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  1. Jack_C

    Boeing 777 FACT!

    Fact: I can do it in about 2.5 on my Kawi ZX14. FACT: Too much of this and I won't be doing too much more of this. Jack
  2. Do not believe the autothrottle will engage with only one engine
  3. Are you talking sharing computers over the internet (which is what I was referring to) or a LAN in the same room.
  4. I filled in for a few time with a 1900 when I used to work at NCA. If it was the Regional 1 operation you were talking about. The loads were quite good on that. We went from yql-ylw-yvr.
  5. Hey Dwayne. Hopefully the dash8 will be flying into where you live so you won't have to make that drive! JackC
  6. They didn't use autothrottle? This I never knew. I wonder if they had it armed? Not a wise choice if they didn't since you lose alpha protection. I always scratched my head on why SWA never used some of the technology available. They use to not even use autobrakes before the chicago incident. Crazy.
  7. I would say it was coming from a long time customer. Been buying PMDG a lot longer than being a beta tester.
  8. Wait for PMDG 777. An educated guess would say it will leave the CS in the dust.
  9. Yes i wish everyone would switch from vatsim to PE. I like the idea they have there.
  10. Hey Rostyslav. This exact topic came up during beta. Ryan ad asked me about the marker beacons. And my honest answer was You know, I dont recall ever hearing the marker beacons going off in our plane. Up here in Canada we gt rid f marker beacons in the 90s but we do fly down in the states a lot. I am not sure if the marker beacon is an option (it must be) for the NG. So to tell you the truth I wouldn't know how to turn them off on the NG. I would assume (and a big assumption) would be they might work in conjunction with the ILS freq. so by turning the freq to 108.00 would ALMOST guarantee the dsabling of the beacons. I havent come across any ILS freqs that are 108.00. In fact the only 108.00 freq I know of is around LAS. I dont think its an ILS freq though. I only know it exists because unless we are using the NAV radios, they are always on 108.00. So we we are near LAS the green dashed line always appears on our ND.
  11. Thats the marker beacon for the opposite runway you took off from. Set your nav radios to 108.00 and i should go away
  12. Oh jeez Jeradif. Not selling it for 400. Thats just to tell you what I paid for it. I would take a decent offer though. Sorry bout the confusion.
  13. No offers? Going once, twice.....
  14. I just got a Thrustmaster Warthog and no longer need my Saitek X65F. If someone is interested in buying this off me let me know. I bought it for 400 bucks from NCIX. It is in MINT condition and still have the original box and everything. Let me know!
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