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  1. Those are the "camo patterns" I'm referring to. For some reasons I had never paid attention until fairly recently - now I check for them on each and every flight, and see them all the time LOL https://www.dropbox.com/s/qpedfy86l9p4m5k/camo pattern1.jpg?dl=0 Under the belly of the An-2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/roh536njuvv34pf/camo pattern2.jpg?dl=0 or the above forest and clearings. I find this quite distracting, as if manmade deforestation everywhere. or maybe I'm just a spoilt brat !!! Cheers, 2Low2Slow edit. Can't figure out how to post pics on AVsim... One of those mysteries in life.
  2. That's the bird ! No trash, confirmed. Very much the opposite. Install via the Installer you will be downloading -- entirely safe, fantastic UI and darn convenient. And don't miss out all the in-depth documentation on the website ! Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  3. I can do that. Been waiting some 20 odd years for a flight sim such as MSFS 2020 anyway 😛 It was worth the wait ! Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  4. Having a slight issue with ground textures in the sim. At first I thought I was seeing "things" and forced myself to ignore what was a slight irritation but then today I decided to tackled my issue and failed miserably. Basically, my ground textures now often look like some type of "digital camouflage" , particularly noticeable on the edges of forests, or different types of rock formations and such. I was planning to include a screenshot, but not much luck. Looks somehow similar to this from a distance, although not as sharp : I'm on a GeForce RTX 2080 Super under DX11 / 2560X1440 / TAA / Render Scaling 100 / Terrain Detail 220 / Objects Detail 120 / Anisotropic 8X / Text Supersampling 4X4 and everything else pretty much on High. Messed around with Render Scaling and Terrain Detail values, to no effect so far ! Anyone one else been through this? Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  5. Another guinea pig here. Nothing particular to report. Sim runs as it did the day prior to 531.41. On a side note, why is MSFS 2020 never selected as a GeForce Game Ready for the next driver's update? Just curious. Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  6. Indeed 😕 All the default Asobo-whatever Club An-2 liveries are utter word not allowed. Off to the rubbish can, each and every time. Plain waste of space. Checked flightsim.to and, beware, the few An-2 liveries I found are NOT for this particular bird. They apparently are for a freeware An-2 released quite some time ago. No worries, I'm sure artists out there won't be able to resist ! Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  7. Excellent news ! Been waiting for this big boy to hit MSFS for a very loooooooooong time. AT did an excellent job with the Piaggio P.149, I do hope the An-2 will also meet expectations. Pity it is not available direct from the Devs 😕 Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  8. I used to suffer from heavy performance drops flying the FBW or Fenix with flights beyond the 4hrs-and-a-half mark (if I recall correctly). It apparently was a sim issue. Has this been solved? If so, I may give it a go once again. Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  9. Does anyone know if the bird has a Simbrief profile yet? Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  10. Here for the latest version V2.0.6 - 20-Feb-2023 - fixed ALT breaker - fixed NAV lights not connected to breaker https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qmKwnRL6uswEdS9XbBsAU86lgcqg4q5H/view?usp=share_link or there https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U7Dgli3BKDYpcGzU7ffzSEAK2ww4SSVm/view?usp=share_link All good and safe, Dev uploads bypassing Flightsim.to Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  11. Astonishing. The FBW Team has proven over and over that their work does deliver top-notch quality to the community. Cheers, 2Low2SLow
  12. Great story ! That's a very proud Dad on that pic, rightly so too😁 I look forward to the day she once again flies - well beyond the virtual skies - as a powerful sign that Ukraine has defeated the terrible aggression and bloodshed thrown upon the country. Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  13. Have they seriously hinted in any ways at an eventual WW2 Heavy? I would buy anything, be it a B17, a B24, a B29, or a Stirling. Ideally though, it would be a Lanc 😛 Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  14. Steam version here. On the very rare occasions I do fancy something off the Marketplace I always first "fill up" my Steam wallet with the adequate amount of cash, and then proceed to my purchase within the sim. Never got a "Purchase Pending" with this method, maybe coincidental since I tend to avoid the place like the plague. Cheers, 2Low2Slow
  15. Please delete the thread. Got ninja'ed while walking the dogs ! 2Low2Slow
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