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    Ex Handley Page and Hawker Siddeley Aviation apprentice.
    Have worked on Dart Herald and Jetstream airliners as well as A300B European Airbus development as stress engineer. Trainee glider pilot at Handley Page Aircraft.
  1. Have just spent a fruitless afternoon trying to get to grips with FSUIPC and could not even get the axis panel to appear as per the FSUIPC user manual illustration. Will try and get some more information from the suppliers of the yoke and rudder pedals who produce the calibration and interface software currently supporting the hardware. Perhaps removing FSUIPC altogether may solve the problem, it appears to be a result of conflict between two separate interfaces linking the hardware to the sim. Anyway, going on holiday for a couple of weeks and will give it a rest for a while. Dave
  2. Thanks for all your suggestions guys, I will have to get into using FSUIPC, (it is already on my friends system). One thing I forgot to mention is that the fluttering simultaneously affects all three control surfaces at once (ailerons, elevators and rudder) and when it starts and stops, all three control surfaces start and stop fluttering together at the same instant. This makes me think that it is probably a software rather than hardware issue. Having said that though, the yoke buttons have all ceased working completely as well, so there could be a hardware issue as well. I have spare buttons and yoke cable so can try and fix that if FSUIPC does not fix the problem. The Yoko yoke and Ruddo rudder pedals are only three years old but have had a lot of use in that time. Will keep you informed of progress, thanks for all your help. Dave
  3. I was helping a friend of mine with his simulator software set up and am unable to resolve a problem with fluttering control surfaces. I use FSX but my friend uses P3D v4 with a YOKO yoke and a RUDDO set of rudder pedals. After setting up these peripherals using the calibration procedures provided, the aircraft while stationary and also while flying exhibits fluttering control surfaces. Sometimes this doesn't happen, it appears to be an intermittent fault. I have tried altering the calibration sensitivity but this appears to have no effect on the problem. I would be grateful if anyone else who has experienced this and solved the problem could help. Dave
  4. Thank you guys for the info, will skip buying MSE Ireland (I have had some problems with the coastline of MSE England bleeding default scenery where there should be sea). Will buy Playsims Horizon Generation X Ireland East from Amazon instead. Will have to keep a look out for Scotland scenery selling cheaply, North and South Scotland available but quite expensive at the moment. Dave
  5. Does anybody know if Megascenery Earth are planning to produce a Scotland scenery? Trying to get hold of the complete Horizon scenery for Scotland is well nigh impossible as they ceased trading soon after the release of the final package (Central Scotland) and hardly any of these packs are around. A rare copy of this pack has just sold on eBay for £84.99! Dave
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