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  1. And people call the A380 "the flying whale" :Whistle:
  2. PMDG gets them on the flight-deck part!
  3. Well, the best design is not always the best looking, but I find the A380 in the air looking rather good. This is one step further in the development of technology. Airbus have designed the A380 with-in the category F. I trust that the engineers at Airbus know what they are doing, and if they say it is not a structural important component, I believe them. Sure, it is not good that crack appear in any surfaces, but they are discovered in time, and examined. It do not mater what aircraft you look at, for example, an 737 that had an explosive decompression. a few years back, since Boeing had standards that the airframe should be inspected every 60.000 flights. This was lowered to 30.000 after this incident. It is a rough environment for any type of material and we learn and try to learn before an accident occurs. All parts of an aircraft is going throw rigours testing and the wing is implied by the 1.5 load limit.
  4. ATPL....ATPL....ATPL....

  5. I use button control for NGX. The reason is that I have Windows 7 home on this computer. Can´t change the language.I used voice on the 737 PIC, but I had windows 7 Ultimate so I could change language.I enjoyed the voice, it gives a higher realism, and as more and more function in FS add-ons is trigger by voice, it is good to get used to.
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