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  1. paulhand

    No VSpeeds on PFD

    Hi - just had the same issue (also starting from NGX short panel state). Fixed by adding an amount into the "plan" LSK on ACT PERF INIT, which was blank. Haven't checked the FCOM but will try to do so. Cheers
  2. paulhand

    NGX Split Scimitar Winglets

    ... I seem to recall paying $25 for the "PMDG 747-8i/F Model Extension for 747-400X" which to quote Mr Randazzo "does not update the flight, cockpit or systems. This is a visual model/sound update only."
  3. paulhand

    A2A 250 Comanche RXP GNS 430/530

    Hi Bill As Frank says - thanks for doing this! Just a head-up: I think you have included instructions here for the C182 as the Comanche doesn't offer dual MS installs in the a2a configurator (at least mine doesn't!) Cheers Paul
  4. paulhand

    F1 to RXP GTN Gauge ready

    Thanks Bill - that one worked. Cheers Paul
  5. paulhand

    F1 to RXP GTN Gauge ready

    Hi Ryan - I'm getting a 429 error from the Dropbox link - is the file hosted elsewhere now? Many thanks Cheers Paul
  6. paulhand

    About P3Dv4 Support

    nor the FSL A320 or TFDi 717 Cheers
  7. paulhand

    Old Purchases

    You need to transfer your license from the Flightsim Store to the new Orbx Direct store - instructions from Orbx as follows: "Here's a really simple step-by-step guide to using the new OrbxDirect website and store, transferring your Orbx licenses from FSS and using FTX Central V3 (FTXCv3). Firstly, visit the new OrbxDirect website at You'll be shown a login screen. If you don't have an account, click on Need an account? Please note that this account is NOT linked to your forum access. You will then be prompted to complete a registration form. If at all possible, use the same email address as you used in your account. Once you've added your information click on the Register button. When you click Register you'll receive a validation email from Orbx, so just click the link in the email. Once your account is validated you'll be able to log into the OrbxDirect website. Now let's transfer all your purchases from the (FSS). You can skip this step if you don't want to do this now, and come back to it at any time, no pressure. Click on Account, then FSS License Transfer . Type in your email address (again, preferrably the same one you used at FSS), then click Request FSS License Transfer . You will then receive an email from FSS asking you to take a few further steps to complete the transfer. You will find the new OrbxDirect website is laid out differently and is less cluttered than before. Take some time to have a look around and see where everything is. We've added over 2,500 brand new screenshots and we hope you like the revised format. Now you're ready to download the new FTX Central V3. Click on the Get FTX Central button on the main page." The rest of using FTXC is pretty straightforward. Cheers
  8. KSAN & KPSP work fine with their OpenLC NA - you don't need the SoCal region. There's a switch in the settings for compatibility. Cheers
  9. paulhand

    Default viewpoints in P3Dv4

    Kyle - this issue is only in the P8 not the commercial variants. My fault for not noting that before. It is also reported here: Cheers
  10. paulhand

    PMDG P8 Poseidon P3Dv4 - Incorrect Eyepoint

    I reported this earlier but didn't think to check other variants. Will take a look in the morning and advise whether just the Poseidon on my set up. Cheers
  11. paulhand

    Default viewpoints in P3Dv4

    Nope - absolutely clean P3Dv4 install done earlier this morning. NGX is the ONLY add on installed. I later installed the 777 which was fine in terms of view points. Thanks
  12. paulhand

    Default viewpoints in P3Dv4

    Hi Just installed the NG into a clean P3Dv4 installation and all of my default cockpit viewpoints are either in the furniture or outside. I can move these around to eventually get them roughly correct but these changes do not persist beyond one session. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but that doesn't help. Any thoughts? Please see attached pictures: Thanks
  13. paulhand

    AI traffic for V4

    Yep - I think you are reading that correctly. It's what the UTLive app tells you it has although I haven't properly checked this. UTLive is still officially "in beta" so this ratio may improve and what you are still getting is a very easy to set up AI package that injects traffic into the sim properly and is, to a reasonable extent, configurable with your own liveries and schedules. Sure you could find and assign the 1,200 they've already done, but you'd also need to assign schedules and compile these into usable bgls and you'd still have no easy way to manage them in the sim. It all depends how much of your time is worth saving $30 for... personally I think it has plenty of faults and I'm not a huge fan of F1's support but for $30 it's the easiest to use and overall best of the options there is out there for v4 at the moment even though v4 is not "officially supported". cheers
  14. paulhand

    AI traffic for V4

    Depends on your definition of cured. In the current beta release there are approximately: 1262 "aircraft repaints assignments" and 1365 "aircraft using generic Daedalus" My numbers are slightly different to the default as I have added in Virgin Australia, which was a "Daedalus" assignment and messed with the Alaska mappings as they are still showing AS flying CRJs (which I think were retired at the end of last year in favour of E175s). Cheers
  15. paulhand

    Tfdi 717

    I agree with most of the comments here. It's improved a lot and works well in P3Dv4. The developers are pretty responsive to fixing things that are not quite right yet. It isn't at the level of a PMDG or FSL aircraft, if you are looking for comparisons think Aerosoft A320 type level, which is where I suspect it will top out. Remember though that it's also half the price of a PMDG/FSL aircraft in P3D. I think it's good now and will be great when it's done and I'm just happy someone made a 717 to even this level. Cheers