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  1. bantha121

    Antenna Options

    If it's "always there," explain this vs If it's "always there" then why would it be listed as part of the antenna options?
  2. So I was looking at photos of Lufthansa's 747-8s and it appears that they have an antenna configuration that is unavailable in the FMC. As far as I can tell, their configuration (as it would be in the -8 FMC) is WIFI FWD, SATCOM2, VHF, ELT. The closest I can find to that is WIFI FWD, SATCOM2, ELT, but this leaves out the VHF antenna. Just curious as to how hard it would be to add this config as an option. Sterling Paulsen
  3. bantha121

    New SOP

    According to him, yes.
  4. bantha121

    New SOP

    It's close, but FS2Crew does Taxi and Turnoff while taxiing, and doesn't turn on the logo lights for runway entry, and also turns off the turnoff lights as part of the after takeoff flow.
  5. bantha121

    New SOP

    Hi, I was wondering what the chances were of adding a different SOP; I know a United Airlines 777 captain and I could potentially reach out to him to get their full SOP. At the moment, all I have is their policy regarding which lights are used when, and it's as follows: Beacon: ON prior to pushback, OFF after engine shutdown at arrival gate Taxi Light: ON while moving, OFF while stationary Cleared to Enter Runway: Runway Turnoff, Wing, Strobe, and Logo Light (if off) ON Cleared for Takeoff: Landing Lights ON Passing 18,000ft on climb: all lights except Position, Beacon and Strobe OFF Passing 18,000ft on descent: all lights ON Clear of runway: Turnoff, Wing, Strobe, and Landing OFF
  6. bantha121

    Fifth Pod Performance Data

    Yeah, thought that might be the case; c'est la vie. Sterling Paulsen
  7. As the title suggests, I was wondering if PMDG had any performance data related to flying with the fifth pod. I know that PMDG has accurately modeled the effects and I'm interested in doing a flight with it, but I haven't been able to find any information out there regarding shortened range, etc. Sterling Paulsen
  8. As a follow up to my previous post, here is the Apartheid flag (which was the flag of South Africa from 1928-1994), which is on the SAL/SAA livery And here's the current flag, which would have been on the plane by 1997
  9. Just a heads up, you shouldn't say 1997 for that livery since it's got the Apartheid flag on it. By 1997 it would have had the current flag, which was adopted in 1994. Sterling Paulsen
  10. bantha121

    Expansion Models

    The variant I'd really love is the LCF; they did it for the previous 747 and released it as a paid expansion, so it shouldn't be particularly hard to do it for QOTSII. Here's a video of the previous version
  11. bantha121

    Expansion Models

    Do y'all know one way or the other if there are plans to make expansion models for the QOTSII? The two main ones I'd love to see are the 747-400LCF and (obviously) the 747-8i/F.