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  1. The best thing you can do is that you just to nothing. Maintain altitude, thrust setting and pitch.
  2. Himbi

    Don't copy, beat them

    In fact this is nothing new... I always look at a website which shows me actual and forecasted winds and decide then myself... Sometimes you hit Iceland and Greenland on your way from Europe to JFK for example... and sometimes you pass the Bretagne and pass New Foundland in the south...
  3. Okay, thanks ! I will try it next time. I know that this should go to support but those guys got a lot of work I guess and maybe an other pilot already knows a solution. 🙂
  4. Sorry for not reading all posts so the questions might already been asked... Did someone noticed that some digits disappear during flight ? My complete radio panel inclunding transponder went black and also everything in the autopilot panel disappeared (I know that in LNAV/VNAV some things disappear because it is managed by FMC)
  5. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    HDR is not enabled.. too heavy and I do not like it
  6. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    I still let AA in 2x mode(?) because otherwise the screens and panel are totally blurry and not readable anymore...
  7. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    Yeah, I also think like you but now I reached a point where I can not share this view anymore because it annoyes me more from day to day. 😞 But at the moment I have no money left to upgrade my system...
  8. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    I mean the visual difference...
  9. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    I know that I am already above the limit... Just out of interest - is there such a huge difference between 4K and a "normal screen" ? Because your screen does not get more pixels with a new graphic card ?
  10. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    Who needs 4K ? My monitor got a resolution of 1920x1080... The QW787 is a very nice plane... but full of bugs etc. I know that these guys are working very hard (as all other programmers also do - hopefully :D) but there are issues which you MUST notice during beta and so on.
  11. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    At the moment I must live with it...
  12. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    So I must also change my hard disk ?
  13. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    Today I turned off all buildings/vegetation etc.
  14. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    I will try this, thanks 🙂
  15. Himbi

    Bad performance...

    I just did a test flight in the QW787 from Leipzig to Heathrow... average FPS between 15 and 20... but the cocpit is very heavy on FPS.