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  1. no need to hurry, the REX Radar ist not yet compatible with P3d 4.2, it is still crashing the sim.
  2. Hi Bill, the new aricraft.cfg is the same as the one in your v.1.0 mod. But there are some differents between the -021 and -135 aircraft.cfg which I dont understand: BTW: are ther any plans to replace the Carenado EFIS with the REX wx Radar?
  3. i failed to understand what you mean? This is my first and only topic.
  4. Hello Flysimware, I have bought your aircarft after reading this decription on your website. But - this is far away from being a correct turboprop simulation, the Engine simulation has some major flaws: 1. Changing the condition levers has no impact on ITT - you can climb with 100% thrust and lower the condition levers to taxi, there is no consequence on Temperature. In RL, your Engine would be melting ... In a correct turboprop simulation, you have to pay attention on the ITT, in the Flysimware way of simulating, it is impossible to raise the temps to Red Line. 2. Lowering the Cond. Levers from TO/LND to MIN Cruise leaves the Prop-RPM at 100 %. This is a Major Bug and far away from even a simplified turboprop simulation! 3. The Prop-Sounds don´t catch up with RPM changing. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I think if Flysimware will leave this statement “The most realistic Garrett turboprop simulation aircraft on the market” on their website, they should contact PMDG an ask them to take the J41 from the market. This is real a shame, because the FDE of this aircraft is nice done an a Joy in Hand-Flying. BTW. Since the July patch, the Light Check boxes in the ConfigManager don´t work anymore.