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  1. What you are doing with the Ikarus is really intersting dovyou have a plan about when it can be available in our sim?? Regards
  2. Hi guys, I think that I MUST change my PSU, previously I've got a MSI Z270 MOBO with a i5 6600K and a GTX 1070, after 2 months I've got big troubles (sound card broken on the MOBO, and now I've big troubles with the 1070) just when I started to OC hte CPU Yesterday I mounted my Z370 and a 8700K but I don't want to have the same issue than before and fried everything, my current PSU is 650W, do you think that is enought for this: I7 8700K @4.7 (but I'll go on 5mhz later) GTX 1080Ti (very soon) 16 GB DDR4 (soon 32) 1SSD and 2 HDD 1 Watercooling for the CPU 2 fans on the box Oculus Rift And if a 750W PSU is a good choice (or maybe more) which one can you recommend me Regards SEHA Tanguy
  3. Nice gift! I also have the Rift but on a weaker system for the moment i5 6600K @ 4.6ghz gtx 1070 16GB RAM I just ordered the I7 8700K today because even if the VR is amazing like this, I’m too bottlenecks by my CPU And maybe that after I’ll go for a 1080Ti but don’t worry because even like this, I don’t have everything maxed out but it’s incredibly better than in 2D :p and with luck on Friday I’ll receive my new CPU so I’ll let you know how good it is with this power :p
  4. Hi guys, 6 months ago I mounted my MSI 1070 on my rig (i5 6600K @4.6 ghz, 16 GB ram DDR4) But since this, I purchased an Oculus Rift, AND a motion sim,n so now the immersion factor is incredible! My computer is wonderful but when I put the VR headset, on games it's still perfect (like PCars 2, Dirt Rally, IL2, DCS) but for my main sim X Plane 11 or sometimes P3D V4, the VR is difficult because I don't have any FPS (if I want something minimum eye candy) So my question is, coming from a 1070 to a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO will worth it on vr?? For non VR games (or optimized VR games) I know that It should be useless, but what about XP11 and P3D V4? Regards
  5. I realy want this plane, but for XP11 :p But it seems that the sale is only for FSX / P3D
  6. Good day everyone i have a motion sim (3Dof) since 2 weeks, with my work I don’t have the time to spend a lot of time on my computer, and when I can, I have some headache trying to configure Simtools for my rig, I don’t understand anything about this, is there someone here who is using it for a flight sim and can share me his settings? Like that I’ll copy them for me and adjust them for myself regards
  7. Hi, I just purchased FY for P3D4, but when I tried to run it, it tries to manage something in the camera.cfg that CP already changed, so I've got an error, I deleted the camera cfg so now FY is wrking but not ChasePlane (I want it for the view and the bumps) When CP is working, FY doesn't let run P3D V4 and says that I've the VC view that is missing, d when FY is working, when I launch FY, CP says that I have some corupted files (on the camera.Cfg) Here is the error message Regards
  8. Ok thank you :) I don't know why but I though that for the flight sim, the matters was the perfs on single core
  9. Hello, I was thinking about upgrade my mobo (that doesn't allow me to OC my CPU) but before doing that, I must choice between a 270 serie or a 370 (for an upgraade with a i7 8700k) but do you think that the i7 8700k will be better for the flight sim than what does the i7 7700K? I'm on P3D and X Plane 11 so both infos are welcome Thank you :)
  10. I've got a GTX 1070, so I think that the best upgrade I can do is the CPU
  11. Thank you! That will helps me a lot! And if I do that, will I have to re-activate all my addons, and other programs that require an activation? Like FS addons (planes, utilities, ...) My main concern is that for few addons I don"t have anymore the keys, so if I loose the activation, I can't activate those addons anymore
  12. And what will be the perf of this one vs a i5 6600K Will I gain lot of power / FPS?
  13. Hi, Few months ago I built a new setup, with a MSI H170 Gaming M3 + i5 6600K + GTX 1070 The thing is a this moment I didnt think about OC, now I tried (I started to fly in VR and wanted to have more power) but then I realize that a H170 MOBO can't OC my CPU So I want to change by a Z170 but to be honest I don't want to reinstall my Windows and all other stuffs, the thing is that few of my serials (for W10, addons, simus, games, ect) aren't backup, so if I reinstall, I loose a lot of stuff, I'd like to avoid that Is it possible? If yes, how can I do that? Regards
  14. Absolutely not, I'll try, thank you for the idea