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  1. :Doh: oh you wish...!! I love u to...
  2. According to me all airstrips have been identified. OZx Each and every OZx one. (remember the famous bliksimpie BGL's that had OZX up in arms.) same with the OZx PNW airstrips. The unlisted airstrips have been added as wel as in BGL format ORBX I have also ID'ed most of the 20 additional unlisted airstrips in Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington State of ORBX latest Patch release NRM (and these did take some time) What strips do you refer to.. Maybe I missed something that I did not know about.
  3. I have all ORBX, OZX and freeware developers in one KMZ file already. All properly categorised per area / per developer as well as all the current airports in these areas. thanks to all the ORBX, OZX indivudual files already made available by ORBX. The individual ORBX KMZ files are all in the user documents already. I just added them into one nice HUGE KMZ file. you can find the google earth files for all ORBX US airports here in your documents C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\User Documents The AUs airports KMZ files has always been available on ORBX site. Dont know why anyone would want to re-invent the wheel, maybe fine tuning it, but to redo this is beyond me. Its has been done so many time in the past, but then again, what you wnat to do with your free time is all up to you. detail All US All AUS
  4. What a beauty..!!
  5. awesome shot.. I'll take the grey and blue
  6. FSX-MS

    maybe ask for help over at the formal official support forum. They normally help even if you are one of the outcasts.. I never have a problem. with their support. So try them first. I think that should be your first stop.
  7. yeah I miss the guy also.. not the same not having him around.. Really looking forward to the f-86 and bernt's FDE for it.
  8. Oh please mate this is absolute hilarious... you definitely made my day. I almost fell of the chair laughing.. ok please now please back to your vanilla FSX.. there is apparently not much you "miss" of the fantastic add-on's...
  9. Well this code always was working for me on a fuel injected plane. i am sure there are better methods that our esteemed developers might come to light with. <Gauge Name="Control_carbheat_On" Version="1.0"> <!-- CARBHEAT On with start of plane --> <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:Carbheaton,bool) 1 != if{ (A:General eng1 anti ice position,bool) 1 != if{ 0 (>K:ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE) } 1 (>L:Carbheaton,bool) } </Value> </Select> </Element> </Gauge> open notepad paste the code above into notepad. SAVE AS "carbheat.xml" (leave out the inverted commas) open the legacy panel folder. create a new folder called "options" add the carbheat.xm file to the options folder you just created make backup of panel.cfg incase you mess up. now open the panel.cfg file with notepad. scroll right down to [vcockpit01] section add the following line after the last entry in this section gauge35=options!carbheat, 0,0,1,1 (the gauge just before this one you enter will be something like gauge23=......) (dont worry about the gap to gauge number 35. as long as there is not already such a gauge number everything is good and it is very unlikely you will already have and entry starting with gauge35..) SAVE panel.cfg start fsx and fly legacy. The carb heat will automatically be switch on. NOTE if you press "h" naturally you will switch it off again. so just hands off the "h" key now. I prefer it this way as I still have ability to change the setting if I want to, instead of forcing it ON always. if you not comfortable doing the gauge yourself, you are welcome to send me PM with your email address and I will email it to you.
  10. anxu00 if it really bug you, just write a simple statement xml gauge that switch ON carb heat when you load the plane. It is all in the background and then Carb heat is on all the time and you will not even know your plane deal with the bug. never even have to press H ever again. you can fly the legacy into any weather and any icing condition and the "bug" will not rear it's head..
  11. honestly, this is a keeper for sure. The immersion is beyond words. it just come alive and is so good, I also switch off accu-feel for this plane so good is it. A lot more sounds over wings, sounds when flaps down and making a turn etc. Wheels going up sounds and model vibration etc... do around 200 and open that speedbrake.. the sounds and vibration going though the plane is incredible.. This plane talk to you all the time. It really is alive.. best of all I can start and shutdown this plane... just really like the startup and shutdown engine torque roll and that sounds (another thing you can set in config) and best of all, you can set so many things in configuration master, that have not been available in any previous Realair plane. This for sure is my ultimate GA, being it a cross country flyer or just a short hop around the neighborhood.
  12. Mr Bill, how about your famous jaquar repaint?
  13. let us know what you think
  14. those are these special night flying glasses going with the new special legacy.. All very scientific how they work wonders at night. make you see like a cat.. :Idea:
  15. Come on mate, we know you will get it done..! I for one will take that repaint the moment it leave the hanger. Nice to have a serial number and some story behind a plane like this one being the first in Australia.