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  1. 737NGXu SOP1 shutdown checklist... Flaps.... Up.
  2. How can I get speech recognition to do better with just a single word? In the shutdown checklist, the FO challenges "Flaps?" and my response is "up" However... I cannot for the life of me get Windows to recognize me saying "up". It always thinks I said "out". It has no problems when I say "flaps up" but with up by itself I get no 0% success. I even tried "checked and set" and the FO does not accept that.
  3. I am mildly annoyed at having to remind the FO on every flight, both departing and arriving, to leave the transponder on. It's been 5 years since the FAA told everyone to leave it on at all times in SAFO 15006. It's time for the FO to get on board. Can you set the default to ASDE-X to be affirmative and we would need to go out of our way to get the FO to squawk standby?
  4. I'm not allowed to give a serious guess, am I? I'll go with St Elmo's Fire simulation. Or maybe snow and sleet on the windscreen.
  5. Hmmm... well at the risk of digging myself a deeper hole... please do not mistake "some radar-only controllers" to mean "all OTS applicants"! I will eat my hat if anyone reading a PMDG forum on AVSIM has no interest in aviation outside of earning a paycheck as an air traffic controller! Certainly my remarks were not referencing this crowd.
  6. Instrument rated pilot with an air traffic control degree. I left when they cut controller pay to regional airline pilot levels and put off-the-street GED's on par with CTI students who paid for 2-5 years of their own training. The basis of my statement is personal experience working alongside radar trainees who really did not know what aircraft makes & models looked like. The A380 wasn't around back then, so technically I exaggerated, but if they didn't know a B747 from a C172 I doubt they would have known an A380 from a B717 either. I'm not saying there are not controllers who are brilliant and love aviation. I know a few who are. But you don't need to be brilliant or an avgeek to be a successful air traffic controller.
  7. Don't use these as targets, but I think these are roughly accurate enough for ATC purposes. If Eurocontrol slices their airspace like the FAA, a high sector controller will give an initial descent to FL240 prior to the pilot's preferred top of descent. I would expect the pilot to hit "DES NOW" and start a shallow descent until reaching the VNAV path. So it probably averages out somewhere around 800fpm. Once sent to a low sector controller, the pilot will probably be given a crossing restriction. Now the pilot can fly an idle-throttle descent at the higher descent rate. "Approach" most likely refers to within approach control's typical airspace of about 40nm from the airport, not 5 miles out on the glide slope at 1500fpm and 250 knots. FAA no longer requires an aviation or math & science background to be an ATC. And you get what you ask & pay for. Some radar-only controllers, sadly, couldn't sketch an A380 B717 and C172 to scale side by side. They're all a blip on the screen to them. Having some reference for how fast they move is helpful especially during training.
  8. Kyle, are you suggesting that he needs to issue a hotfix or service pack immediately because you just cannot possibly use the sim with this... inexcusable, can't possibly miss it, in your face, mood ruining, sim breaking, life aint worth living, totally inaccurate, i know better than you, a.net says, holy moly, you charge how much for this?, liar liar pants on fire... error? Also... when will it be released? Totally joking. Nice work, Ron!
  9. Is there a transition for the SINK9 STAR? Did you select one or leave no transition selected? Have you tried to reproduce the crash? If you're able to do so, include a step-by-step to reproduce the crash when you submit a support ticket.
  10. Wait no longer! Over in the 737 sub forum this was posted less than 72 hours after the holiday.
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TAXITRONIC-TAXI-METER-W-PRINT-/252925807999 The OP did say Ryanair, right?
  12. An FYI for anyone else who might encounter this problem. Windows ran some updates and all the sudden I was only hearing a few of the normal sounds from FS2Crew and nothing from RAAS Pro. I was hearing the FO through my headset only. I heard all of the FA and PA calls through the speakers, but never the FA asking me if it was okay to board. I also never heard the FO through the speakers for anything, including his short responses on the dep and app briefs. I spent quite a while searching the forums and troubleshooting... and was about to post here for help when I found the solution on my own. Windows had selected a 7.1 surround sound setup for my unimpressive $10 stereo speakers. I was hearing FS2Crew from the right speaker only. but when I clicked "Play Audio Test" in FS2Crew, I heard "Audio Test In Progress", an awkward pause, then "audio test complete." Reselecting a stereo speaker setup in my windows config solved everything. The Audio Test now plays and I can hear the right and left channels tested in the former awkwardly long pause.
  13. I'd start isolating the issue... next flight in plain-jane PMDG livery to and from default scenery airports, preferably over water.
  14. At all altitudes and exterior temperatures? There is a limit to how much heat the system can pump into the plane. At high pressure altitudes and/or low temperatures, it will not always keep up with the losses.
  15. Or while in flight for that matter, which is the explanation I got from an authoritative source.
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