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  1. strat919

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    What addon in p3dv4 do you use for the bikini girl?:)
  2. strat919

    Countering the Shimmering

    I guess everyone's setup is different. I have a 1080, running at 4.7 ghz on the processor. I'm running 30 htz on the monitor (samsung 55" TV) at 4096x2160. Honestly, it could not be any smoother. I run xplane 11 also, and I keep coming back to this because it is so smooth. In xplane I spend more time fiddling with settings than actual For some reason when I locked at 31 fps, it was like butter. I would think it needs to be at 30 fps. I guess it's just the right setup for my TV. I can pan around fast as I want and it's totally smooth. If I see it drop below 30, I adjust a setting.
  3. strat919

    Locking fps

    Try locking at 31 fps instead of 30 in p3dv4. That's at 30hz in nvidia settigs. Vsync on.... triple buffer on. Don't know why this works, but makes everything smooth on my system.
  4. strat919

    Countering the Shimmering

    Don't know if this would apply to you..... but in my case I can achieve butter performance with no shimmering. I tried many ways to get no stutter, and be able to raise the the aa. See if this works for you. P3dv4 at full screen Set the refresh at 30hz in nvidia Set you max fps to 31 in p3dv4 ..... not 30 as you would think..... worked wonders on my system test different p3dv4 graphic settings to see what works on your system
  5. strat919

    Cera Sim AS365 rudder problems

    Problem solved:) .... I didn't have all systems properly started.
  6. Just installed the heli and cannot get the rudder pedals to work properly. I've tried with just p3dv4 and also fsuipc. I get the same with both. The pedals just jitter and move forward and then as I keep holding down the pedal, it keeps jittering and comes back to neutral. I have no problems with any other aircraft. I'm using the saitek pro rudder pedals. I tried other controllers for the rudder to see if it was the saitek pedals..... but same result. Any ideas? Thanks Also, I'm I have the p3dv4 version installed...
  7. strat919

    P3dv4 scenery help

    Thanks all... I'm still working on it. Maybe I'm expecting too much and it's a limitation of p3d and orbx. For example... fairway cuts off directly into a residential section, and continue on the other side? Like it is pieced in. Maybe something is not correct with osm?
  8. strat919

    P3dv4 scenery help

    Here is an example of the part of a golf course...
  9. strat919

    P3dv4 scenery help

    I'm new to p3dv4....... where there is water, it is like the water is placed right over houses, roads etc. I have orbx NA, base and vectors installed. Even if I disable everything orbx, the problem is still the same. Also, for example, a golf course will only partially appear right in the middle of houses. It's almost like there are 2 different sets of textures being displayed. I will upload a image of the water problem. In ftx central, it says everything is updated. Any help appreciated:) Image at
  10. strat919

    4k mouse issues

    Change your resolution to custom resolution INSIDE Xplane. Set the resolution to minus one pixel for vertical. Example, if your resolution is 4096x2160, set it to 4096x2159. Or 3840x2160.....set it to 3840x2159. This will fix that and also give you the benefit of accessing your task bar at bottom as if you were in windows mode. Very handy
  11. I use FS-FlightControl. I love it but it is a little expensive...... but well worth it:)
  12. strat919

    2D popup will not appear

    Ok...... so I'm sure I've got it:) It has to do with the interface size setting in xplane's graphic settings. When at 100% it works fine. If you set it to 150% it will not pop up. I'm wondering if it's a bug with xplane, or the 750?
  13. strat919

    2D popup will not appear

    This is what is happening. I run xplane at 4096x2159 resolution. I'm guessing a bug in beta 3, but when I restart xplane, it switches to a different resolution. So...... if I reset to 4096x2159, the gtn 750 2d popup appears normally. I'll keep trying to see if it is 100% correct.
  14. strat919

    2D popup will not appear

    I am running the latest version
  15. I've been using the GTN 750 for a while. Stopped simming for a short period of time and now I cannot get the 2D popup to appear. Funny thing is that I have the Cessna 172 modded with the GTN in the 3d panel and it works fine. It will come up when I click on the hotspot and also works from the menu. On any other aircraft, when I try to bring up the 2d popup from menu, I get nothing. I tried the reset and still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks:)