easier I doubt it. Ortho4xp is nothing more than a few clicks including selecting source and done 🙂
  13. KORS, Orcas Island would be interesting as well as 3w5 Concrete, that must be a beautiful area with TE as well as Darrington
  14. Karl, what is you overall opinion about TE Washington so far, any good at all, you recommend? I have all the Orbx Pacific Nortwest airports, do they look good with TE?
  15. The DD airports YES, the DD Seattle landscape photoscenery No. In fact you dont even need the latter since a detailed Seattle is already part of the Orbx TE Washington offering.
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