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  1. betelgeuse

    GTN 750/650 and GNS 430/530

    It's not a bad idea. But the GTN series touch screens are very user friendly, especially when the plane is bumping around. Thanks for the suggestion, it makes good sense.
  2. betelgeuse

    GTN 750/650 and GNS 430/530

    Thanks, Frank. I wasn't clear. In fact I misinformed you - apologies. The GTN750/650 is the F1 product. The GNS 530 is the old RealityXP product. I get an error message that these are from different companies and cannot be run at the same time. So, I wish to uninstall the old RealityXP gauge without messing up the panel! I wasn't able to find a setup screen using shift + right click on the top of the bezels. So, I went back to the GTN configuration routine and changed the 750 from _1 to _2. It made no difference - I still got the error message when I selected the aircraft. Perhaps the easiest thing would be to start all over again with the base download of the aircraft and install only the F1 product.
  3. I run FSX Acceleration in W7 x64. Getting back to flying after a longish absence. My Real Air Beechcraft Duke has both the RXP GTN 750/650 and the GNS 530 installed. When I load the aircraft I get a message to the effect I can't run them both. The GNS 530 is integrated into the panel and looks neat. The GTN 750 is on the stack and a PopUp. How best to uninstall the GNS 530 without messing up the panel? Thanks!
  4. Alex, sorry to come back again but I still cannot connect. The network is fine now, I can see the server. I run LNM on the client and the map/route shows up. When I run LNC it just shows that it is waiting for a connection and then times out. I've tried changing the port to the one on the LNM splash screen but it makes no difference. Help!! John
  5. I use wired. That's the odd thing. What drivers do you mean?
  6. Thanks Alex. It's a network problem. For some reason, best known to Microsoft, the connection dropped. I didn't realise it until I'd pulled out all my remaining hair. 🙁
  7. betelgeuse

    Turn and slip indicator

    There is a sort of slip indicator top left on the panel. Mine doesn't work! Is there a replacement (Reality etc) or am I stuck with it? Thanks for any ideas! John
  8. Alex, Apologies to return to this but I am confused. I had LNM running well in the network with FSX. Then I installed OpusFSI_v5. I am using it also on the network from a different client laptop. It is working. The problem now is that LNM on the first client will not connect anymore! Worse still, the more I read the more confused I get. Am I right with this? LNM installed on FSX PC and run it: LNM on client and run LittleNAvConnect. I am not sure what is supposed to happen to the main LNM program on the server when I do this. Anyways, I cannot make the connection. John
  9. Thanks, Alex, but why did I not think of this myself?
  10. I run FSX Acceleration on the server and LNM on a client. It all works perfectly. I subscribe to Navigraph and I can see that it provides 'manual' updates for LNM. However, I can't find a way of installing these on the client. The current Navigraph data are 19.03 but LNM is running 18.10 on my client. A search of LNM online Contents and FAQ did not find 'Navigraph' or 'navigraph'. I'd be grateful for advice. Thanks!
  11. I've not noticed it. It's not important - I just thought it was a curiosity.
  12. My computer language is English and my locale settings are all English. I have Hungarian and German languages as alternate keyboard settings only. This gives me the umlaut and other accents of which there are a multitude in Hungarian. The odd thing about your 'Last Change' entry is that not only is the language Hungarian, but the format uses the Hungarian date format i.e. 2019.február.20 - backwards from the English like a lot of things in Hungarian. Nothing else that I have come across in LNM is in Hungarian! How strange!
  13. Ah, yes, I found it. I didn't think to look under Navaids. Thank you! I continue to be amazed. Just a small observation: is there any particular reason why the 'Last Change' date appears in Hungarian? Ő magyar? John