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  1. Thanks for the replies. I now have hope.
  2. Just wondering if the likes of PMDG, Fenix or Flightsim Labs realize just how much money there is to be made by producing a long haul airliner for MSFS2020. Something like a B777, B 787, A330, A350 or A380. We simmers are crying out for it!!! I know Captain Sim have done a B777 but lets not go there. Steve Shallcross.
  3. Which program can be used to open a *.opt file?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. That makes 3 folders I have. Just wondering which one I should point to when entering the folder location for Data in the settings.
  5. Hello All, As a relative newcomer to MSFS2020, I hope this is not a stupid question. I installed MSFS2020 on a different drive to Windows 10 and as a result I think I have inadvertently created two package folders with add on installations in both. I have one at C:\Users\Stephen\AppData\Local\Packages and one at F:\MSFS2020Packages\Community. Is this a problem? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  6. Hello All, For some reason, several of my airports now have no runway markings and in some cases the runway is shiny and reflective even though conditions are dry. Furthermore taxiways look more like dirt tracks. Any thoughts? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  7. Hello All, I hope this is not a stupid question but is there any way to have the external view without the instruments being displayed? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  8. Hello All, Apologies if this is a stupid question. After many years enjoying P3D and FSX before that, I have finally started exploring MSFS2020. Is there a way to pan around the cockpit, and around the aircraft when in external view, using the hat switch on the CH products yoke? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  9. Hello Everyone, When downloading and installing the massive update, I get several files then it just keeps downloading the same file over and over again without progressing to the next file. has anyone else experienced this? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  10. Hello All, When taxiing many of my aircraft in Version 5.2. the aircraft constantly wants to steer left. I steer with my CH rudder pedals and need full right to go straight. Using the left pedal results in a U-turn. This has only just started happening and I have not changed any of the axis assignments. Yes I have re-calibrated and gone through all the controller settings to check for a conflict. Any ideas please? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  11. Hello, Can somebody please tell me how to attach a screenshot of a problem to a post in this forum. Please excuse me if I am stupid but "insert image from URL" makes no sense to me. Regards, Stephen Shallcross
  12. Hello All, For some reason the initial planning screen in P3D v4.5 started to display incorrectly. It just started doing it one day and does it every time in different ways with graphics showing oversized in the wrong place blocking out needed buttons etc. Clicking any button will cause further problems. Does anyone know why? I have a screenshot but don't seem to be able to attach it to this post. Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  13. Problem solved. After much experimentation I found OrbX Global Base pack was causing the problem. I uninstalled and re installed it and problem fixed.
  14. Hello, We all know the days of having complete control over the scenery.cfg file ended with FSX. With some sceneries entered with a different method they are greyed out in the scenery library and can't be moved. Even OrbX Central doesn't seem to do what it is told. Just wondering if there are any rules regarding scenery installation into P3D v4.5. Are there rules regarding how many drives can be used? Are there any rules regarding what can be installed onto the same drive as P3D or the same drive as Windows? My scenery order is out of control and I thought I knew what I was doing!!!! Regards, Steve.
  15. The version is The latest I believe. I downloaded it fresh before the install. I was not aware of the problem before mass installing of sceneries. It may have existed.
  16. After further experimentation I have found that P3Dv4.5 will load every time when the location is any 3rd party scenery but when the location is part of the default scenery, the loading hangs when the autogen starts loading. Has Orbx done something to the default autogen? I have no other theories. Does anybody else? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  17. Hello All. I have just completed a fresh install of P3D v4.5 and all the addons. However when I load the program just using the default location, loading stalls at 69% at the "loading auto-generated scenery..." stage. It has not just slowed down - it stays at 69% for as long as I wish to wait. So far all other locations seem to load fine. Does anybody know what could be causing this?
  18. … and no they are not wind farms. No blades.
  19. Hello All, When flying at altitude in P3DV4 I get numerous vertical thin lines showing. They look like aerials or masts except they are too numerous at times and are present in the desert and out of the ocean. I have screenshots but don't seem to be able to attach them. Does anyone else have this problem? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  20. Hello All, Finally about to replace my GTX1070 with an ASUS 2080 Super or ASUS 2080Ti. Can anyone tell me if the extra 3 Gig of video RAM in the 2080Ti is of any use in P3D4. My preference is for the 2080 Super given that all suppliers seem to have put the price of the Ti up significantly overnight. (From 1900 Australian dollars up to around 2400). Not sure if the latest batch are different in some way but this is a big increase. This increase is also evident on Ebay. Does anyone know of the reason for this increase? (and no I am not talking about the 2080 Matrix which is pushing double the price). Regards, Steve.
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