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  1. Thanks, Ray. I'll check it out and let you know. Bob
  2. Hi, Ray. Thanks for the response. I was launching RC4 via a shortcut. However, when I launch it in the folder, it does the same thing. Never seen anything like it. I'll scan the registry and see if there are any references to Roxio there. I'll keep you posted. Bob
  3. I have installed RC4 on my system (Win 10). When I run the program, rather than start RC, it brings up a Windows Installer for Roxio Creator (particularly odd since I've never run a Roxio product). After the Roxio installer quits, then it starts a regular undefined Windows installer. After this quits, then RC starts. The whole process can take about 10 minutes. I've been using RC through every iteration since probably version 2 and have never seen anything quite like this. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, yeah, I did a total uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and then redownloaded and reinstalled. Same problem. Bob Jones Intel 17-2600 CPU@ 3.40GHz 8.00 GB RAM Windows 10
  4. RC has been my favorite ATC since its beginning. Thanks for some great memories.
  5. Problem solved! Downloaded new files. Thanks for the help, Dan! Bob Jones
  6. Thanks, Dan. I'll do that tonight! Best wishes, Bob Jones
  7. Good evening, Is there any solution yet on the "coexistence failure" on install? I received the message when I tried to update a few weeks ago and have been following the PMDG website, but haven't seen a solution yet. Thanks for any info. Bob Jones
  8. I'm still experiencing the CTD problem that we have been talking about. I'm using FS9.1 on a Gateway with the following specs:Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp.051011-1528)System Manufacturer: GATEWAYSystem Model: GM5260BIOS: Default System BIOSProcessor: Intel® Core2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs)Memory: 2030MB RAMPage File: 479MB used, 3441MB availableI have also returned to IE6, even though I use Firefox.I am wondering if one of the Windows updates is causing the problem, although I'm not sure how I would find out except by removing one at a time and running a flight.Oh yeah, one other thing: This problem occurs with FSUIPC 3.70, 3.71, or 3.72.If anyone has come up with a meaningful solution, please let me know. I can provide any further system info as needed.Thanks,Bob Jones
  9. Actually, considering that the Bus is still my favorite all-time sim, I think that can be arranged. We can create a special livery that shapes the windscreen and radar dome to resemble your eyes and nose!!
  10. Norman,No sympathy, just glad to hear that you're doing better.Also glad to hear the news re 757. When it comes out, I will set up a shrine in which to venerate your image :-)
  11. John and Steven,Thanks. I'll redownload the package and see if that helps. As to the e-mails, I was very surprised not to have a reply since Norman has usually been quick to respond. When I didn't receive a reply on the first one, I thought something on my end might have been the problem. When the second one went unanswered that, combined with the problems that everyone has noted in the forum, led me to suspect something more sinister (a slight chuckle). By the way, John, this is my first contribution to the forums in a long time. I usually get a bit put off by all the @#$@$@#$ language and the SHOUTING. Your calm response has made this much easier for my sensitive soul and ears!Steven, I'll try to reinstall the aircraft and I'll e-mail you if the problem persists. Otherwise, you can assume that things are working better.
  12. John,Actually, the problem is with the 757-200 (not the freighter, but the passenger model). Since I mostly fly Delta planes, my problem is with the PW version. Would the fix you mentioned work in this case?Bob J
  13. John,Thanks for your response. I've searched the forum for a fix on the 75 but have had no luck, obviously :-)The model with the problem is the 757-200.Thanks again and, all right, I'll give PSS a little slack. After all, I guess after good results with all the stuff I've bought from them (I still love the Airbus models), they'll probably clean this up pretty well.Bob J
  14. I'm very sorry to hear that Norman is not well and he will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery.That being said, his illness is a rather recent development. The problem with the load editor/fuel planner for the 757 is of a much more chronic nature and continues to reflect badly on PSS. My last post, which was written with the same level of vitriole as this, was deleted. I'm not sure why.Also, two emails that I sent to PSS concerning an issue with the autobrakes/spoilers on the 757 never received responses, even a polite one to say "We're looking at it."I am not sure why these problems plague PSS in ways don't seem to affect other developers. I am sure of one thing, though: I will think long and hard before buying again from PSS. This from a person who owns Seneca, B747-400, B777-200 (early version), Airbus Pro, A330-340, Concorde, B777 Pro (all models) and B757 (all models).Bob Jones
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