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  1. I have to ask how you would rate VR smoothness in Aerofly FS 2.  I recently got what I would rate a very good gaming computer + Rift in order to enjoy VR flights for the first time. But my impression so far is... Meh. It's not about the resolution, I am fine with that. It's the nervous rendering of frames and micro-stutters. The entire world I am viewing in cockpit feels...well...nervous and jumpy. Difficult to explain. It's not solid.  My FPS are on 90 according to the Rift application and I assume ASW is active. But here's the thing... it doesn't really get smoother if I reduce graphic settings to minimum either. Or if I pick an area with minimal surroundings. It's still a nervous view in my HMD - especially after head movements..  I though the FS2 simulator would be a walk in the park for my rig  i7-8700K (normal clock) Asus Geforce 1080ti OC version  16 GB DDR4 Samsung EVO 960 250 GB  Latest Nvidia drivers and headset up to date. VSync is off in FS2 and I set resolution to "monitor". I use Oculus mode for VR when launching the game.  Any ideas? Other games don't behave like this.
  2. So my wife really loves me... got an Oculus Rift Bundle for Xmas and I've just ordered the rig which I hope will run it properly in the sim. 5300424 Intel Core i7 8700K 3.7 GHz 12MB 5403275 ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB STRIX GAMING OC 4300301 Samsung 960 EVO 250GB 1900464 ASUS PRIME Z370-P 5310200 Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000Mhz CL15 Vengeance 6308848 Noctua NH-D15 6910014 Fractal Design Define R5 6911980 Corsair RM750x 750W 9130015 Windows 10 Home
  3. When I first started flightsimming, the current (and only) available flightsim was MS Flightsim 98. From then, I've been flying 2000, 2002 and 2004. All of them had the same ongoing issues and forum discussions. FPS, tweak, stutter, "best PC to run...". Sometime in 2007 I gave up flying (mostly because it took too much time). Fast forward 10 years. Computer power is beefier than ever with GPUs larger than my vacuum cleaner and RAM memory almost the size of the harddrive I was running. So... enter FS world...and same old issues. Sure, visually everything is better. But why...why oh why is it so difficult to get butterysmooth FPS ALL the time? Are the graphic engines STILL old tech? Or are Flightsims always extra demanding? I'm about to invest in a new computer and honestly...the only thing I can think of is an i7 8700K with a 1080 ti. Expensive, yes! But even with that, I fear that XPlane 11 won't run 100%? At least not with add-on aircraft? Or? Edit: I would like to point out that I currently don't own a PC at all - I am basing this on discussions and youtube videos.
  4. RetardRetard

    VR Honeymoon?

    Yes, I don't see how VR can NOT be the future from now on. The only reason I can think of is motion-sickness and that most popular games are too fast for VR. I once tried a racing-game at a local car dealer - at first I was all "!" but after just a few minutes of racing I quickly realized that it wasn't going to work without showing the entire store what I had for lunch. Flightsimming seems perfect though - if the frame rates can be reasonable that is...
  5. RetardRetard

    VR Honeymoon?

    Thanks everyone for interesting feedback in this thread. Much appreciated!  Personally I am very excited about this new technology. Last time I was using Flightsim was maybe 10 years ago, using FS9 on a 19 inch monitor with medium settings. Then I've watched some youtube clips from time to time just to follow the progess over the years, but nothing has really convinced me. People seemed to struggle with the same old issues (FPS, settings, textures, microstutter during the final approach and so on). It wasn't really until I heard about VR that I changed my mind... thinking....THIS could be something extra. This might get me back in the seat! Literally! Sure, the FPS problems are even worse with VR but I guess it's just a matter of time before THAT awesome GPU is released which will handle that. Or I can try the new Aerofly FS2 for VR.  How I used to fly and how I predict i will still fly in VR;   I'm a VFR kind of guy with some need for base instrument readouts like ILS and of course the AP. I rarely used the flightcomputers (FMS). Like many others (I guess) I simply enjoyed taxing (after hearing the new soundsets from Blue Sky Star for the X plane JAR A320's I am blown away), taking off in custom weather, go for a short dsitance (max 35 min airtime ) and then land. Then of course, start over somewhere else. I also prefer evening/nightflights, mostly due to more realistic takeoff/approach.  I hope this will be sooo much better in VR 
  6. I've heard different stories about VR flightsim. Some say it's a gift from god, others say "meh, fun in the beginning..." What's your opinion? I get the feeling that VR and flightsim has not yet launched? Is it because of the resolution-thing? Or the hardware required? Or the fact that the honeymoon is shorter than expected? Or is it simply downright awesome? Any thoughts? I would LOVE to hear that it is still amazing...but please be honest!
  7. I used to be a heavy flight simmer some 10-15 years ago. Spent waaaay too much time behind the yoke and FS 2002 + LevelD 767 (and even a full motion simulator for my 30's birthday!). Good times! Been under the ice since then and have just recently "woken up" in my mid 40's and realized...wait a minute...flightsim was really fun...right? So...having all this said I am about to invest in a brand new system with VR. Starting from scratch. My local dealer is suggesting a Ryzen 1600 system with a 1070 GTX. SSD and 16 Gb 3000 Mhz RAM. Would this be enough to run Xplane 11 and/or Aerofly FS2 on VR with average+ settings? Or should I go for a faster system? I know Aerofly is more FPS efficient but not as realistic in terms of real flight simulation. But from what I've seen so far it looks stunning so I will keep it as an option. I'm sure this is the most common question in the book, but I'm starting all over and...sorry for asking :-)