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  1. SE-KMG

    FMC - Between Altitudes - OR - Delete Speeds

    Just type ex. /070A260B
  2. SE-KMG

    Change cabin voices

    That is up to Bryan. I know a few people have asked for it but if it is on the table, I don't know.
  3. SE-KMG

    Change cabin voices

    I´m afraid the sound-sets are embedded into the program code, and therefore cant´t be accessed or modified.
  4. They do! Runways are designated after their heading from magnetic north and not the geographical north. Since the magnetic north pole is moving at a rate of about 1 degree every 9 years, this creates these phenomenal. The variation rate varies on different spots on the globe, some places move more, some less, but these also varies time to time. But like your answer, yes get an AFCAD update, should be some in the data base, and also you can update the magnetic variation in FSX and FS9 by a download from here:
  5. SE-KMG

    Salmon-Thirty-Salmon Returns this fall

    And people call the A380 "the flying whale" :Whistle:
  6. I can agree with that, but as a consumer, you have the chance on showing your dislike by not buying a product, which is my intention, but if Microsoft have not made money on this, why have the made flight simulations since the 80´s?What I am saying is that, it is the greed that annoys me, sure it is a tool to have fun in, but many are also serious and want a good base to make the moast of their experience.I do not know how well X-plane is doing, but it looks like they are doing ok, since they have been around for a while as well.As for the P3d, I have not looked into it so deeply, but I do not really see how a giant with in the military industry is interested on selling their FS copy for $50 down at the local mart.
  7. So I do not have a right, in the free world, to have an opinion? As my self, been a MSFS user since MSFS 2000, I think this drastic move is going to kill the FS with in Microsoft. Sure, as a company they want money, that is the purpose of most bushinesses, but this greed is one step to far. Many developer make a living on FS, and that market Microsoft wants to kill, just so they can put their money in its own pocket.
  8. What Microsoft have done is a disgrace, and I hope Flight goes down the drain.First of all, what they did is that they removed the "simulation" from flight simulation. They made Flight into an arcade game, where you hunt down balloons and try to get the highest score. A lot of people were up-set already with FSX starting to lean towards this more and more, with some of its mission. I guess it is all about money, specially when they want all the money and control the 3rd party market of Flight. Microsoft want to get quantity, like kids that just want to fly around and those this things, instead of a quality simulator.I believe that the flight sim community would not be where it is today if it would not be for the 3rd party developers.Many people have put tonnes of money, me one of those, into FSX, to get it look good and function better. That my be a reason as well, at least for me, that I will not leave FSX in the first place.I am more and more looking at X-plane, and the things I think people are sceptic of transition is that menus and other tools are not the same, and looks different, people do not want to learn the new systems.X-plane have its advantages and disadvantage, but with x-planes developers being a smaller company, purely focused in simulation, imagine what would happen if the top developers sat down at the same table as the X-plane programmers, imagine the PMDG team, A2A team, just to mention a few, make their input and effort into it, then there is no limits on how great X-plane can get. FSX is having issues and what programmers have to do is write programs that function outside FS. Microsoft, do not really want to listen to this problems and implement them into FS, since they believe the market is to small, and they want to keep the interest up for the non serious simmer up.
  9. SE-KMG

    FS2Crew NGX User Poll

    I use button control for NGX. The reason is that I have Windows 7 home on this computer. Can´t change the language.I used voice on the 737 PIC, but I had windows 7 Ultimate so I could change language.I enjoyed the voice, it gives a higher realism, and as more and more function in FS add-ons is trigger by voice, it is good to get used to.