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  1. Thank you! That will helps me a lot! And if I do that, will I have to re-activate all my addons, and other programs that require an activation? Like FS addons (planes, utilities, ...) My main concern is that for few addons I don"t have anymore the keys, so if I loose the activation, I can't activate those addons anymore
  2. And what will be the perf of this one vs a i5 6600K Will I gain lot of power / FPS?
  3. Hi, Few months ago I built a new setup, with a MSI H170 Gaming M3 + i5 6600K + GTX 1070 The thing is a this moment I didnt think about OC, now I tried (I started to fly in VR and wanted to have more power) but then I realize that a H170 MOBO can't OC my CPU So I want to change by a Z170 but to be honest I don't want to reinstall my Windows and all other stuffs, the thing is that few of my serials (for W10, addons, simus, games, ect) aren't backup, so if I reinstall, I loose a lot of stuff, I'd like to avoid that Is it possible? If yes, how can I do that? Regards
  4. Absolutely not, I'll try, thank you for the idea
  5. Hello, I currently have an i5 6600K (that I can't overclock because when I purchased my MOBO, I took a MSI H170 Gaming M3, and with this one, no OC, so I'm stuck with 3,50 ghz, and I think that it's not enought for the VR because sometimes it's realy hard for me on P3D or XP11 to get the 30 FPS ad have something confortable if I want good graphisme So, I though about buying an i7 7700k (with 4,2 ghz stock), is it worth the upgrade? Will the perf be really better with this CPU?? Regards
  6. Hi, I confirm that in Aerofly FS2 the third person view is nice but also in XP11
  7. To be honest, maybe that it's beacause to many sliders are on the right with me, but on P3D V4, I've got realy bad perfs in comparition with XP11, and the sim with the best perfs are for sure Aerofly FS2, there you have easily +100 fps with graphisme max out
  8. Thank you for your answer, it's good to know But I was thinking about use the sim with the VR headset, so that's maybe better? Like on the video that HiFlyer is showing us, so I was thinking that like on a real plane, I'll feel the bumps and also see what I see when I actually flying
  9. Hi everyone, Twoo weeks ago I purchased the Oculus Rift, the immersion is realy good! But I'm also a real life student pilot, I started last year my PPL flying lesson (that I took in pause because I had some troubles) but when I was flying and the air was turbulent, I was quickly sick, so here is my first question, do you think (or know somebody) that was sick or taken by motion sickness and who with the help of a motion simulator + the VR headset was helped to be more resistant against turbulent air in real life? This is my main question, because if thanks to that combo I can resolve my problem of being sick quickly, to be honest even if that cost me the half of my PPL, it's maybe the only way to follow my dream so I'll do. My other questions is for those who have a motion simulator, do you have any to recommand me? I found those two on the internet The first is my favorite, the DOFReality V3, it seems realy good, solid, serious, good quality, not expensive (I thought it will be mooooooore) and I just have to buy a seat and it's complete, I already have a TM Wharthog and a TM Tx wheel (for racing sim) http://dofreality.com/ http://dofreality.com/motion-simulator-overview/ The second one is a french-made sim, but on this one, it's more expensive, and I don't have the yaw movement, so I'll have some interest on this one only if it's moooore resistant than the first one http://www.prosimu-shop.com/fr/simulator-t1000/53-t1000.html Is there someone here who owns one of those and is able to tell me if they are good?? Regards :) Have a good sunday
  10. I tried everything but the problem is that my tail wheel is stuck even on full right or full left, and once this is done I can't bring it back neutral
  11. Thank you for your answers I want to test the Comanche since it's release, I must think about it For the P51 I have it, and love it but I can't taxi and take off with it, when I put the throttle and try to apply some rudder, the aircraft go where it wants, and it's impossible to handle it
  12. Hello, I'm starting to enjoy VR in X plane, but I'd like to have the must have in term on immersion as a GA airplane sounds need to be really good for the immersion also I already own the Pipestrel Panthera but I would like something else for my VR flights
  13. Guys I have another question, I'm trying to tweak FI with X Plane (stiff the free version) but I see that tons of people are also tweaking with the nVidia control panel, where can I get it? I can't find a download link
  14. Thank you again! Where can I join the beta channel for the latest update???