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  1. I have the reverse problem, I can see the ILS in the 757 but not in the 777, also I don't think my autotune works on either of these aircraft.thanksAnthony
  2. That's interesting,You're right, I'm sorry, I was looking at the 757 config which does have a light section.I don't know what to do.thanksAnthony
  3. go into the aircraft config and press cntrl f then type lights to search for the lights section
  4. what did you do to get those on there? I am trying to get them on the fs9 aircraft and there are many others on the shockwave forum who are also wondering how to do this. Please help methanksAnthony
  5. I don't think it affects framerates at all, but I could be wrong. In the reviews it said that it doesn't affect framerates, this is always one of my worries when I purchase something is that it will make the fs have terrible framerates.hope this helps.Anthonyps- there is a pdf explaining how to add the lights but I don't know which ones to use, there are so many options halogen, xenon, different headlights, etc. it is a little confusing so I just wanted to know if anyone has added them to the 747 with success and how they did it.
  6. Hi,I am wondering if anyone has applied the 3dlights redux kit to the pmdg 747 for fs9, these are wonderful lights, they are so realistic, I hope someone can help me put them on my 747.thanksAnthony.
  7. Has anyone done modification on the 757 and 777 using these new lights? they are so realistic and I just wanted to know how to modify the aircraft to carry these lights.thanksAnthony
  8. Scott,I don't know if I should post on the flightsim forum, Should I copy and paste our conversation to that forum so people know what point I am at?thanksAnthony
  9. Scott,Where are the AP9 files to delete from the scan database?What do you mean by rescan and IIRC KDEN is in NAMC? I don't understand any of this, I am sorry I don't know what you mean, This is my first time working with scenery.I have some payware kden scenery that does have the signs, I just don't use it becuase it is so hard on the framerates, I don't know if there would be a way to take those signs and use them with the freeware airport, that would be Ideal but when I try to choose the payware signs I get the error.Thanks for the help, I really appreciate you helping me with the modifications, I think I will have perfect scenery once I get those signs in. Anthony
  10. Scott,I have explored the program a little bit, but when I import a default airport it says it imported it but there is nothing on the black screen but the lat and long lines, also I can't search some .bgl files, I get an error saying "Error in BGLScanandList Routine 63 Bad record number."I don't know what to do to fix these problems.ThanksAnthony
  11. Anybody Know where I could get a Bon Jovi Repaint??http://www.bonjovistreetteam.com/client_im...nJovi468x60.gif
  12. Okay Scott, I haven't had any time to work on it until now so I installed the software and I don't understand what to do next, Thanks for the helpAnthony
  13. I appreciate the help Scott.If I have any problems I'll post here.thanksAnthony
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