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  1. May not apply to you, but in VR...... if I switch to an exterior view and back to cockpit, it's correct again.
  2. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Works perfect:) Great job!
  3. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    It's NOT a lost piece of software......... RealityXP has great support and I'm sure it will be fixed soon. It's hard for developers to keep up with Xplane evolving so quickly.
  4. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Same here..... I regressed from beta and it updated xplane to 11.21. Same problems
  5. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    I only have the problems when the 750 is in the panel...... works correctly when used ONLY as a popup.
  6. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Has not changed any of the problems:( Mouse pointer remains the default arrow everywhere. When you turn off the avionics master and turn back on...... black screen. Have to disable gtn 750 and enable it to get it to turn on. Also I lose the ability to mouse zoom when I enable the 750. The mouse zoom does work on the 750 in the cockpit.
  7. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Sounds great:)
  8. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Are you also having the problem... if you start cold and turn the avionic on, it comes up a black screen. I then have to go up to the menus and turn the 750 off and then turn it back on. Same thing if I just flip the avionics switch off and then back on.
  9. strat919

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    I posted this in the xplane forum...... hope someone here might know how to solve this............ ......Anyone experience this? I can interact with instruments with mouse cursor, but it stays an arrow pointer and does not change to circular pointer like when you are setting a heading. Everywhere I put the mouse curser, it remains the standard arrow pointer. This happened all of a sudden. I have rebooted and restarted xplane many times. Happens with all aircraft. any ideas? ..... I figured out what the problem is but have to figure out how to solve it. Anytime I have the reality GTN 750 installed in the panel I lose the functions. I just updated the 750 and have the same problem. I have it in the default cessna mod, the centurion and the f33a bonanza. Anyone else seeing this problem?
  10. strat919

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Hey everyone:) Anyone else having a problem with this mod and REP? None of the tie downs and chocks are working for me. They are fine in the standard 172's. Maybe they are not working after an update? With REP installed the tie downs and chock are set in place but you cannot see or remove them.... so the plane acts like the parking brake is on.
  11. strat919

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    What addon in p3dv4 do you use for the bikini girl?:)
  12. strat919

    Countering the Shimmering

    I guess everyone's setup is different. I have a 1080, running at 4.7 ghz on the processor. I'm running 30 htz on the monitor (samsung 55" TV) at 4096x2160. Honestly, it could not be any smoother. I run xplane 11 also, and I keep coming back to this because it is so smooth. In xplane I spend more time fiddling with settings than actual For some reason when I locked at 31 fps, it was like butter. I would think it needs to be at 30 fps. I guess it's just the right setup for my TV. I can pan around fast as I want and it's totally smooth. If I see it drop below 30, I adjust a setting.
  13. strat919

    Locking fps

    Try locking at 31 fps instead of 30 in p3dv4. That's at 30hz in nvidia settigs. Vsync on.... triple buffer on. Don't know why this works, but makes everything smooth on my system.
  14. strat919

    Countering the Shimmering

    Don't know if this would apply to you..... but in my case I can achieve butter performance with no shimmering. I tried many ways to get no stutter, and be able to raise the the aa. See if this works for you. P3dv4 at full screen Set the refresh at 30hz in nvidia Set you max fps to 31 in p3dv4 ..... not 30 as you would think..... worked wonders on my system test different p3dv4 graphic settings to see what works on your system
  15. strat919

    Cera Sim AS365 rudder problems

    Problem solved:) .... I didn't have all systems properly started.