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  1. The only thing I can imagine is that some duplicated key or joystick axis is assigned to the landing gear. Are you using FSUIPC?
  2. About the radio: Hello Ralf! Here is the page from Becker radio manual attached. You may see that it has a 25 kHz minimum step in reality. But the issuer is known, we'll find out how to manage that in update coming. Best regards, Andrey I hope that there will be an update for the radio, for the most sold Piaggio aircraft in Germany, which was also built under license in Germany, so that I can use it in Germany 😏
  3. After the latest MSFS update there is no gear warning alert sound anymore in the cockpit. The warning light comes up but no sound. Can anyone confirm this bug?
  4. How can I set a COM frequency like 119.980? I have only 25 KHz steps!
  5. My additional tip is: If you have a notebook or an ipad within the same (wlan) network as your MSFS computer, than you can also open a browser on it and use "http://<msfs-computer-ip>:9000". This opens the map on a second device!
  6. I am not a real pilot. Has anyone already tested the "Rafael Ledezma Power Setting Mod" and can tell me if the engine and flight behavior is more realistic? Link to AVSIM Library I think that the engine start (now you have to give a little thrust), the climb rate and the corresponding speed have changed positively. PS: But now I need much more time at the start to accelerate to 100 Kts. The runway in EDHK is almost not enough anymore 😬
  7. Okay, now I know what went wrong: If you didn't have an assignment in the aircraft.cfg at the beginning, P3D sets a 0. When I load the airplane this way, the state-file will contain this 0. Now I change the aircraft.cfg afterwards and set a flight number. But when I load the plane, P3D takes the state from the state-file, and there is 0 in it! So the tip with the "state-file" brought the solution. When the state file is emptied, it also takes my changes from the aircraft.cfg. Makes sense...
  8. @iwebber The flight number is stored in the state file indeed, but this is done by P3D. For example, if I manually assign the flight number when loading the aircraft, then this is stored in this file as part of the "aircraft state". But changing the file by myself is the wrong way IMO, because it is "maintained" by P3D and is always adjusted by P3D and is nothing permanent.
  9. @iwebber thx, i will try that. I can remember that back in P3D it always worked with the "atc_flight_number=" variable. But for a long time now, the flight number has always been 0, no matter what aircraft. The SDK says: "The ATC system will use this number as part of the aircrafts callsign. ATC will treat this aircraft as an airliner when this is used in conjunction with atc_airline."
  10. When I set (together with the airline) a flightnumber within the aircraft.cfg, e.g atc_airline = Lufthansa atc_flight_number = 123 this will be ignored by P3Dv4.5. I load the ailplane and the airline is taken over, but the flightnumber is 0. Is this a bug or a feature?
  11. Tipp: If you hover with your mouse over the white needle, you can read the volts! If the engine is off and you only have the battery switch on and then wait for 10 minutes, then you will see how the battery voltage drops further and further until the cockpit switches off.
  12. Yes, both generators off and than the volts go down to battery-voltage (24V or even less). Unfortunately the voltammeter in the side console is also coded incorrectly. It shows left and right generator amps, that's ok. But than it should show BATTERY LOAD (charge or discharg), but it shows bus-amps (in BATT position). Also the last switch position is OFF, but it should show the bus-voltage (the reason why the instrument also has an amps and a volts scalar). With this you could check the voltage, 28V with both or at least one generator. Battery voltage (24V) if both gens are off or broken (and than the low volt indicator lights up, below 25V). I made the voltammeter work as expected for myself, but this is hardcore coding within the model.mdl file. One mistake and the file is broke! PS: Actually the same as in your car with the red battery warning light (and the low oil pressure light when the engine and thus the alternator and the oil pump stand still 😁 )
  13. I found and corrected another little bug on the panel - the low voltage light. The AFM says, the red low voltage light advises that the bus voltage is less than 25 volts. But Alabeo coded it to check just the left generator voltage! I changed it to check now the bus voltage. To show you how easy it is to do it right: the wrong code-line is this <Visibility>(A:ELECTRICAL GENALT BUS VOLTAGE:1, volts) 25 &lt;</Visibility> but it should be this <Visibility>(A:ELECTRICAL MAIN BUS VOLTAGE, volts) 25 &lt;</Visibility> So Alabeo/Carenado, please pay attention to details 😡
  14. I never paid much attention to the pressuaration system in generally and first had to find out more about it on the Internet. I only found out that the C421 can go up to 5 PSI cabin pressure and from this value on the rear valves should open automatically to release the excess pressure. But the automatic opening doesn't seem to work, so the pressure keeps rising and rising until the needle on the instrument breaks or the windows fly out. I climbed up to 30,000 feet and when I hover the mouse over the gauge it showed more than 20 PSI or so. I can release the pressure manually, but that can't be intended. Also, I'm not sure if the Cabin Altitude Selector has any effect at all. And the Rate Selector Knob is not clickable. I found many lines of code regarding the system. Maybe with a few minor changes it could be improved.
  15. Little insider joke: 😄 Who is Heather? Is she a pilot or a stewardess? And why can she overheat? And if, what is the standard procedure to make her cool down?
  16. I added one more function to the annunciator panel: The amber heater overheat light illuminates, when the cabin heat is turned on on the side console but not even one of the controls "defrost", "aft" or "fwd" is pulled (it's not totally realistic but ok for me)
  17. I improved the C421 annunciator panel behavior (as described in the AFM) to make it a little more realistic: The amber cabin altitude light now advises that cabin altitude is above 10,000 feet The amber left and right hydraulic flow light is now lit when the associated engine is off The green air conditioning hydraulic pressure light now advises that the a/c compressor is in operation (a/c switch to cool) The white courtesy light now advises that the overhead flight deck flood light are illuminated (unfortunately together with the panel light) The amber hydraulic pressure light now advises that hydraulic pressure is being applied to the landing gear retraction and extension system (during gear operation) Send me a PM with your email address. Hope you'll like it and please leave a feedback.
  18. Absolutely excellent work. Works great. Makes the annunciator panel much more realistic. Thanks a lot for this mod. Best regards Raller
  19. This exceeds my abilities or my current level of knowledge. But let me know when you succeed 😁
  20. I don't think Carenado has divided the instrument lighting into different areas. It's probably an entire object. So it will be impossible to turn individual cockpit areas on or off.
  21. Everything is fine, I have to thank you for the hint with the ModelConverterX. I will use the tool more often now for modding or to find bugs 😀 PS: Just for practice: I'm just trying to find out why the light test on the gear-up indicator doesn't work!
  22. ...I think the timer is for when the indicator light is pressed to test it, it will pop out automatically after a short time.
  23. Cool, I have always used the ModelConverterX only for repainting. I think I should take a closer look at this tool.
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