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  1. Looks fantastic! I am curious about how seasons will work. In winter some countries have snow in certain areas and others don't. In New Zealand winter there's a lot of snow in the south island and some areas of the North island but I've never seen snow in Auckland so I'd be really interested in seeing how seasons will work as this hasn't been demonstrated yet and doesn't look to be in the rest of the road map. My two cents.
  2. I don't think losing 20fps is what I'd call a free lunch. Maybe paying about 5 or so at best but this looks like nothing more than poorly optimised code. There is always a cause and a better way to handle code especially with that level of fps drop. I can't find the specific cause and maybe knowing this could improve performance. I'm running a 2080ti so I would shudder to think how a lower end card would suffer with this.
  3. Well yes, I get this too. In fact I can replicate it every time. In VR this happens too. If I close Avitab completely then my fps goes up ~20fps. When I am using an aircraft like zibo or tbm 900 which have Avitab built in and showing by default, I get the fps drop and locks to 40fps regardless of what I do, I'll then change aircraft to default one then fps goes up again. If I then open Avitab in the default cockpit the fps drops back down and locks at 40 again. I figured this out today and so when Avitab isn't open I am getting between 60 - 75fps in VR and 120fps not in VR. I hope someone can look into this. Cheers
  4. Another captivating effect that Xplane does very well is... Jet engine shimmering effect and fuel burn effect, also seen in turboprop Jets. It's a system that would be great to see implemented. If this effect could even interact with prevailing winds and wind gusts, this would offer a much better immersion factor. I've noted before about systems interconnecting and this would be a perfect example. houses with chimneys and forest scrub burn-offs. When I was flying I would use the smoke as an indicator to give me feedback and confirmation related to wind direction for real VFR flights. :)
  5. The one thing i'm sure we are all secretly wanting improvements with....is..... MORE REALISTIC WATER Let's use DCS or World of Warships as an example of a great representation of how water should look. :)
  6. Feel free to do some creative thing yourself. What are your expectations? If nothing excites you enough to classify the feature list as awesome then I would like to know what you see taking the sim to the next level?
  7. Microsoft. There are some great ideas here. Please watch: https://youtu.be/vZE4hHwYqlw Icing effects Career mode Flight planning Aircraft maneuverability Reward system Walk around and interactive airport functionality.
  8. The ground work has already been done so why reinvent the wheel? Adding and refining could only be a good thing, right?
  9. Core framework Improvements on the following but more ground work for 3rd parties to develop on, remembering that the platform is just that, a code base that devs can plug into and make their own cool stuff, i.e Orbx with object Flow as one example. In my opinion (and this is just that) there needs to be more "systems" in the sim to control every aspect of flight, i.e weather system, AI traffic system, Technical systems for aircraft (mechanical), Communication system, Navigation system i.e dynamic updating of Nav aid systems which again comes down to the core code that enables a plugin or api to make this available.to 3rd parties like Navigraph but have an internally accessable module for that within the sim. Granular control of weather aspects that currently are limitations of the engine (REX or HIFI could chime in here as i'm sure they have exhausted the capabilities of the weather engine in current versions) more dynamic weather in terms of more intelligent weather behaviour and show the affects rather than just simulate the processes. i.e storms, tornadoes, ice build up. - AI Traffic system, better ground handling. - Granular aspects of flight dynamics and aircraft engine dynamics such as a new wear and tear system. - Failure systems, based on weather events and component damage. - A visual Airport system to select starting point i.e ramp or gate or runway. Xplane visually does this really well. - Control of uncontrolled aerodrome runway lighting, in my country New Zealand, we have the ability to tune a frequency and depress the push to talk button 3 times to activate the runway lighting at night, yep it's a real thing. - Visual flight planning and router finder based on Navaids in the real world. - Better audio system, perhaps using spacial audio. - MISSIONS - more things to do for different flight types i,e water plane and monsoon chopper missions for simulated wildfires. Harsh weather and terrain challenges (these are old but worthy), rescue missions. This being said, it's the fidelity of the missions with interactive scenery and behaviours. - Improved ground collision handling. - Improved and more granular graphical settings including Virtual Reality settings. maybe even have graphic setting profiles based on hardware as well as exportable and importable settings. - Sloped runways - Improved Asset library for 3rd party content. - A bonus feature, selective ray tracing options (or even partial tracing for immersion) ...oh and Multiplayer cockpit sharing especially in VR, wouldn't that be cool.
  10. It seems like not all headsets have the issue, I have watch countless Youtube reviews which do not address this issue. It may be similar to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone screen "green tint" issue in that it was the LG screen and not the BOE screen that were both used in the phone. I wonder how easy it is to detect the screen models with those having this issue and compare with those not having the issue. I'll drop a link below to what seems to be known in the knowledge base of HP themselves, not relating to the screens but rather, a simplistic solution but nevertheless, they seem to have this issue on their radar: https://support.hp.com/nz-en/document/c06318083
  11. Sorry all, issue with link. To simplify all this I'm relinking to FSDeveloper site where the tool can be downloaded so I don't have to manage two places for updates and the like. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/geoimage-shapefiles-to-raster-and-and-bgl-scenery-processor-v3-11.226/
  12. New download available: Made the tool run within a single instance of shell to avoid the annoying opening of it when processing. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/geoimageprocessor-water-and-blend-mask-automation-tool.445540/ download from FSDeveloper site.
  13. Hi, There is a readme.txt file with relevant information. It's pretty straight forward.
  14. Hi all, I have developed automation tool for water and blend masking. This is for Tif files containing geographic location information as well as FS Earth Tiles BMP Aerial images. You can bulk process masks effortlessly. The file is large due to the available tools I will include in a future version to do other functions. I welcome your feedback. You can email me at geosimworks@gmail.com for any issues or comments and I will try to get back within 48 hours as I have a daytime job. https://mega.nz/#!TfgVCCCQ!aS2T4uogKA5f_OSYfHscp0l2UrdiluGDPvEdCTFnEEU Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/iiO7Mo8 Cheers!
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