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  1. Version 4.3.3 fixes all known bugs.
  2. Did you actually ask me for permission to publicly upload my files (textures) here on a server other than flightsim.to for comparison? Have you read the terms before you judge others? Think about it!
  3. Smoke from the exhaust pipes when you start the engine.
  4. Pay attention to details. Even the clock glows with bright radium color 🥰
  5. a 3rd party co-pilot not visable fix is no longer needed never noticed a "no beacon light" bug. Will check...
  6. A little self-promotion: https://de.flightsim.to/file/7588/piaggio-p-149d-as-403-d-efyz
  7. I still found a small bug in the voltmeter, but Andrey couldn't add the solution to the 2.15 release. Bug: Airplane on the ground, battery on, engine off, generator circuit breaker closed, the volt meter shows 0 (because the generator is not running), but it should show battery voltage in this case! Please try it yourself to declare it as a bug. Solutions: Replace the following entry in the "ATS_PG_INTERIOR.xml" file: <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim_Code"> <ANIM_NAME>PG_needle_volt</ANIM_NAME> <ANIM_CODE>(L:PG_Power) if{ (A:GENERAL ENG MASTER ALTERNATOR, bool) (A:ELECTRICAL GENALT BUS VOLTAGE, Volts) (A:ELECTRICAL BATTERY VOLTAGE, Volts) &gt; &amp;&amp; if{ (A:ELECTRICAL GENALT BUS VOLTAGE, Volts) } els{ (A:ELECTRICAL BATTERY VOLTAGE, Volts) } } els{ 0 }</ANIM_CODE> <ANIM_LENGTH>30</ANIM_LENGTH> <ANIM_LAG>100</ANIM_LAG> </UseTemplate> Only for people who know what they are doing 😉
  8. To download it use the link in your purchase letter with /ats-fwp149d-2.15.exe at the end.
  9. Version 2.15 released... Changelog 2.15 - Copilot visibility fix 👍 - Lights configuration on load fixed - Fuel pump lamp fixed - Keep decals language 👍 - Alternator bus connection fixed - Voltmeter fixed 🤥 2.14 - Startup and hot air effect 😍 - AI piloting startup and flying - Lamps bloom effect - Battery capacity fix - Starter battery load fix - Interior LODs added 👍
  10. This is what the developer Andrey wrote me as a changelog: Most changes were about code redone for correct electric functionality, some typos on German fixes, gamepad functionality fixes. -COM Vol knob not turning -Oil gauge not working when fuse is in. Works when fuse is pulled out- -Oil gauge should work separately from the two fuses for oil pressure and oil temperature -Text: Below BRANDHAHN should read ZIEHEN ZU -Text: DI THERMOMETER should read DIE THERMOMETER (Oil and CHT) -Text: GENERATOR WARNING should read WARNUNG -Elevator Trim indicator moving into wrong direction -Checklists
  11. There is a new version. After I reported some bugs the final download-version is 2.13. To download it use the link in your purchase letter with /ats-fwp149d-2.13.exe at the end. The bug with the missing co-pilot in the exterior view was not fixed with the update, but you can fix it by yourself. Change in the flight_model.cfg file following entries: station_load.0 =190, 0.63, -1.11, 0.15, TT:Pilot, 0 station_load.1 =190, 0.63, 1.11, 0.05, TT: Copilot, 0 station_load.2 =0, -2, -1, 0, TT: Passenger 1, 0 station_load.3 =0, -2, 1, 0, TT:Passenger 2, 0 station_load.4 =77, -4.1, 0, -0.2, TT:Baggage, 0 change to: station_load.0 =190, 0.63, -1.11, 0.15, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.PILOT, 1 station_load.1 =190, 0.63, 1.11, 0.05, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.COPILOT, 2 station_load.2 =0, -2, -1, 0, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.PASSENGER_LEFT, 5 station_load.3 =0, -2, 1, 0, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.PASSENGER_RIGHT, 5 station_load.4 =77, -4.1, 0, -0.2, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.CARGO, 6
  12. I don't mean that it should switch to the tab, but it should "preload" the procedures of this airport when I double-click on the airport I am looking for. When I then go to the procedures tab, the correct airport is already called up there and not some other airport from last time! I will take your options. Thank you for your answer and your work...
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