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  1. I have upgraded to P3D v5/Hotfix1 and I cannot get GNS 530 to follow direct to path; also Garmin Trainer Lite 330 does not power up ; GNS is installed in Carenado C337. Brian
  2. If you are using FSuipc, look at the brake setting and make sure the reverse box is checked. Brian
  3. Just got my Honeycomb and in same boat. So I've done what was suggested on a Honeycomb forum: keep saitek yoke plugged in with throttle quadrant connected; disconnect yoke settings in fsuipc and continue using throttles while waiting for Honeycomb throttle quadrant. Brian
  4. Just my two cents worth (in CDN $), I just went from a gtx 1060 6gb to a gtx 1070ti and notice a marked improvement in overall smoothness. The 1070 has 8 gb of vram which seems to make a dirfference. Brian
  5. Have you tried to use intel's overclocking utility? Downloads from Intel's website. Does it externally. Brian
  6. Hi. I too, have the same cpu but oc it to 4.3 ghz on air cooling with no issues but have just upgraded to GTX1070ti gpu and can run P3d 4.4 with orbx, pmdg, as, gsx, with smooth stable results. The only gain I can see to upgrading cpu (which entails new mobo and memory)would be the addition of 2 or more cores. Not ready to spend that much $ yet for little gain (imho). Brian
  7. Try this: Open Control Panel; go into Device Manager; scroll down to USB; check all your usb devices for power managerment feature and uncheck allow computer to turn off this device to save power.
  8. Had same issue last year; turned out my main hard drive (with Windows on it) was failing. Brian
  9. Try moving Vector below all addon scenery if it isn't already. Brian
  10. Maybe out of left field on this, but I recently went through a similar situation after having my hard drive where windows 10 was installed fail. After a week of shop diag to find and fix that problem; I had to reinstall most of P3d v4.1 and ancillaries only to have the same experience as you. I did try to just reinstall most apps instead of deleting everything and realize that perhaps this created some corrupted files on the new system. After stripping everything related to P3D and all hardware drivers did I get everything working again. It would appear the relationships with apps, drivers and windows 10 is more complex than previous windows versions. Brian
  11. Had same issue after installing latest update to AS16; found header on dll.xml in appdata had changed; edited it to read: <?xml version="1.0"?> and everything worked fine. Brian DeLong
  12. nordance


    What about Canada? Up the coast from Vancouver is very Norwegian-like scenery; but nicer climate ( as long as you don't mind rain). Brian
  13. Just had an email exchange with PC Aviator and they claim ver. 2.0 from December is the current version, even though I mentioned the update on the FlySimWare site. Brian DeLong
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