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  1. I don't mean that it should switch to the tab, but it should "preload" the procedures of this airport when I double-click on the airport I am looking for. When I then go to the procedures tab, the correct airport is already called up there and not some other airport from last time! I will take your options. Thank you for your answer and your work...
  2. Hello Alex, I'm a "luser" when it comes to using LittleNavMap. What bothers me a bit about the intuitive operation is the following: If I look for an airport in the search (e.g. EDDH) and double click on it, then information about the airport is displayed, it is displayed on the map, but why aren't the procedures switched to this airport as well? I have to additionally right-click the airpot I'm looking for and select "Show all Procedures" each time. Why isn't this done automatically with the double-click? Best regards Raller
  3. I love the "new" sound. Masterpiece 🏆
  4. I noticed that too. In addition, the plane (when taxiing slowly) pushes over the front wheel when you steer fully left or right (understeer). So the front tire would be quickly rubbed off 😬
  5. I don't know if this has already been answered here: Is there a list of the known bugs and systems not yet fully coded? This prevents me/us from posting about things that are still in progress or known!
  6. Does the YD work as it should? When I turn it on, it doesn't affect the movement of the rudder! AP off, YD on Version 1.5.0, GTNXi
  7. I think there are still some things not working properly on the annunciator panel! - DOOR WARN - L. ALT OUT - R. ALT OUT - CABIN ALT (above 10.000 ft) - HYD PRESS - A COND HYD Also WINDSHIELD should lit on test, even if it is not installed. (IMO) Or the lamp is really broken 😀 BTW most beautiful and best modeled airplane. outstanding system depth, super sound, great immersion 🏆❤️
  8. Have found two texture bugs so far. One on the right landing gear brake hose and one on the fuel selector - should be called Right Engine.
  9. The only thing I can imagine is that some duplicated key or joystick axis is assigned to the landing gear. Are you using FSUIPC?
  10. About the radio: Hello Ralf! Here is the page from Becker radio manual attached. You may see that it has a 25 kHz minimum step in reality. But the issuer is known, we'll find out how to manage that in update coming. Best regards, Andrey I hope that there will be an update for the radio, for the most sold Piaggio aircraft in Germany, which was also built under license in Germany, so that I can use it in Germany 😏
  11. After the latest MSFS update there is no gear warning alert sound anymore in the cockpit. The warning light comes up but no sound. Can anyone confirm this bug?
  12. How can I set a COM frequency like 119.980? I have only 25 KHz steps!
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