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  1. Same as the OP here. I stopped buying through F1, all download products, about 15 years ago. Bought the CD/DVD versions of products. They are fine to use. However, now they are ending Disc Media, so that will be the end of dealing with F1 for me. It all smacks of DRM Paranoia, much the same way the Earth Simulations system was. That of course ended in the company's demise, people just could not be bothered jumping through all the hoops. I get the point about copyright theft but is it really necessary to turn folks lives into such a chaotic turmoil ? I for one vote with my wallet and don't allow any company to wind me up.
  2. Sounds like a VAS issue. A search for Virtual Address Space on the forums should turn up plenty of information for you. Only cure however, is to use a 64bit Sim (P3D or X-Plane)
  3. Thanks for that. Yes, I still fly FS9 from time to time...a bit of nostalgia.
  4. ORBX DVDs were around for the first version of P3D which in effect was the same as FSX. Go to the ORBX website & search for the offers to upgrade to the current version (4.x). You will need all your original invoice details.
  5. Given that they never did it for either v1 or v2. It would seem highly unlikely that they would start at this point in time. They did cover the island of Ireland but it was of very poor quality. Water Masking being the main offender, followed by colours (colors for US folk). It was cheap, however. Guess you get what you pay for at the end of the day. Central Scotland from Horizon was about £35 if i remember rightly, when it was released.
  6. Why not try Plan-G http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/ Very versatile and free. Though donations are always welcome.
  7. Given that each product has the date it was listed...2012/13/14/etc. Think it's safe to assume that those which specify P3D are for earlier versions, rather than the latest. All were originally created for FSX.
  8. "Haven't done business with them since the Computer Pilot debacle." Ah yes, it's coming back to me now. New there was a reason I stopped dealing with them. New 2 year subscription just up and vanished.
  9. Show me a hobby that isn't a money pit. For myself its worth every penny and much cheaper than replacing my DSLR camera bodies every couple of years Remember the old saying, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
  10. Existing customers do not forget to log in to receive your discount.
  11. Just discovered that the FSUIPC saved flight function also does not work in VR. No big deal but it is handy when everything goes pear shaped, for whatever reason.
  12. Seem to recall reading somewhere that the "green" variety of HDDs tend to stop & start in order to save power, hence the "green" tag. Have always found WD Velociraptor or Caviar Black HDDs the better choice if using traditional hard drives. A bit more expensive but great performance.
  13. UPDATE TO ABOVE:- Following correspondence with Kelvin, it was determined that the problem lay with a corrupt password for the installation. Not corrupt Files. He was most helpful and the problem is now sorted...Thank You, Kelvin.
  14. Hi Howard, if you are using antdavison's Photo Scenery the resolution is very low. Must be in the region of 4.8m, like the very early Horizon Netherlands. Need to be around 5000ft to get a sharpish image. As apposed to about 2500 for Gen-X. Have you managed to download and unpack the Autogen ok ? When I unpack the Zip file with Winrar it tells me the content is corrupt. Have tried three times now on two different machines, using two different Operating Systems...all with the same result...File checksum errors...about 90,000 or so of them . Ah well, such is life. Better drop Kelvin a line and get him to check his upload at Google Drive.
  15. I think like most folk, when I started simming 19 years ago, I went over the top buying Airports to go with the Scenery. Becomes a bit of a "money pit" if you aren't careful. Rarely purchase any nowadays outside of the UK. Happy with my UK2000 collection, alongside Scotflight offerings. Only use ORBX for US and Aus/NZ. Stopped buying their airports as they got more complex. Great creations that they are, I am not really interested in watching the grass grow or Butterflies dance around.
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