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  1. Hello fellow simmers, Update available and New comparison screenshots added. If you would like to see something specific, pop on over to my discord. https://gumroad.com/l/nz-flora-and-water Cheers, SpritelyNZ
  2. The sim is limited to only a few water types but I have altered the brightness as this is the only variable available for the water. Textures haven't been touched but I'll look into this further.
  3. Cheers Brendon! There's no conflicts with orbx scenery. Unfortunately, I haven't designed the ships and are not part of my scenery so I wouldn't be much help there.
  4. The only impact is loading time once in the Sim, this adds 38 seconds to the loading but once loaded there's no impact, in fact I found that it improved by 1 or 2 fps.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I will be getting some more pics for comparison shots. Orbx is selling their latest elevation mesh for the same price so my thinking was to sell at the same as I'm more trying to keep up with the market rate and for $12.99 NZD this is cheap enough for those who get pocket money right the way through to those who are earning from working. Remember, my scenery covers the entire country and having payware means I explicitly invest time into making improvements so you don't just get the who country of vegetation, you get free updates for life when they are made available. Cheers, SpritelyNZ
  6. My scenery should take precedence as I have set priorities on the layers used. There is a work around, you can go into your Bijan Biomes.xml and comment or remove the following regions from it which will mean that biomes.xml will not interfere with my scenery, this gives you the best of both worlds. Supporters who buy my scenery will also be able to get changes made by sending me feedback (ideally in my discord https://discord.gg/c9NrEbhkSs) but when you purchase you'll have an email you can submit feedback to. 167 Chatham Island temperate forests 169 Fiordland temperate forests 170 Nelson Coast temperate forests 171 New Zealand North Island temperate forests 172 New Zealand South Island temperate forests 173 Northland temperate kauri forests 175 Richmond temperate forests 174 Rakiura Island temperate forests 180 Westland temperate forests 190 Canterbury-Otago tussock grasslands 194 New Zealand South Island montane grasslands https://gumroad.com/l/nz-flora-and-water
  7. Hey, yes I have an it works flawlessly. Because the elevation mesh is simply that, my vevegation will still be in the same places but with a better representation of terrain height which only makes my scenery pop even more.
  8. Hello, Thanks for you interest. I've had real world issues this week so comparison shots were delayed but my next task is to get more of these so hold tight, I'll post when they're viewable. I do have a new version which extends the number of rivers especially, the freeware version has some issues but it was really a prototype while I was understanding the limits of the sdk. The payware version is a complete overhaul of my freeware and fixes a whole lot of areas re vegetation and water bodies. https://gumroad.com/l/nz-flora-and-water Thanks
  9. I've been working on this new scenery but unlike my freeware scenery at flightsim.to, this will be payware. Don't worry, though, the cost won't be much so hopefully more people will like to use it. So here's some latest screenshots:https://imgur.com/a/MhI5MHM and here's a link to my discord where you can ask questions or chat, or whatever happens happens 🙂https://discord.gg/mHwGkwHf I will be releasing my scenery at the cost of $12.99. Remember, it covers the entire country of New Zealand and alot of work has been put in to try and represent it in the best way possible. You can purchase here: https://gum.co/nz-flora-and-water
  10. Hmm not sure. Give it a go and see what happens. I haven't tried it myself.
  11. Hmm, ok, send over the screen shots in my discord. I'm currently working on an improved version so I'm confident that texture issues will be sorted but who knows in the early cycle of the SDK.
  12. I haven't tried it but I'm interested to see any anomalies. I have increased the priority of the layers so they take precedence but I'm still curious. Come over to my discord and you can report it there. https://discord.gg/uNTjhy6b
  13. Hey Mike, thanks so much. I hope it lives up to your expectations 😜. Nothing is perfect, although I try to aim high, there no doubt will be some things to sort out but I'm ahead of the game and currently working on the next major release.
  14. Fortunately for me I don't believe this is my scenery as I did alot of testing to optimize performance. The best way is for you to send me a saved game file for me to test where you get the fps drops. You can send in my discord https://discord.gg/uNTjhy6b
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