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  1. Hello All, Finally about to replace my GTX1070 with an ASUS 2080 Super or ASUS 2080Ti. Can anyone tell me if the extra 3 Gig of video RAM in the 2080Ti is of any use in P3D4. My preference is for the 2080 Super given that all suppliers seem to have put the price of the Ti up significantly overnight. (From 1900 Australian dollars up to around 2400). Not sure if the latest batch are different in some way but this is a big increase. This increase is also evident on Ebay. Does anyone know of the reason for this increase? (and no I am not talking about the 2080 Matrix which is pushing double the price). Regards, Steve.
  2. Hello Hardware Gurus, I have an i9900 overclocked to 5.0. Although it has 8 cores, when I check the performance, it monitors what it calls 16 "logical" processors. When running P3D4.5 the first of these "logical processors is nearly always at 100% whereas all the others, whist obviously doing some work are spiking up and down consistently between 30% and 50%. The overall (I am guessing this is an average) CPU reading is at around 65%. Does the first logical processor at 100% mean I have a bottleneck or should I be going by the overall reading of 65% and believing the system is cruising? Regards, Steve.
  3. Hello All, As a relative newcomer to the world of overclocking, I worry that the increase in temperatures caused by my overclocking my be hazardous to the health of my system. My i9 9900 is at 5.0 and running at around 50C spiking at 60C. My ASUS Z390-F motherboard is only at 40-50C but my ASUS GTX1070 (overclocked to around 1890 is running at around 60C, spiking to 70C sending the fans into a frenzy. Are these temps OK? Steve.
  4. Another novice question if I may. You suggested a monitor that is capable of 30Hz. What are the benefits of 30Hz over 60Hz? Steve.
  5. Hello Again, As a relative novice when it comes to monitoring hardware performance, which software are you using to find out the figures for the CPU and GPU usage? Steve.
  6. Thanks for the replies. That was most helpful. The CPU is an i9900K @5GHz so it will be interesting to see how I go. Steve.
  7. Hello, I have just finally made the jump from FSX to P3D. The screen resolution options in P3D (version4.5) have 1920x1080 as the maximum option. Is this because it knows I have only a GTX1070 card and a 1920x1080 monitor? Would going to a an RTX2080 and new 4K monitor bring up the 3842x2160 option in P3D or does it simply not run at these higher resolutions? Hope this is not a really dumb question from a novice! Thanks, Steve.
  8. Hello, My last build was some 6-7 years ago with an i7 3770K when de-lidding was all the rage. I successfully did this and achieved great results. However with the latest i9 9900K it appears to be a far more difficult process. If I am looking for the turbo frquency of 5 Ghz is it worth delidding? Steve Shallcross.
  9. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Hello, I have spent so much money on scenery add ons for FSX over the years and now am finally switching to P3D V4. This is probably a dumb question that has been asked many times (but I can't find it). Apart from my Orbx products, will any of my other FSX/P3DV3 sceneries work with P3D V4? Regards, Steve Shallcross.
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