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  1. I have a cirrus yoke and have mounted a Rii to it. I also have another Rii just sitting around that I just grab when needed. The Rii doesn't do everything as it doesn't have a keypad, so I have a keyboard underneath... which I rarely touch.q Everything works great. The cirrus joke just happens to have to screw holes on top so I could mount 2 L brackets to a cell phone holder. The Rii just slides into the holder. With another brand yoke, just improvise:)
  2. strat919

    KRDU latinvfr

    It works and is my favorite as it is my home airport...... but it has a few elevation errors. Maybe someone knows how to correct this? I have orbx and vectors installed.
  3. strat919

    Need ChasePlane for X-Plane 11

    I use chaseplane in p3dv4 and it is fantastic. I sure hope you can work it out for xplane:)
  4. strat919

    Exterior Views

    Thanks Keven... everything works now:)
  5. strat919

    Exterior Views

    When I click on Updates, I get Chaseplane Aug 2 2016 NEW! Initial release Update all is greyed out... do I totally uninstall and reinstall? Will I lose my plane settings?
  6. strat919

    Exterior Views

    Hey Keven...... I've been using Chaseplane since the start and have never had to reinstall. I cannot find my serial. What info can I give you or how can I recover serial? Thanks David
  7. strat919

    Exterior Views

    Hmmm..... I just got the automatic update and chaseplane will not open at all. No sign of life:(
  8. Just started this and with all planes I've tried. They are flying a few degrees off heading on autopilot and the horizon is not level. Any ideas?
  9. strat919

    System information Overlay

    I tried this but only saw options to show fps. That works...... I'm I missing something?
  10. Can anyone tell me what is used for this overlay?
  11. strat919

    Edit Windshield Clarity?

    I have the GUIMBAL CABRI G2 and the glass creates a tint to the scenery. Is there a way to edit so it's clear? Thanks
  12. strat919

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    I just found out about ortho4xp for P3D last night and made my first tile with no problems:) Awesome! I'm an avid Xplane user and have tons of ortho for it. I have many tiles that are near perfect.. downloaded from previous 2 years. Seems like it is a lot harder to get cloudless and color matched tiles now. I haven't used p3dv4 much lately because I like the ortho in XP. I have figured out a way to convert X-plane ortho to P3d using this program. If there is a faster way, please let me know. Here's the way I have done it. The .dds files from xplane tile have to be converted to .bmp. Then they have to be placed where this program expects the .bmp files to be so when you run this program it thinks they have already been downloaded. If you still have the jpeg files from the creation of the xplane tile, I guess you convert those to .bmp files. I usually delete them so I convert from the .dds files. Here are the steps using the BI tile +35-079 from xplane ortho as an example. - Copy the texture folder inside of zOrtho4XP_+35-079 to Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master/Orthophotos/+30-080/+35-079 - Rename the texture folder to BI_18 (these are Bing level 18 downloaded files) If you have say level 17 ARC files it would be ARC_17 _ *How to convert the files to .bmp using from Oscar Pilote (Bing level 18 example) * read this link to understand * Must have python3 with pillow installed * from Oscar Pilote doesn't have to reduce... it can keep the level the same depending on what you enter in the command line. * MUST edit ... change .jpg to .bmp It's the only .jpg in there. Save it. Good editor for this is notepad++ (free) (1) Copy edited file to Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master/Orthophotos/+30-080/+35-079 (2) Copy .cmd.exe from windows/system32 folder and paste into Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D-master/Orthophotos/+30-080/+35-079 (3) Double click on cmd.exe and enter python BI_18 18 and hit enter. It should start converting. If you had ARC level 17 and renamed your texture folder ARC_17, then you would have entered python ARC_17 17 (4) After converting, delete all files in BI_18 except .bmp files (5) Create tile using Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D and you should be golden:) BTW at level 18, the ortho4xp tile for xplane is 27.9 gigs. In p3d the tile is 73.9 gigs.... over twice as big. I've been flying over this tile and it looks great! Runs smoothly.... the biggest difference I can tell is that in xplane, it renders out farther. In p3dv4 it is not clear until I get closer.... but still great!
  13. Here is one..... FPN/RI:DA:KJNX,:AA:KHSE This is KJNX to KHSE with approach 07 with vectors This is exported out of Pilot2ATC Also.... shouldn't the approach be included the .gfp file? I can export flight plan as fms, import into little nav, then export to .gpl and it works but some waypoints are converted to user waypoints Thanks
  14. I'm getting Flight plan import--> Flight plan import failed. This is for flight plans exported out of pilot2atc. Dave from pilot2atc said that is was because of garmin trainer being out of date. Well..... I updated to cycle 1803 and it didn't help. Still getting import failed. Any ideas?
  15. strat919

    Remove title bar from popout?

    Figured out a way:) Borderless gaming software works really well. Doesn't seem to work with xplane popouts, but the reality gtn is seen as a separate software in Borderless gaming. I just hit the default shortcut (win F6) and presto. Just drag the windowed gtn 750 over to the chosen screen and hit win F6 and it is borderless. (Make sure you have your curser active in the gtn window) Hit win F6 again and the borders are back so it can be dragged again. I think there is a way to edit the reality ini so you cannot right click and popout the gtn. It kinda gets annoying when you accidentally pop up the gtn while using mouse move. You have to set up the gtn again. Also to note. Splashtop x-display is the only software that I could find that would allow all touch control buttons working while using an android device as extended display. With Borderless gaming and x-display, everything is working perfectly so far:)